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Life is a hot day, perhaps death is a cool night. Life is a shallow bay, perhaps death is a clear, deep sea. — Mika.

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Zen is just a lifestyle, your everyday life. It is doing your best at your job, relationships, health, hobbies, and other daily activities! — Mika.

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I make mistakes. I say stupid things. I do idiotic things. And, quite frankly, I'm proud of them. Why not make mistakes? — Mika.

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I am very suspicious of people. — Mika.

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To me, being a classical snob in the highest possible way and being an indie snob is just as bad! — Mika.

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My real name is Mica, spelled with a C. My dad is called Michael. He wanted me to be called Michael but my mother said over her dead body. She wasn't into the whole junior thing. — Mika.

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Identity for me is something that has to be played with and explored, and not become complacent about or uninterested in. — Mika.

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I'm always calling my doctor because I'm constantly injuring myself while on the road, like tearing a ligament, blasting my ears or losing my voice. Plus, I'm a total hypochondriac. — Mika.

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I was brought up in many different cultures, moving around all the time, and I find my identity in my songs. I project the identity I want to have throughout the songs that I write. — Mika.

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Some people say I've got a five-octave range, which is ridiculous. That would mean I'd sing like Mariah Carey or that alien in 'The Fifth Element.' And I'm nothing like that blue alien. I've got a range of about 3 1/2 octaves. — Mika.

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Everything I do is very visual and very aural, so I don't read music, and I draw as much as I write out lyrics. — Mika.

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When you're not part of a club, you have to find another way of surviving. — Mika.

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In fact, no one has ever really wanted to go on a date with me. — Mika.

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Melody is disarming. It's anarchic! — Mika.

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Basically, it is your self-esteem that shapes the choice of your job, female, friends, and how you take care of yourself (health/hygiene/hobby's)! — Mika.

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I'm not interested in what they have to say. I'm only interested in people that are interested in me for the right reasons. — Mika.

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It's [F1] your life. You're focused on just one thing and there's no room for anything else. Friends don't necessarily understand, because the way you think about life develops completely differently to how it does for normal people. — Mika.

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I can't just listen to music walking down the street unless I have a reason to. I can't just listen to music as a piece of junk in the background. It drives me insane. — Mika.

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We all have to be dishes on a plate eventually, with the way we are marketed, but I have no intention of being a cheap Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet. — Mika.

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The winner is just the loser who never gave up! — Mika.

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Most people's jobs are rooted in reality. — Mika.

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I'd never compare myself to Freddie Mercury because I look up to him far too much. As an artist, not necessarily as a person. — Mika.

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Mixed reactions? Sure, I get them all the time. I'm a Marmite artist. — Mika.

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I'm not a great dancer. I know I'm not. But I know that I can move. I can throw shapes, just not in the right order. — Mika.

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I'm fascinated by religion, but I'm not particularly religious. — Mika.

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Clear skies will mean you are happy. Rain will mean you're crying. Sunset means you are embarrassed. Night will mean you are gently holding me. — Mika.

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The one thing about me is that I don't even know where I'll end up, and I don't know what I'll be doing but I know that I'll never really stop. — Mika.

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I don't know where my father is from. I just don't. He's lived in so many countries. — Mika.

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Everything I write is about me. — Mika.

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A stylist might say you look amazing in anything. Your family will always tell you if you look a complete idiot. — Mika.

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The stage is my territory, my boxing ring. That's where I'm free. — Mika.

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Oh, I'm quite harmless in real life. — Mika.

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Part of me sees myself as talented, and the other part sees me as strange. Ideas get stuck in your head and nothing changes them. Not even fame. — Mika.

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Some people make records that are defined by their sexuality, but mine really are not. — Mika.

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I was always told I was ugly. I still think I am ugly. I know I've got an odd face and you can't tell me otherwise. — Mika.

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I'm dangerously generous. — Mika.

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Anyone who tries to diss me in comparison to Queen, it just renders all their criticisms completely futile. That's quite pleasurable. — Mika.

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I'm not creating an enigma or leaving mystery, I'm just respecting myself enough as an artist to give myself room to grow and not to be devoured all in one go. — Mika.

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Perhaps self-esteem is just the sum of self-love and self-confidence. People with high self-esteem know they deserve a good life and that they can get almost everything they focus on! — Mika.

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You can't believe the amount of speculation you get over your private life. — Mika.

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Strangely, I feel that I become increasingly reclusive in my normal life and more open and candid in my music. — Mika.

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I want to make big-sounding pop records. — Mika.

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My relationship with my mother is not cute. — Mika.

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I say I have a midlife crisis every time I start and finish a record. — Mika.

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I lack trust in others. — Mika.

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I write songs about fat girls and about men who run off to Mexico. — Mika.

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The music industry doesn't exist the way it used to. You'll never have another star like the stars of the '90s. — Mika.

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I'm obsessed with plastic. I like the syntheticness. — Mika.

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Lady Gaga has a very unjaded intelligence. It's brilliant, 'cause it's anti-snob. — Mika.

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I'm a big illustration and comic book fan. In my eyes, comic books and illustration are the same kind of art forms. — Mika.

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You never know which gig is going to be your last. — Mika.

