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I took theatre and stuff in college, then I took a bunch of different acting classes here in L.A. Sometimes when I have a hard audition, I'll call my acting coach and he'll come help me. I actually get more nervous in acting class than I do at an actual audition. It's actually a really great way to get over your nerves. — Melissa Ordway

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Listen to your mom and dad! They are almost always right, especially about boys. — Melissa Ordway

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All the time, you're going into your modeling agency and they're taking Polaroids of you in a bathing suit. It was not something that was wonderful for me. It offered a lot of really great opportunities for me. But ultimately, it's a hard job because it's based solely on what your body looks like, what you look like. — Melissa Ordway

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I'll always be a Georgia girl at heart, but I live in Los Angeles full time. My parents still live in Georgia, so I go home as often as I can. — Melissa Ordway

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I modeled a little bit in Georgia growing up. I did catalogs and different things, but then when I came to L.A., I became a professional model. It sounds kind of crazy, but in L.A. was when I was able to start making a living from modeling. — Melissa Ordway

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'17 Again' was one of the best times of my life. The whole cast was really close. We were like a family. When we weren't working, we'd all hang out. It was a great group of people. — Melissa Ordway

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In real life, I have mostly gone for nice guys. I definitely had a phase where I was like, "Oh, the bad guy is really cool." It's fun to be bad for a while, and then that ended really terribly - one piece of advice I'll give to people is your mom is always right. — Melissa Ordway

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I wrote a lot of plays when I was little, and I made everyone in the neighborhood perform them with me. I was probably a really annoying friend to have when I was little. — Melissa Ordway

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Modeling is a lot of fun, but I prefer acting. It's so much fun to get to play different characters and transform into someone else for a while. — Melissa Ordway

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I always loved '90210' growing up. It was one of my favorites - the old-school '90210'. — Melissa Ordway

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I did an episode of 'Entourage.' I played Morgan - I think it was season three or season four. It was actually my third audition, and it was my first big job. — Melissa Ordway

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I love all the holidays and getting to see my family a lot during the fall. I also love the weather and getting to wear sweaters and jackets. — Melissa Ordway