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Top Faith In Allah Quotes

Faith In Allah Quotes By Hassanal Bolkiah

With faith and gratitude to Allah the almighty, I declare that tomorrow, Thursday May 1, 2014, will see the enforcement of sharia law phase one, to be followed by the other phases. — Hassanal Bolkiah

Faith In Allah Quotes By Ibn Arabi

Do not praise your own faith exclusively so that you disbelieve all the rest. If you do this you will miss much good. Nay, you will miss the whole truth of the matter. God, the Omniscient and the Omnipresent, cannot be confined to any one creed, for He says in the Quran, wheresoever ye turn, there is the face of Allah. Everybody praises what he knows. His God is his own creature, and in praising it, he praises himself. Which he would not do if he were just, for his dislike is based on ignorance. — Ibn Arabi

Faith In Allah Quotes By Feisal Abdul Rauf

The fundamental idea which defines a human being as a Muslim is the declaration of faith: that there is a creator, whom we call God - or Allah, in Arabic - and that the creator is one and single. And we declare this faith by the declaration of faith, where we ... bear witness that there is no God but God. — Feisal Abdul Rauf

Faith In Allah Quotes By Michael Muhammad Knight

During his hajj, Malcolm [Malcolm X] fell into a new Islam with the same blind faith that he had given to Elijah. Since he lived just a year after his hajj, Mecca became the neatly presented and cinema-friendly conclusion to his lifelong thread of transformations: but he finally found the Truth and then Allah took him home. But if he lived longer, I think he would have called out the Arabs. — Michael Muhammad Knight

Faith In Allah Quotes By Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Know you that Allah has made Islam the most sublime path for attainment of His supreme pleasure and the highest standards of his worship and obedience. He has favoured it with noble precepts, exalted principles, undoubtable arguments, unchallengeable supremacy and undeniable wisdom. It is up to you to maintain the eminence and dignity granted to it by the Lord, to follow it sincerely, to do justice to its articles of faith and belief, to obey implicitly its tenets and orders and to give it the proper place in your lives. — Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Faith In Allah Quotes By Armin Navabi

In order to indoctrinate their followers and secure obedience, religions frequently tear people down, creating an emptiness that must then be filled with Jesus, Allah or any other deity. People are told that they are inherently bad or sinful and that the only way to become good is by giving over control of their lives to faith. As there is no evidence that any of that is true, religion, in effect, is creating an imaginary problem simply so that it can sell an imaginary solution. — Armin Navabi

Faith In Allah Quotes By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

1. Have faith in the one God, Allah, and Muhammad, His Prophet; 2. Pray five times a day; 3. Fast during the day for the entire ninth month of Ramadan; 4. Provide charity; 5. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime, if possible. — Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Faith In Allah Quotes By Irfan

There is no God but Allah Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is the Messenger of Allah — Irfan

Faith In Allah Quotes By Leila Aboulela

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, When Allah loves a people, He tries them. — Leila Aboulela

Faith In Allah Quotes By Ammar Saifaddin

I'm not a dreamer
I Just believe in Allah (God) — Ammar Saifaddin

Faith In Allah Quotes By Jinat Rehana Begum

Anger is essential if one is to survive this world. It's not just a degenerate emotion that destroys everything in its path. If it were so completely destructive, why would people of every religion in the world imbue God with it? "Don't do that! Allah will get angry," my aunts used to say. People use it with children all the time. Be good and avoid the wrath of those with the capacity to strike you down in an instant. Your entire life may be governed by this simple principle - Be good to avoid angering those who have more power than you. — Jinat Rehana Begum

Faith In Allah Quotes By Hassan Nasrallah

How can death become joyous? How can death become happiness? When Al-Hussein asked his nephew Al-Qassem, when he had not yet reached puberty: 'How do you like the taste of death, son?' He answered that it was sweeter than honey. How can the foul taste of death become sweeter than honey? Only through conviction, ideology, and faith, through belief, and devotion ... We do not want to ... leave our homeland to Israel ... Therefore, we are not interested in our own personal security. On the contrary, each of us lives his days and nights hoping more than anything to be killed for the sake of Allah. — Hassan Nasrallah

Faith In Allah Quotes By Anonymous

Behold! Allah said: O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of Resurrection: Then shall ye all return unto me, and I will judge between you of the matters wherein ye dispute. — Anonymous

Faith In Allah Quotes By Fatima Bint Muhammad

Allah made the faith for you as a purity from polytheism (and unbelief). — Fatima Bint Muhammad

