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Famous Quotes By Moira Weigel

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In 1994, Bill Clinton was forced by Republicans to fire his surgeon general, Joycelyn Elders, for saying - at a UN conference on AIDS - that perhaps schools should teach young students to masturbate. But two years later, her replacement, Audrey F. Manley, went on television to talk about "outercourse" - all the sexually pleasurable activities that one could enjoy without exchanging bodily fluids. And — Moira Weigel

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I like David Foster Wallace. But if you type David Foster Wallace into OkCupid, it's a shitshow. — Moira Weigel

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Walking through the West Village one night, he had a eureka moment: He would make a gay bar, but for straight people. It was a brilliant idea. Soon after, he opened the first T.G.I. Friday's on the Upper East Side. — Moira Weigel

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Love requires openness. The point is to be changed by, and to witness change in, one another. Slowly, this back-and-forth transforms the shared reality we call the world. Love is less noun than verb: not a thing to get, but a process to set in motion. — Moira Weigel

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Throughout an erratic campaign, Trump consistently blasted political correctness, blaming it for an extraordinary range of ills and using the phrase to deflect any and every criticism. — Moira Weigel

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Meanwhile, the most cunning men have gotten wise to the ruses of the Rules Girl. They see that beneath her cool exterior, she is highly vulnerable. If you have been conditioned to believe that your life derives value only from male attention and affection, you will presumably go to great lengths to get it. If you are used to thinking that the only way you can pursue your desires is by making yourself into an object of desire for someone else, being ignored can quickly make you feel desperate. — Moira Weigel

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There is no better life than a life spent laboring at love - exerting effort not because we have to, but because we believe that what we are bringing into being is valuable and we want it to exist. Yet because our culture tends to misunderstand the nature of labor and of love, we undervalue both. — Moira Weigel