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They say shyness is a form of egotism, and you are only shy because you care too much about what people think of you. And maybe its true, maybe I am just an egotist. — Mika.

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Live your life until love is found Or love's gonna get you down — Mika.

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In the stock market, when you are right, you make a little money; when you are wrong, you learn a lot of lessons, so you always win! — Mika.

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If I really like the smell of something - a piece of tar or my goddaughter's plastic doll - I put a tiny piece in a bottle with a label. I keep them in a fridge in my bathroom. — Mika.

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I was quite the quiet teenager. I was a bit of a loner, a little bit of an outsider. — Mika.

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My first record was about childhood. There were a lot of nursery rhyme and fairytale references; it was all about being naive. — Mika.

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I wish I had more guts when I was younger because then I would've said things to people's faces instead of just running away all the time. — Mika.

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Did you know, I'm still in love with this blue sky until forever and ever, eternally. — Mika.

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I write songs to turn myself into something else. And then I become that, and I want to become something else. — Mika.

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I was always told that I was too strange or that I was too cheesy by different groups of people, like the record companies said I was way too weird and the indie people wouldn't even let me in their band. — Mika.

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Over the past few days I have been fighting off a virus that has affected the majority of my band and crew. — Mika.

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Never trust a man in red trousers — Mika.

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I am totally unapologetic about pop music. — Mika.

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I certainly don't follow fashion. I think fashion, as far as the industry and the whole world that surrounds it, is quite vile, and I'm repelled by it. — Mika.

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I really want people to know me, to find out about me, and if they really like me, to stick with me. — Mika.

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Well, I have to say, most of my clothes are designed and made by my mother. — Mika.

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When you come from nowhere, I am fully aware of the fact that people have to compare you to other artists to kind of place you. — Mika.

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My life isn't tabloid-friendly. — Mika.

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I think my music generally transcends a lot of genres. — Mika.

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I found school pretty tough. I got the mickey taken out of me at school. — Mika.

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I can see how weird I was. One day I decided the school needed a Christmas tree and spent hours dragging this huge beast of a tree into school. No one was pleased. I got two weeks detention because I was 45 minutes late and had made a big mess of leaves and soil all over the building. All the kids just laughed at me. — Mika.

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I was a show-off as a kid. I was wearing bow ties and matching coloured trousers. — Mika.

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I wanted to make an unashamed pop record. I became obsessed with Disney soundtracks from the '50s, so I decided to make my own. — Mika.

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Zen is all about self-study/knowledge and self-help! — Mika.

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Grace Kelly was written after these musicians were trying to mold me into what I should be. I was really angry and so I wrote the song and mailed them the lyrics. They didn't call me back, but two years later it's come full circle. — Mika.

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New York is a bit of a dangerous place to me because you often leave in a blur. — Mika.

Mika. Quotes 1552066

I've never, ever labeled myself. — Mika.

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No one knows what I am and really, I wonder if I do, at the end of the day. — Mika.

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I never talk about anything to do with my sexuality. — Mika.

Mika. Quotes 1649803

It's very hard to find men's clothes that do what you want, especially when you go through them as quickly as I do. I need them to be flashy, but I never like to be overdressed. I need to make a statement, but I hate wearing too many clothes. — Mika.

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You can't deny your limitations. — Mika.

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Sometimes I dress like what I want for lunch, because all I can think about is having a tuna sandwich. — Mika.

Mika. Quotes 1749804

I'm not necessarily that big of a clubbing junkie, but I really like dance music as a genre. — Mika.

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There's always apprehension whenever I launch anything, it seems. When I launch a tour, people are always, 'Oooh, is this gonna work?' And when I launch an album: 'Ooh, is this gonna work?' Or a new video. 'Really?' It's always like that - but I've always acted on the impulse that I have nothing to lose. — Mika.

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I love collaborating with strong women. — Mika.

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I've always said in the press, I can fall in love with a man. I can fall in love with a woman. And I've always said that I have no shame in that. — Mika.

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I have opinions on everything. I'm a stubborn old mule. The biggest problem is keeping my mouth shut. — Mika.

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I completely understand the responsibility I have in continuing the sonic style that I have created. — Mika.

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I think, 'How could anybody mock a good pop song?' It is timeless; it transcends barriers; it breaks down every single type of social barrier that you can possibly have. It can deal with the most difficult subjects, even if it abstracts the subject matter. — Mika.

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Never had any idols, ever. I never had any posters, nothing. — Mika.

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Most of the people who write pop music were outsiders at some time in their life. — Mika.

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In the past, it weighed on me because nobody in my family is gay. I had no role models so I had to find my own way. — Mika.

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I kinda flirt with everything and everyone, no matter if it's a tree or a coffee cup. I can't resist. — Mika.

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I was born out of classical music. — Mika.

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In my older songs, I used to hide behind fictional characters to deflect attention away from myself. — Mika.

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As a teenager, in my songbook, I used to script what my lighting would be like. I used to dance in my roo;, it was like putting myself in a trance, and making myself feel good about things, almost like a private ceremony of begging people to like you. — Mika.

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The best way to make the most serious point in the world is to be as unserious as possible. — Mika.