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Famous Quotes By John Yudkin

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I did not agree..to having my article censored ... The published report of the conference gives my name as a participant, but you will not find in it the paper I read ... Scientists as a group are no more, and no less, influenced by emotional and irrational reactions than other people are. — John Yudkin

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But science should be based in fact, not fashion. And policy should be based on science. Facts shouldn't change. And indeed, they don't. But their interpretation does. Consider the idea that inflammation causes heart disease. First espoused in the late 1800s after the invention of aspirin by Bayer, this idea was relegated to the dustbin of medical science in favor of the cholesterol hypothesis, which reigned for the second half of the twentieth century. But over the last decade, the "inflammation hypothesis" has made a decided comeback, and is now thought to be the primary factor in the genesis of atherosclerotic plaques and thrombosis. — John Yudkin

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In most of the affluent populations I have considered, the prevalence of coronary disease is associated with the consumption of sugar. Since sugar consumption is only one of a number of indices of wealth, the same sort of association (to coronary disease) exists with fat consumption, cigarette smoking, cars ... — John Yudkin

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Directors of a large food-manufacturing firm ( ... At one extreme (: one) said it was not his job to protect people from themselves; he was not forcing people to eat his products, and if they chose to do so at the risk of harming themselves, it was of their own free choice. — John Yudkin

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If only a small fraction of what is already known about the effects of sugar were to be revealed in relation to any other material used as a food additive, that material would promptly be banned. — John Yudkin

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Professor Ian McDonald of Guy's hospital in London ... has found that, in young men, sugar raises the level of cholesterol in the blood, and especially ... tri-glycerides. — John Yudkin