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Did you make plans."
"Nah. I tried once or twice, but they always went to hell. Eventually I just learned to let life take me where it wanted; it was easier that way. If you leave yourself open to possibilities, a lot might happen that you couldn't have planned for. — Lou Harper

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I don't dislike him, but he's too perfect. You know what I mean? Like he was genetically engineered in a lab. Imperfections make a person more attractive, give them character, don't you think? — Lou Harper

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You need a hobby if you expect to live for centuries. — Lou Harper

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What?" he asked. "You're staring at me funny."
"We're in the wrong movie," I confessed. — Lou Harper

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You're flightier than a hummingbird on crack. — Lou Harper

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Gabe's brain told him that this was a very, very bad idea.
Aside from the fact that it went against the credo he'd lived by for the past half a decade, getting mixed up with a vamp could get him killed.
His dick told his brain to shut the hell up. It did. — Lou Harper

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His ass has seen more cock than a poultry farm! — Lou Harper

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It's not who you slept with that matters, but whom you fell in love with. — Lou Harper

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Friends and lovers were more dangerous than muggers. — Lou Harper

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I want to go to bed with you every night and wake up next to you in the morning and do boring, everyday things, cuddle on the sofa and watch old movies, and all that stupid shit couples do. And if you can't love me back, I'll deal, but if this is all bullshit and you just want to get rid of me, you better come out with it straight, because otherwise, I won't let you fuck this up. — Lou Harper

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If you want the advice of an old man, don't be afraid of making mistakes. That's life. Just be sure you're making them for the right reason. — Lou Harper

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Cops were distrustful; they always wanted to know why you decided to dig a hole in the middle of nowhere. — Lou Harper