Faith In Allah Quotes By Martin Lings

The eye of the heart, though closed in fallen man, is able to take in a glimmering of light and this is faith. But anyway of living causes a covering like rust to accumulate over the heart so that it cannot sense the Divine origin of Allah's message. — Martin Lings

Faith In Allah Quotes By Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S

He is the wisest and the most knowing man who advises people not to lose hope and faith in the Mercy of Allah and not to be too sure and over-confident of immunity from His Wrath and Punishment. — Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S

Faith In Allah Quotes By Omar Suleiman

I tell people this over and over again: don't attach your faith to people. People will come and go. People will disappoint you. People will divulge dark secrets. People will turn out to be the opposite of what you thought. Allah is perfect. His Messenger (peace be upon him) is a perfect example, and the religion is a perfect methodology. Attach yourself to the principles instead of the people. That way no Shaykh going wild or role model going rogue will be able to shake your faith. — Omar Suleiman

Faith In Allah Quotes By Yasmin Mogahed

Tawakkul is having complete trust that Allah's plan is the best plan. — Yasmin Mogahed

Faith In Allah Quotes By Aisha Mirza

sometimes we need the world and all the people on her to abandon us so we can turn to the One who will never leave us stranded. — Aisha Mirza

Faith In Allah Quotes By David Baldacci

I've fought for and against pretty much every cause there is. There will always be war of some kind. At first it was over fertile soil and good water, then precious metal and then the most popular version of human disagreement, 'My God is better than your God.' Whether you draw your faith from Jeremiah and Jesus, Allah and Muhammad or Brahma and Buddha, it doesn't matter. Someone will tell you you're wrong, and he'll fight you over it. Me, I believe in aliens, and to hell with all earthly gods. In the grand scheme of a trillion planets in the universe we're just not that damn important anyway. And humans are rotten to the core. — David Baldacci

Faith In Allah Quotes By Amy Waldman

His boast of irreligion stayed on his tongue,for what reasons he couldn't say,any more than he could say why words long unuttered floated unbidden into his mind:La ilaha illa Allah,Muhammad rasulullah.The Kalima,the Word of Purity,the declaration of faith.It almost made him laugh:at the moment he planned to disavow his Muslim identity,his subconscious had unearthed its kernel. — Amy Waldman

Faith In Allah Quotes By Harun Yahya

It is impossible for a person who fears Allah to commit terrorist acts because of his faith. Such acts are committed by people who were educated abroad, who received a Darwinist education and who internalized Darwinism, but who later called themselves Muslims. — Harun Yahya

Faith In Allah Quotes By Naeem Abdullah

The world today is fast becoming one.Humanity is one, God is one and mankind are all part of one human family.
all Religions are connected, and they all lead to faith in the one God, no matter what name we give him he is but one God. — Naeem Abdullah

Faith In Allah Quotes By Wolfgang Pauli

Es gibt keinen Gott und Dirac ist sein Prophet. (There is no God and Dirac is his Prophet.)

{A remark made during the Fifth Solvay International Conference (October 1927), after a discussion of the religious views of various physicists, at which all the participants laughed, including Dirac, as quoted in Teil und das Ganze (1969), by Werner Heisenberg, p. 119; it is an ironic play on the Muslim statement of faith, the Shahada, often translated: 'There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet.'} — Wolfgang Pauli

Faith In Allah Quotes By Leila Aboulela

Allah tests our patience and our fortitude. He tests out strength of faith. be patient and there will endless rewards for you, insha'Allah - Utaz Badr — Leila Aboulela

Faith In Allah Quotes By Ali Ibn Abi Talib

The emaan of a person cannot be true until he has more trust in that which is in Allah's Hands than that which is in his own hands. — Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Faith In Allah Quotes By K. Hari Kumar

If Allah has willed it that way ... He must have better plans for you child ... — K. Hari Kumar

Faith In Allah Quotes By Dani Kollin

But [religious faith]'s not extinct, Janet. It's become nearly universal in the fleet and is growing very quickly in the Alliance."

"Yes, and that's why I cannot now or I think ever will have a chosen faith. There should be no pressure for the path one takes. Oh, it's no secret that Islam has more of an appeal to me than the others, but Allah understands this as he understands all things. The notion of faith is, I believe, far more important than the choice of a particular one."

"And what of the unfaithful?" asked Justin. "What of them?"

