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Famous Quotes By Kay Honeyman

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Auntie Wu took special pride in two of her accomplishments--the sons she bore and the flowers she grew. They were equally useless, but the flowers smelled better. — Kay Honeyman

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Storytellers know this, for they choose their first words with care. If I began this story with the words "Out of the mist of time comes the story of Jade Moon, the Fire Horse girl," you would expect it to throb with adventure and end with heroics. If I began it with "It is said" or "There is an old saying," you would search the story for wisdom. But this is not a story of heroics or wisdom; it is my story. There once was a girl, a Fire Horse girl. — Kay Honeyman

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I barely heard him over the singing in my heart. — Kay Honeyman

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He did look at me, and it made my heart jump. 'No, you have become yourself. You... you are as captivating as the flame that dances in a fire. And just as destructive. — Kay Honeyman

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I carried those more carefully, whispering them to myself, letting them sit on my tongue like candied ginger. They sounded like words used to cast a spell. — Kay Honeyman

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Don't you have something teenagery to do -- rage against authority, roll your eyes, mooch off your parents? — Kay Honeyman

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Had my father loved my mother? He never spoke of her. I always imagined a traditional marriage between them--one built with the strong bones of respect, but stripped of the soft skin of love. — Kay Honeyman

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I could feel the beginning of the story gathering in her throat. Stories are that way, like storms. If you pay attention, you can sense them in the air. — Kay Honeyman