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Famous Quotes By Liz Carlyle

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If there is something one wants badly, one must often be bold. — Liz Carlyle

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Did you know, ma'am, that our mutual friend can say "kiss my arse" in six languages? — Liz Carlyle

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I would know your scent anywhere. Even in the darkest night in the darkest room with a hundred other people." His voice dropped to a husky whisper. "Yes, Camille. I would know it. Always, I would know ... you. — Liz Carlyle

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The truth is, Sidonie, I don't fare well with women." He spoke coolly, and without looking at her. "It is my own fault, of course. I ... I neglect them. I forget where I'm supposed to be, and when I'm supposed to be there. I'm irresponsible. I drink to excess, gamble to excess, and sometimes I brawl. I never remember special occasions. And I very often go to sleep before they've ... well, never mind that." Devellyn fell silent for a moment. "And I cheat on them," he quietly added. "Dreadfully. Did I mention that?"
"You did not," she answered. "But a full disclosure of one's fidelity, or even one's skill in the bedroom, is not, strictly speaking, necessary before having dinner with someone."
Devellyn smiled down at her a little wearily. "Ah, Sid, I have no charm at all, have I?" he said almost regretfully. — Liz Carlyle

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Sometimes the only thing which truly tempts us is the thing which we cannot have. — Liz Carlyle

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Deceivingly, Miss Neville, the word vodka means 'little water.' The Russians are masters of the understatement. - Lord Nash — Liz Carlyle

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Oh, aye. I'm the devil all right. And last night, you were begging to step into the fire. — Liz Carlyle

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Sidonie," he said, his voice strangely hoarse. "You are the most - I mean, you are so ... I find you ... ah, devil take it! Never mind!"
"I beg your pardon?"
"Nothing," he growled. "I misspoke. What did you say about oranges? — Liz Carlyle