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Top Dead Moms Quotes

Dead Moms Quotes By Liana Liberato

I love 'The Walking Dead,' 'Shameless,' and - this is going to sound really dorky - I'm obsessed with 'Dance Moms.' I love Abby Lee Miller. Honestly, if there's such a thing as past lives, I was definitely a dancer. Maybe if I ever get a big enough name, I can call Abby Lee Miller myself and ask her to be my private coach. — Liana Liberato

Dead Moms Quotes By Chuck Todd

Hillary Clinton met with a lot of the mothers in Chicago, she has the endorsement of some of the moms. Bernie Sanders I think has one or two of the family members too. I'm a little uncomfortable with using the families of these dead children this way. — Chuck Todd

Dead Moms Quotes By Kate Clinton

Moms Mabley said you have to say good things about the dead. I say, 'He's dead. Good.' — Kate Clinton

Dead Moms Quotes By George Saunders

Down in the city are the nice houses and the so-so houses and the lovers making out in dark yards and the babies crying for their moms, and I wonder if, other than Jesus, has this ever happened before. Maybe it happens all the time. Maybe there's angry dead all over, hiding in rooms, covered with blankets, bossing around their scared, embarrassed relatives. Because how would we know? — George Saunders

Dead Moms Quotes By Beryl Dov

For our Dead Moms, Straight from the Heart
You held my hand in times of need,
Whatever the occasion.
Forever shall your heart be held in mine,
To balance the equation. — Beryl Dov