"If they have faith, I believe they'll have greater understanding of things; if not, I can't order someone to believe. It would be stupid to try and evil to force someone to pretend. As if God wants frightened adherents bowing on trembling knees. The harm all those fanatics did before the Grand Collapse," she said with true rancor, "those idiots I'd shoot, if I had the ability. — Dani Kollin

Faith In Allah Quotes By Mohammed Bouyeri

What moved me to do what I did was purely my faith. I was motivated by the law that commands me to cut off the head of anyone who insults Allah and his Prophet. — Mohammed Bouyeri

Faith In Allah Quotes By Shams Tabrizi

Do not worry about tricks and cheaters. If some people are trying to trap and hurt you, Allah is also trapping them. Hole diggers will always fall in their holes. No bad remains unpunished, and no good remains without being awarded, so have faith in justice and let the rest be. — Shams Tabrizi

Faith In Allah Quotes By Jim Al-Khalili

For the early scholars of Islam, there would have been no conflict between religion and science. The early thinkers were quite clear abou their mission: the Qur'an required them to study alsamawat wal'arth (the skies and the earth) to find proof of their faith. The prophet himself had besought this discipline to seek knowledge 'from the cradle to the grave', no matter how far that search took them, for 'he who travels in search of knowledge, travels along Allah's path to paradise — Jim Al-Khalili

Faith In Allah Quotes By Ibn Majah

An adulterer will not commit adultery when he has full faith (in Allah), and a thief will not steal when he has full faith (in Allah).. — Ibn Majah

Faith In Allah Quotes By Paul Bowles

You know what politique is? It is the French word for a lie. Kdoub! Politique! When you hear the French say: our politique, you know they mean: our lies. And when you hear the Moslems, the Friends of Independence, say: our politique, you know they mean: our lies. All lies are sins. And so, which displeases Allah more, a lie told by a Nazarene, who doesn't know the true faith from the false, or a lie told by a Moslem, who does? — Paul Bowles

Faith In Allah Quotes By Paul Bowles

Since the world began has any man ever been able to know what would happen tomorrow? The world of men is today. I'm asking you to open your heart today. Tomorrow belongs to Allah ... — Paul Bowles

Faith In Allah Quotes By Afrika Bambaataa

The Universal Zulu Nation stands to acknowledge wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, and equality, peace, unity, love, and having fun, work, overcoming the negative through the positive, science, mathematics, faith, facts, and the wonders of God, whether we call him Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, or Jah. — Afrika Bambaataa

Faith In Allah Quotes By Jalaluddin Rumi

Without delay, from the middle of his (closed) fist every pebble began to pronounce the (Moslem's) profession of faith. Each said, "There is no god" and (each) said, "except Allah"; (each) threaded the pearl of "Ahmad is the Messenger of Allah. — Jalaluddin Rumi

Faith In Allah Quotes By Laleh Bakhtiar

In effect, it creates the illusion that there is more than One God - Allah and God. The response of the English speaking person of another faith is to say: I do not understand your religion; you have a different God than I do and you call Him Allah.

It needs to be clearly explained to English speaking Muslims that, unlike what they may feel, they do not have a monopoly on the word Allah. Arabic speaking Christians and Arabic speaking Jews also refer to God as Allah. The Old Testament and New Testament when translated into Arabic use Allah for God. — Laleh Bakhtiar

Faith In Allah Quotes By Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

The Jihad of this age is to strive in upholding the word of Islam, to refute the objections of the opponents, to propagate the excellences of the Islamic faith, and to proclaim the truth of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, throughout the world. This is Jihad till God Almighty brings about other conditions in the world. — Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Faith In Allah Quotes By Vedang Sati

If what you call 'god' means [Shiva, Jesus, Allah or Buddha] then I say he doesn't exist at all...
But if you meant [love, truth and kindness] I reply : "That is what 'god' is — Vedang Sati

Faith In Allah Quotes By Penn Jillette

What I have a problem with is not so much religion or god, but faith. When you say you believe something in your heart and therefore you can act on it, you have completely justified the 9/11 bombers. You have justified Charlie Manson. If it's true for you, why isn't it true for them? Why are you different? If you say "I believe there's an all-powerful force of love in the universe that connects us all, and I have no evidence of that but I believe it in my heart," then it's perfectly okay to believe in your heart that Sharon Tate deserves to die. It's perfectly okay to believe in your heart that you need to fly planes into buildings for Allah. — Penn Jillette