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Famous Quotes By Michael Brown

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To teach God's glory as a theological idea, not as active and available experience, is to shortchange the very truth of His presence. To fully know a person, closeness is essential. There is only so much you can receive through secondhand information. The same is true for God. Sadly, many are teaching secondhand information about a person we are called to know and experience. For example, a lot of people preach a theology of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but unless you've experienced the Spirit's baptism for yourself, you cannot fully preach it. You have to taste and see that the Lord is good! (See Psalm 34:8.) I — Michael Brown

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There have been more people saved in the past twenty, thirty, or forty years around the world than at any other time in recorded church history. — Michael Brown

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A reliable indicator we have entered present moment awareness is if our experience, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it may feel at any given moment, is infused with gratefulness. — Michael Brown

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There is no separation between the gospel and culture, between how we live in society and how we live in our private lives, between the lordship of Jesus inside the four walls of a church building and outside that building. — Michael Brown

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To seek the fulfillment of ourselves in God - that is, to seek only the blessings and refreshing of God, but not seek God for himself - this type of spirituality is the enemy of the cross of Christ. - ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS — Michael Brown

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We are called to go make disciples, but how do disciples live? How do we function in the world - in our marriages, families, schools and places of business? How do we live as salt and light in the society? — Michael Brown

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My goodness, no one gives a gift to Santa Claus! — Michael Brown

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David had many life-changing encounters with God. His personal history is absolutely filled with incredible miracles and testimonies of the Lord's mighty power. And yet this shepherd/king - the man after God's own heart - did not wait around for another experience before He sought God. In his joy, in his pain, in his sorrow, and in his confusion, Scripture shows us a man who decided to set the Lord always before Him. In short, David was a man who said yes to God. Even when he fell into grievous sin, he said yes to God through repentance. — Michael Brown

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There is hardly anything more fundamental to the life of a believer than repentance - hardly anything more life-giving, more liberating, more glorious. That's why the devil has sought to discredit it. — Michael Brown

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It's high time we quit trying to drag the Word of God down to our level of experience and commitment, trying to conform Scripture to our ways rather than conforming our ways to Scripture. Instead, we need to take hold of everything He has promised and everything He has called us to, and, by His grace, pursue and obey Him until His reality becomes our reality. — Michael Brown

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The idea that the Lord wanted me to make prayer such a driving emphasis seemed counterintuitive to positioning the church for revival. How could it be that quite possibly the most unpopular activity in church culture could become a birthing center for a history-making move of the Holy Spirit? — Michael Brown

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My new favourite pastime is listening to Michael Brown read his poetry"
Sigourney Weaver — Michael Brown

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The test of how people will steward revival when it comes is revealed in how faithfully they cry out for it before it gets there. — Michael Brown

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There can be no possible return to God without repentance. Repentance speaks of turning back. The notion that repentance is merely a change of mind is a deficient definition. It is a change of mind and heart and life. It is a deliberate turning away from that which is wrong and destructive and a turning back to God and His mercy. — Michael Brown

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God must be more valuable to us than anything. We must put God first as opposed to just trying to to squeeze Him into our lives. — Michael Brown

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The Spirit doesn't require our perfect performance to work with; He simply needs willingness to yield to whatever the Father wants to do. — Michael Brown

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Believers, do you have the courage to get alone with God and say to Him honestly, "If what I have is all the Christianity there is, then the thing is a fraud!" God — Michael Brown