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I think there's a, you know, certain kind of freedom for me when I get on stage. Maybe it's because I've held it back for so long that it's made me a little bit of angst inside. It's kind of like this energy needs to come out. And there's a certain sense, you know, of freedom when I get on that stage. — Liv Warfield

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Working with Prince, it's kind of like he's opened up this whole new world, especially with the horn players. And I'm like, 'Man, only if I had strings on this album, too.' And I'm like, 'I wish I had an orchestra.' So I just, you know - I just wonder what's next, you know. I just want to constantly push myself for more. — Liv Warfield

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Being with Prince and the New Power Generation, I was very influenced by those sounds, and now I'm more than ready to show that side of me with confidence. — Liv Warfield

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I knew I could sing when I was about 7 years old. But since athletics was very much the forefront of my life, and I was kind of doing that a lot, I don't think anybody was caring or looking for me to be singing anything. So, yeah, I just kept it hidden from everyone. — Liv Warfield

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Everything is so fast, and everybody wants to be stars and stuff, they're taking the music out of the schools and kids wanting to play instruments, that whole piece of it is gone. Nobody is taking responsibility to push these kids to want to do it. Nobody's reaching their hand out to it, and it's pretty sad. — Liv Warfield

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When I'm on stage, it's such a spiritual moment that I hope, even when we hit 'Fallon,' you can feel that through the TV. I have this whole horn section that's part of New Power Generation; I have an amazing crew of musicians behind me. It's their energy, too. — Liv Warfield

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I really think I've found me finally in the music. You know, I had put an album out before, 'Embrace Me,' and it's been seven years since that. So I was discovering who I was. And I still am discovering, but I think now I know a little bit more of who I am. So that's what's pushing me. — Liv Warfield