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Famous Quotes By Bob Weir

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The same song on a different day was a different song. — Bob Weir

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I think if people value democracy, they had damn well better get out and exercise their right to vote while their vote still means something. — Bob Weir

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The Grateful Dead played for three hours on a given night, plus sound check. — Bob Weir

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I'm looking forward to some more solo acoustic dates. That's a lot of fun for me, because I get to be alone with the song. And I get to hear every little nuance; if my instrument does something that I wasn't expecting, I get to chase that. Chase that down a little bit. — Bob Weir

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What if all tomorrow brings is ashes and glass, and I can't tell you child, 'this too shall pass.' If all the world were windswept, cold and gray. And in the end there's nothing left to say. — Bob Weir

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More fun than a frog in a glass of milk. — Bob Weir

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We wanted to establish a new fan base over here. And second, we wanted to challenge ourselves. We wanted to bring what is ostensibly new music to fresh ears and see what lights them up. — Bob Weir

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Obviously I believe in reincarnation and all that kind of stuff - I don't think anyone's going to be surprised to hear that. — Bob Weir

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Looking back, I guess I've lived an unusual life. — Bob Weir

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Bicycles are almost as good as guitars for meeting girls. — Bob Weir

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The roughest part for me when I'm writing a song is staring at a blank page. Where am I going from here? If you're a songwriter, you have to do that every time you start a song. — Bob Weir

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They're protecting an archaic industry. They should turn their attention to new models. — Bob Weir

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I have always had a certain aversion to heat. And for me, the name of the game on the stage is 'beat the heat.' It's always July under the lights. — Bob Weir

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Songs go through cycles for me. And sometimes I lose my passion for some of them. — Bob Weir

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What I like best about music is when time goes away. — Bob Weir

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I have not made many conscious efforts to "re-imagine" songs. I just let them happen the way they're going to happen. — Bob Weir

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What's changed? I'm a dad. That's fundamental. Watching your kids grow, you go back a bit. You can watch a bug crawling around for minutes at a time
just sit and marvel at its complexity, the utter bugness of it. I've learned to do that again. — Bob Weir

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I was gifted with a life that was full of adventure. I've always believed, if you're gifted, that it's incumbent not to think about giving something back. — Bob Weir

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I think it's real important that people understand where the music comes from. If you can see where the music comes from, you can also see the future. It gives you a trajectory. — Bob Weir

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I still retain a bit of a child's focus on things, so we [with my sister] figure if we're going to write books, our best shot is to write children's books, because we relate pretty readily on that level. — Bob Weir

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I don't know if I discovered I had any talent. It was dogged persistence. I had to have the music. — Bob Weir