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We clean our plates, yet we're still famished - starving for something other than food. — Kate Wicker

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If I invite God into my life, I am and always will be good enough. — Kate Wicker

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God sees nothing but beauty in you. — Kate Wicker

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You are a beloved child of God. But please remember this, too: You are human. You cannot expect to eat perfectly, look perfect, or be perfect. When you stumble, pick yourself up, even if you have to do it again and again. — Kate Wicker

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I used to think, that when my old inner demons started creeping back into my life, that it was a sign of failure or moral weakness. But the saints have shown me that part of the human condition is to struggle with the same sins and suffering over and over again. Once I accepted the fact that I'd probably always have to be on guard against spiritual attacks related to food and my weight, I began to really recover. — Kate Wicker

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We're not protecting our daughters if we forbid makeup, eschew fashionable hairstyles, or wear dowdy clothes. The feminine form is beautiful. Sure, we don't want to hide behind makeup or wear immodest clothes to draw attention to ourselves. But there's nothing wrong with wanting to accent our femininity. — Kate Wicker

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We are what we are, and life is what it is, but God is bigger than any cross we bear — Kate Wicker

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We are beautiful because we are sons and daughters of God, not because we look a certain way. — Kate Wicker

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We have it in our head that if we fill our stomachs, we'll fill our hearts. — Kate Wicker

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We've been told prettiness will somehow make us better - and more loved. Do we really want to bear the mark of physical beauty? Or do we just want to be loved? — Kate Wicker

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The good news is that there is one kind of food you can never have too much of. The best way to fully recover from a food addiction or body-image problem is to fill up on the Lord. — Kate Wicker

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You are a human being, not a human body. — Kate Wicker

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We must see people not as object but as beings, with souls and with bodies through which they express their souls. — Kate Wicker

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Perhaps a past of bingeing, restricting, or purging comes back to haunt you from time to time. Maybe you have to fight hard battles against vanity, gluttony, and shame. But with God's saving power, every new day is a gift, an opportunity to detach yourself from tormenting thoughts about food or how you look and to attach yourself to God. Remember, we all hunger for God, more than we hunger for a big bowl of ice cream or a perfect physique. — Kate Wicker