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You pout like a trout in a drought ... can't get out.
You want to scream, but fish can't shout. — MF Grimm

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Trapped on a planet of pain and perpetrators
That you call 'Earth,' but I call 'Hell's Equator.' — MF Grimm

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We went from candy bars, to handle bars, to hangin' in bars, to being behind bars — MF Grimm

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You're living up in Heaven, but I know you're mad as Hell. — MF Grimm

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If you're crying under fire, then you wasn't built for war.
If a pimp took your girl, then your girl was never yours. — MF Grimm

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Food for thought, eat my words with your mind:
Emcees are grapes, and grapes are crushed to wine. — MF Grimm

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People say, 'Grimm, you've been shot like 50.
So why don't you just rhyme like 50?
Then, you could get the money like 50,
Otherwise, before you see success ... you'll be 50.' — MF Grimm

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Get burnt like a candle, very hard to handle,
Do miracles in Nikes like Jesus did in sandals. — MF Grimm

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Live each day like your last ... one day you'll be right. — MF Grimm