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My son regressed. I have my own thoughts on that, just as all parents do. It doesn't mean that I would ever think of another parent as ignorant or stupid if they think differently about their own child.

If we are to be a community, then we need to be heard as a community and not as warring factions. Support each other. — Liz Becker

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A small step forward . . .every . . single . . .day. The sun is coming up and I am wondering, 'What wondrous thing shall I witness today? — Liz Becker

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Routines provide an avenue to work through fear. He knew where we were going and what to expect and could make plans to conquer specific fears as all else was the same. It allowed focus. — Liz Becker

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The aloof nature of autism leads to many misconceptions about the mind of individuals on the spectrum. Labeled as "being in a world of their own" is one of the absolute worst. Difficulty with communication and social interaction does not mean one is alien. Lack of eye contact does not mean they can't see. Wandering does not mean they are lost. — Liz Becker

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Know your own child's behaviors and look deeper to find their meaning. Be the expert for your child. Discover the wonderful. — Liz Becker

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Autism is just the surface. What is inside each of us is what matters, autistic or not. — Liz Becker

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Sometimes all a parent needs is to know the impossible is actually possible. Hope goes a long way when it comes to autism. Matt gives people hope. — Liz Becker

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Matt is the light of my life. When he's away the world seems a bit darker, as if the color of life has drained away. — Liz Becker

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Many autistic people fight against the environment every day, and no one sees, no one knows, because on the outside they appear calm. They have learned how to endure the assaults on their senses that occur daily - something we can't even imagine - and most, like my son, do it with dignity and quiet grace. — Liz Becker

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... each day provided some tiny step forward, some steps so small you would miss them if you weren't looking. I'm always looking- eager to witness that next miracle. — Liz Becker

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It is my own personal opinion that for someone to state that an autistic person 'lacks empathy' is to declare ignorance of the reality of autism. — Liz Becker