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Famous Quotes By Logan Kain

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God could learn a little about love and morality from us. If there's anyone who needs redemption, it's God. — Logan Kain

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As a species, tragedy dwells within us all. We push it to the back of our thoughts, but it is never so far gone that it cannot return, crashing and writhing into our souls: a rogue wave overturning a boat on a calm day. Tragedy is never more than a breath away. We hide from its certainty and go about our lives as though time can be wasted. Somewhere deep inside ourselves we know that we tell ourselves lies. We know that someday everything we love will be gone. — Logan Kain

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I didn't know yet that to be a rebel you have to be willing to lose everything. — Logan Kain

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I've long considered becoming a writer to be the death of nightmares. For me at least, since I started writing I hadn't had any. Something really terrible or awful happens in a dream and you wake up and think, awesome, and reach for a pen and paper. — Logan Kain

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Well God, I'm done playing by your rules. Do your worst. — Logan Kain

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We have a need to control our destiny, but destiny is uncontrollable. We struggle against this paradox and embrace the journey. For those who are determined to be the masters of their own fate, they can change everything. They can push against the rules of the universe and strive to turn chaotic fate into order. They will look out at the heavens and shout I am in control, and the earth will shake underfoot. — Logan Kain