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There is something particularly special and personal about the circle and how its curves comfortably rule every aspect of our lives. — Kat Lahr

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t can be easily argued that all living things are conscious in some aspect, but many would agree that advanced consciousness like our own is unique. — Kat Lahr

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When it comes to society and human consciousness, Darwinism still exists in its primal message. — Kat Lahr

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We must not fall asleep in the present because the now moment is the only reality we truly have. — Kat Lahr

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Sometimes we get stuck in patterns or reoccurring themes in our lives that require a shocking epiphany to give us the opportunity to see new possibilities and notice the obstacles that keep us from moving on. — Kat Lahr

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We are always people that are in the making, constantly adapting to accommodate the roads we walk. As we learn, it changes us. As we go about our course, we grow, and prune everything around us; friends, beliefs, desires. Our past experiences plant the seeds needed for our future roads, with all its turns, speed, and treachery. — Kat Lahr

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Life here on Earth is promised suffering and one needs to find ways to live through it. Many people turn to meditation and prayer - anything that can connect us deeper into ourselves and with the divine. — Kat Lahr

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We are all tied to the burdens of this existence, and it seems as if everyday renewal is occurring in our lives and those around us. — Kat Lahr

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Precedence exists in humanity as it does with law. — Kat Lahr

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I don't know about you, but I believe that in our present time we are definitely shaking things up with human fate in this world. — Kat Lahr

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The case for interconnectedness between conscious human lives is hard to deny. — Kat Lahr

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There seems to be a sense of balance or equilibrium that nature attempts to achieve with the usage of cycles, leading us to the concept of self-organization and spontaneous order. — Kat Lahr

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Society needs to evolve just as our DNA does. — Kat Lahr

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Parts of our genome simply cannot survive a situation where the environment suffers from the full overload of toxins we currently live in. — Kat Lahr

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Our future paths are defined by how we turned and walked the road in the past. — Kat Lahr

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Equality has a hard time in humanity. Race, sexuality, or creed has always divided societies. — Kat Lahr

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If we take a moment to reflect on human history we see so much complexity that it's difficult to comprehend it all. Yet, simple truths are obvious; everyone influences each other either directly or indirectly, we all share this planet regardless of national boundaries, we all require the same nutritional needs with the most important being water, we can easily wage war and kill and at the same time love and have passion for another. — Kat Lahr

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It is within the boundaries of reflection we are able to become aware of insights that can lead us to understanding. — Kat Lahr

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It is logical to say that ignorance seems to be the root cause of all human suffering. — Kat Lahr

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Humans have wandered the Earth for thousands of years but never has our capacity to alter the Earth's ecosystem at a larger scale been more prominent than it is today. — Kat Lahr

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We are living a life full of first experiences, from a first kiss, to the first time giving blood, to conceptual and philosophical explanations of humanity's firsts. — Kat Lahr