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No form of revenge could have made me hate you any less. If I had cut the two of you to shreds with a knife, I think I would have hated the little pieces of you just the same. — Kanae Minato

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I think we regular people may have forgotten a basic truth - we don't really have the right to judge anyone else. — Kanae Minato

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It's amazing how much the human brain is able to remember, how much you hold onto in life, but when you write something down, you can forget about it - you no longer have to hold it inside. Remember the good things; write the bad ones down in here and forget about them. — Kanae Minato

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Human beings have a fundamental need for physical and emotional space, and the desire to extinguish another life can arise when the boundaries of that space are violated. — Kanae Minato

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That's all I really wanted," he said. "Just somebody to notice me. — Kanae Minato

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Happiness is as fragile and fleeting as a bubble soap. Water down the last dregs of happiness and turn them into bubbles to fill the void. It may nothing more than an illusion, but it was still better than the emptiness. — Kanae Minato

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If you're always worrying about what other people think, you'll never get any tougher. — Kanae Minato

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You can't blame your crimes on someone else; they're your own responsibility. — Kanae Minato

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On the other hand, it's easy to join in condemning someone once someone else has gotten the ball rolling. You don't even have to put yourself out there; all you have to do is say, "Me, too! — Kanae Minato

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But doing something good or remarkable isn't easy. It's much easier to condemn people who do the wrong thing than it is to do the right thing yourself. — Kanae Minato

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I wanted to climb out of the swamp and run away somewhere. Somewhere where nobody knows me. Somewhere where I could start all over from the beginning. — Kanae Minato

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The world you live in is much bigger than that. If the place in which you find yourself is too painful, I say you should be free to seek another, less painful place of refuge. There is no shame in seeking a safe place. I want you to believe that somewhere in this wide world there is a place for you, a safe haven. — Kanae Minato

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Our values are determined by the environment we grow up in; and we learn to judge other people based on a standard that's set for us by the first person we come in contact with - which in most cases is our mother. — Kanae Minato