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Is all pink entirely banned?'
'Not if it's like a sassy pink,' I say. 'But if it's a sweet, girl pink, yes. Maybe some shade of sarcastic pink if it isn't too abrasive. — Laura Nowlin

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And it's impossible to say and even harder to feel. — Laura Nowlin

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I love him in a way I cannot define, as if my love were an organ within my body that I could not live without yet could not pick out of an anatomy book. — Laura Nowlin

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Stay I whisper to him. Stay in the car. Stay in this moment. But of course he never does. — Laura Nowlin

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They don't see that her tension and perfection are the only things holding her together. — Laura Nowlin

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This book is a treasure; I did not suspect it would be so good when I picked it up, but now I can feel the printed words seeping through my skin and into my veins, rushing to my heart and marking it forever.
I want to savor this wonder, this happening of loving a book and reading it for the first time, because the first time is always the best, and I will never read this book for the first time ever again. — Laura Nowlin

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I've loved him my whole life, and somewhere along the way, that love didn't change but grew. It grew to fill the parts of me that I did not have when I was a child. It grew with every new longing of my body and desire until there was not a piece of me that did not love him. And when I look at him, there is no other feeling in me. — Laura Nowlin

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Finny never tells anyone how he is feeling; you just have to know him well enough to understand when he is sad or scared. Today his expression does not tell me how he feels about me being over here. Either he couldn't care less, or he could be annoyed. — Laura Nowlin

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You think you deserve to be sad," he says. There is a moment of silence as we look at each other. "You think it is okay for you to be sad every day. But it's not okay. And you do not deserve it. — Laura Nowlin

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There just isn't a way for two people on a bed to take off their jeans without being awkward and embarrassing. But it can still be perfect and wonderful too. — Laura Nowlin