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Famous Quotes By John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1430969

Once I had a shrink who said, "Your parents are the fuel you run on," because I was raised in the tyranny of good taste. If my parents hadn't taught me all that, I couldn't have made fun of it. So I thank them, and they were loving. It takes a long time to realize that they made me feel safe when I lived a life which was very not safe. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1172741

William Castle and Alfred Hitchcock were the first director-personalities. Before then, nobody in America knew what a director was. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 232537

Oh my God!" I hear him yell to just about everybody. "Did you see that?! That was John Waters. I'm almost certain he has shit his pants!!" I hear grown men laugh in constipated smugness and digestive superiority. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1444583

I've had a pretty amazing life, a good life, and God knows I'm thankful, but I do believe that after 30, stop whining! Everybody's dealt a hand, and it's not fair what you get. But you've got to deal with it. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 174418

You go to school to figure out who you want to be and how you can do it, and [maybe] I should have, because the films would probably be technically better. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 225222

I would never want to live anywhere but Baltimore. You can look far and wide, but you'll never discover a stranger city with such extreme style. It's as if every eccentric in the South decided to move north, ran out of gas in Baltimore, and decided to stay. — John Waters

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It took me a while to figure it out, but to have a real hit on Broadway, you have to get the respected Broadway people to like it. But then the production also has to appeal to the most middle-class people who know nothing about Broadway and who come to see it later. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1509988

I probably would have made [films] anywhere. Every city has something they're ashamed of. I would have made films about it and turned it into something positive. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1697700

There is right and there is wrong, I have NEVER been wrong. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1408972

I was always flattered, but I just want my movies to make money. I want to be commercial. I'm never the person who says, "I don't care if people don't see my movies." I always want people to see my movies. — John Waters

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Hitchhiking, intrinsically, is sexual and dangerous. At the same time I never really felt scared. I was scared that nobody would pick me up and that I'd be waiting by the side of the road for a week. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2012519

If you purposefully look to shock people, it isn't funny. That's what 50 million dollar Hollywood comedies do; try to be shocking and dirty. They aren't really. It isn't enough to shock. It's easy to shock. Real surprise is what I'm after. Those early movies, we had drugs, which you weren't supposed to show. You weren't supposed to shoot up. We would make fun of hippies. I think that we were punk before there was punk. — John Waters

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An underground hit didn't make any money and it cost a dollar to get in. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 276468

It's time now to rent a car, roll down the windows and prepare for your first big thrill: the freeways. They're so much fun they should charge admission. Never fret about zigzagging back and forth through six lanes of traffic at high speeds; it erases jet lag in a split second.
You're now heading toward Hollywood, like any normal tourist. Breathe in that smog and feel lucky that only in L.A. will you glimpse a green sun or a brown moon. Forget the propaganda you've heard about clean air; demand oxygen you can see in all its glorious discoloration. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 542423

I want to be harder to reach, not easier. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2242431

You have to remember that it is impossible to commit a crime while reading a book. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1489514

I like rap music. But bragging about being rich to poor people is really offensive. I want to hear a rap song about buying a Cy Twombly painting or dating a museum curator. I want to hear about that kind of rich. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 416844

If I could pick my own death, it would be on a roller coaster that jumps the tracks and careens into a packed crowd at a cotton candy stand at a state fair. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1773164

It delights me to find something that kids are doing that surprises me that seems new. That's the best feeling you can have. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 346680

I'm recognized in public about 80 percent of the time across this country, but during the other 20 percent when I'm not, I get pissed when I realize how shabbily other people must be treated every day. When store clerks or airline reps do suddenly recognize me and get nice after being grumpy when they didn't know who I was, I get testy right back. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 687404

Watching a movie should be like hunting. Out of context, every image of the cinema is yours for a split second. Take them before they bury it. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1351837

I never rewatch the great films of my favorite directors because I'm afraid they won't hold up. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 364910

I'm the smartest at 8 A.M. I wake up at 6, drink three cups of Awake Tazo Tea and read five newspapers. I have to think up something every day, Monday to Friday. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 913453

Nora Ephron's great line that overtipping only costs a few dollars more. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 593628

It wasn't until I started reading and found books they wouldn't let us read in school that I discovered you could be insane and happy and have a good life without being like everybody else. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2134643

