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Famous Quotes By L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1899469

In a cab back in Jersey, I finally answered one of thirty-three of Kyle's text messages (he called forty-seven times, I shit you not. Who does that!) — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 922585

Wait! Did you sleep with any of my boyfriends?"
"No, I promise."
"Okay, good," she said, relieved.
"I just made out with one."
"You see?" Tabitha said. "She's a whore bag."
"Cum bucket," Mayson nodded in agreement.
"You guys," Donya made a disgusted sound. "Can we save the name calling for later? I want to hear the hoe's story. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1612455

You're flying to Chicago to get drunk and have other women shake their boobs in your face."
"If it bothers you, I won't go," he said seriously.
"No," I kicked at the table leg. "It doesn't bother me. Maybe I'm just jealous."
"Jealous? You're not the jealous type."
"Maybe I want boobs shaken in my face. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 2121798

He looked up at me, stuttered a few times, and then seemed to forget what he was saying altogether. I didn't say anything, or act surprised that he stopped talking. I just stared at him, feeling my heart pounding in my throat.
"Wow." He said.
"You just left me speechless. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 523857

You can take care of him," she insisted. This was madness. This was a true example of temporary insanity.
"I can't."
"Why not?" She demanded.
"Umm ... I don't ... like ... " I couldn't say diapers. I had my own baby! "I don't like ... black ... babies ... — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 2208907

You love me, but you don't want me," he said with such sadness, I burst into tears.
While crying, I had the biggest orgasm of my life as Luke held me tighter than ever and rocked into me and climaxed with me. He wiped at my tears.
"I didn't mean to make you cry," he said. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1706140

You're worse than a douche bag. You're a douche puddle, the excrement of a douching. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 937513

You can sit around for years wondering "What if I had gone the other way" and you will never have a true answer. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1783857

Why are you asking me now?" I asked. "Why didn't you ask me before?"
"You seemed a little ... unstable," Mayson said. "Now you seem to be more like yourself ... which is still ... rather unstable. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 116471

We will always be tethered. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 2202712

I love you, Emmy, scars and all. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 2148539

Anyone who can rationalize love through intellect, has no idea what love is, for it is an emotion, and cannot be rationalized. For love is crazy. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 224365

Esmeralda, don't blame your brother for his girlfriend's lack of wits, Sam admonished. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 2071239

I still care about you." "But you wish you didn't." "I really fucking wish I didn't, — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 292587

I am ingrained in you. I am woven into every cell of your body. You cannot eradicate me without losing yourself, too. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1889498

I think this is simultaneously the most ridiculous and most serious conversation we've ever had," I said. "I don't like Jell-O and you wear stripes, and I think that is far more offensive, but I'll still marry you despite the stripes."
I pushed myself off of the couch and went to bed. As I lay there, listening to Luke moving around the kitchen, I had to cover my mouth to keep from giggling. We just had a conversation about marriage using stripes and gelatin as a cover up for the fact that we were talking about marriage. Luke proposed through Jell-O and I accepted through stripes. The idiocy of it all had me shaking with excited, silent laughter. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1838397

No, you started this shit. I don't know how they do it in Rhode Island, but here in Jersey, bitches get stitches for talking shit and fucking with something they shouldn't. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1823565

Who lives in a pineapple under your jeans?" He sang softly. "SpongeBob booty pants!" He ended his little song with a soft slap to my rear. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1816470

Ready for sex, but my body had been so receptive to his touch. Was it like that for everyone else? I wish I could ask Emmy without bringing suspicion upon myself. She had been to third base more times than some baseball players. I snickered out loud at my joke. Emmet looked at me with one eyebrow — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1814781

I haven't slept with him, Mom." I whispered, lying through my teeth. I just didn't want to discuss my sex life with her. She would probably critique my oral skills or something.
"I should have known. You don't sleep with anybody. That's why you can't keep a man. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1811393

I have a confession," he said softly.
"Oh no," I sighed. "It's not about the gloves is it?"
"No," he grinned, and gave me a quick peck on the lips. "I've seriously been crushing on you for about three years."
"Really?" I was genuinely surprised. His asking me out a few times never equated to a crush to me. I knew he probably liked me a little, but I didn't think he had a crush on me.
"Okay, maybe more than crushing. I'm pretty sure I've had some pretty strong feelings for you for a long time. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1801268

Every day I am thankful for Luke, the real love of my life, my Prince Charming, my rescuer. He saved me from my biggest enemy, myself. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 614090

Dad, why did you marry a crazy woman?" I asked after the usual pleasantries. "I didn't know she was crazy before I married her. By the time I found out, she was already knocked up and it was too late. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1778415

I couldn't tell you what was happening on the TV screen. My eyes saw the pictures, but could not register what was happening, especially since my eyes kept falling on Luke. I knew that he knew that I was watching him because he grinned and threw a cookie at me without taking his eyes off the screen. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 347649

I don't know which one is the real you," I said. "Are you more like Kyle the dick or Kyle the good guy? — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1610792

Are you a lesbian?" She looked at me with a serious expression. "If you are, it's okay. I don't want you to munch my rug or anything, but I'll love you anyway. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1600761

Coming from a guy who wasn't always nice to women, he's only going to treat you the way you let him. If you continue to be tolerant of circumstances, he's not going to have a reason to change — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1518593

Well, the plenty of fish in the sea thing is bullshit," I said. "The other fish are weird, smell funny, or hooked on someone else's fishing line. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 1359160

You wanted to live your own life, Donya, and I fully expected to find you satisfied with your decision. Instead, I find you smoking cigarettes and practically emaciated. You said you didn't want to be your mother, but you are. You're just another version of her. get your shit together, Donya, and prove to me that breaking our hearts was worth it. — L.D. Davis

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I sounded so bad ass, but I was really weak, tired, and pretty much shattered inside. If he gave me a hard time, I was going to jump across the table and try to kill him with my water bottle. — L.D. Davis

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You're making this really hard for me," he said quietly, holding my face in his hands.
"So maybe you should give in."
"I don't want you to think that's all I want from you."
"What else do you want from me?"
"Everything," he whispered and brushed his lips against mine. — L.D. Davis

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Forget the fact that he was the first person I had slept with in almost a year or that even though I was drunk I remembered it clearly (and it was effing fantastic!) Forget the fact that I had a hickey for the first time since high school on my neck under the scarf I was wearing, tied around my dumb neck. — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 811809

We will always be tethered. The End — L.D. Davis

L.D. Davis Quotes 718021

The road to your destination is not always a straight shot. Sometimes the road splits off into different directions and you have to choose. — L.D. Davis