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Famous Quotes By Linda Bender

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Animals in children's literature always have a soul life because children perceive animals as having souls. — Linda Bender

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Animals remind us that all beings who walk, stand, swim, crawl, or fly are radiant, mysterious, and unique expressions of the Source. Every species, every culture, has it's own genius. — Linda Bender

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The fewer plants and animals we are able to recognize as individuals - recognize well enough to name - the more alienated we have come to feel from ourselves, the Earth and God, the Source. — Linda Bender

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I believe we have this idea that bad things ought to be prevented from happening. — Linda Bender

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The inner encounters I have with animals - and will be teaching you to have - are exchanges of meaning. — Linda Bender

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Has it ever struck you as odd that humans are the only creatures on the planet who wear clothes? Everything else, from aardvarks to zebras, is running around in its birthday suit, blissfully unclear of the concept of underpants. Why don't people do the same? — Linda Bender

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It is commonplace, and true, to point out that animals are happier than people because they live entirely in the present. — Linda Bender

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Every species embodies a solution to some environmental challenge, and some of these solutions are breathtaking in their elegance. — Linda Bender

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Many people who live with animals have noticed that their cat or dog becomes solicitous of them when they are feeling unwell. A cat who is normally aloof may come sit in the sick person's lap; a normally rambunctious dog may tone himself down when his human friend isn't up to romping or running. In some cases, the ability of animals to sense illness in a human has been lifesaving. — Linda Bender

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I take it hard when an animal in my care suffers or dies. I take it even harder when the animal's suffering is the result of human exploitation or carelessness. — Linda Bender

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What I discovered at six has continued to be true: in rescuing an animal, I rescue myself. This reciprocity between animals and humans is woven into the very fabric of creation. It is the ecology of Paradise. — Linda Bender

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Grieving the loss of a loved one - whether human or animal - is not only permissible, it is essential. — Linda Bender

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To be sure, there are human abilities that other animals lack, but the more we learn about animals, the more abilities we discover that humans lack. Obviously, if animals were included in the Olympics, humans wouldn't take home any gold medals. We can't run as fast as a cheetah, swim as well as a fish, or lift as much weight as an elephant. — Linda Bender

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It is my understanding from an intuitive relationship with animals that it is complete folly to try to figure out what is right or wrong for humans by observing what other animals are doing. Observe any animal and you will quickly figure out that a hawk does not try to hunt like an eagle. The wolf does not try to be a lion. — Linda Bender

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Because we tend to equate intelligence with language
particularly the ability to use language to think and communicate abstractions
it is natural to conclude that animals are, on the whole, a lot less intelligent than we are. — Linda Bender

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Most of us are used to thinking that "imaginary" is the opposite of "real." That is, when we imagine things, we are just making them up. In the spiritual life, though, there are some realities that cannot manifest unless we begin by imagining them. — Linda Bender

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When you have succeeded in letting go of a trivial preoccupation or two, your awareness will begin to expand into the deeper sources of stress in your life, the bigger uncontrollable things that you have been at pains to control. — Linda Bender

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We all came into this world wired to connect with all life. — Linda Bender

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The fact that we are eternal spiritual beings doesn't detract from the importance of our temporary physical existence. On the contrary, it makes that existence all the more precious and remarkable. — Linda Bender

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The belief that every living thing has an individual soul is called animism. (Anima, which means 'soul,' is also the root of the word 'animal.') Anthropologists have found this belief to be universal in children, though the children themselves don't think of it as a belief. It is, to them, one of the most obvious features of the world around them, and the most obvious way of interpreting what goes on in that world. — Linda Bender

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Great teachers often come to us in humble packaging. That little dog held the wisdom of a sage in his heart. I learned from him that healing is not about the success or failure of the physical body, that physical survival is secondary. All creatures wish to live and thrive, but bodies do wear out. The number of days we walk the earth (or fly or swim or crawl on it) is not the point. Animals live in the present moment. If kindness, caring, and respect fill that moment, life is fill, no matter what came before or what might come in the future. A soul that feels loved is joyous and healed. — Linda Bender

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Animals don't know exactly what will happen when they die any more than we do. In the absence of specific knowledge, they simply trust. They trust death the way they trust life: as participation in the Source. What will happen when they die must be okay because what is happening now is okay. — Linda Bender

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Animals suffer both emotionally and physically, but they don't suffer metaphysically. That is, they don't suffer about suffering, don't get thrown into spiritual confusion by it, or fall out of connection with the divine because of it. — Linda Bender

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I believe the happiness we feel in relation to animals is immensely significant. I believe it is absolutely central to our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. — Linda Bender

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The animals feel that this urgency is mutual. Their own suffering has made them aware of human suffering. More frequent contact with us has sensitized them to what troubles us. They feel our anxiety and our confusion and, most of all, our loneliness. The pain of being disconnected from the Earth, from each other, from our fellow creatures, and from the Source of all life is the worst pain they can imagine, and they are concerned about us. They understand even better than we do that the suffering we inflict on them is an expression of our own suffering, and that their physical situation cannot get better unless the human spiritual condition gets better. They want to help. — Linda Bender

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Change comes from dedicated, ordinary people, in the trenches, serving a cause greater than self. — Linda Bender