Connie goes off the charts and into a whole new realm of music. Suddenly channeling Ol' Dirty Bastard's scary voice and skyrocketing to a new level of coolness, Connie raps an all-new ghetto version of the once-tepid theme song to Follow the Boys, — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 899307

JOHN WATERS: In Cry-Baby Traci played a sexpot-which is always the best way to rid yourself of an image, by playing it and making fun of it. That's what Johnny Deep did, too. He was on Jump Street, and he hated playing a teen idol, so I said, "stick with us; we'll kill that." And we did - in the right way, you know? — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 936411

Once I climb in, will they believe it's me even if they know who I am, or think I'm just a John Waters impersonator? Which I am in a way every day ... only older. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1431707

I keep very close in touch with the fans - to see what they like. I'm very in touch with my audience; I get older and they get younger, which I think is the ultimate compliment. I think hitchhiking brought a few of them out! Even though all young people have never hitchhiked, all people my age did at one point in their life, they just don't do it now. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1146475

Coke didn't last long enough; it gave me a hangover for two weeks for being high for ten minutes. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 885883

I couch-surfed for years. But I always wanted to live in Baltimore; I still do. If I had to choose, it would always be Baltimore. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1529184

People are going to say, "I was a lesbian back in the 90s" just like people say, "I was a hippie in the 60s". I see them struggling. Rich girls struggling with their heterosexuality. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1480293

I must admit, even my fans everywhere I go in the world - just this week I was in London and Glasgow and the week before I was in Des Moines - my fans all look the same in all those cities - they look great! — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1539842

I make independent movies. I don't know how to do anything else. I don't know any other job that I could really get. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1780544

Everyone wants to be called an outsider so I'm a proud insider. If I was young I'd be in my parents' house shutting down the government on my computer. The new delinquent is the hacker. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1577970

Fifty years seems like a good anniversary. Even after I'm dead, how much better could I get than this? I mean, it's great, I'm not dead, so I get to see it. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1427081

Keep up with what's causing chaos in your own field. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1460943

You see a kid making a film on a cell phone. He doesn't know what he's doing either. But it comes out kind of good. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1452197

I'm trying to do of a certain attitude in life. I'm against separatism. I'm for everyone to gather. I'm for everyone lunatic to hang out together. I want to hear somebody else's bad night, not just mine. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1960434

Everybody should wish they had home movies of themselves, acting out their lunacy on LSD. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2254192

Aren't maids the ultimate art critics? — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2254038

People that pick up hitchhikers I believe are basically good people that believe in other people and understand problems and don't judge people. That's always the kind of person I'm looking for. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2217720

To me, bad taste is what entertainment is all about. If someone vomits watching one of my films, it's like getting a standing ovation. But one must remember that there is such a thing as good bad taste and bad bad taste. it's easy to disgust someone; I could make a ninety-minute film of people getting their limbs hacked off, but this would only be bad bad taste and not very stylish or original. To understand bad taste one must have very good taste. Good bad taste can be creatively nauseating but must, at the same time, appeal to the especially twisted sense of humor, which is anything but universal. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2175933

I always say you need something weird on your face and some good shoes and nobody looks in the middle. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2120307

To me, beauty is looks you can never forget. A face should jolt, not soothe. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2114240

Being rich is not about how much money you have or how many homes you own; it's the freedom to buy any book you want without looking at the price and wondering if you can afford it. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2087349

Anyone from my past I'm interested in, I've already stalked their homes. I like to go outside. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2073243

Our assholes will be clean but we must never wash our hands. Our immune systems will be strengthened by our being dirty. Not filthy. Just mildly grimy. Filthy fingernails have always been a favorite fashion accessory of mine. Especially when you place your hands in the prayer positions. Matter of fact, I urge all my followers to forgo nail polish permanently and replace it with expertly applied soot. The nonexistent gods above will ignore our prayers better this way. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 2068091

Terrible things always seemed to happen to hitchhikers in movies - including my own. It has always been glamorous and dangerous and scary and sexy. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1975380

I do like Christmas. I do understand that there are people who hate it, and there are other religions that resent it. So, I speak to everybody - I try to speak to every kind of minority and majority that cannot escape the steamroller known as Christmas. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1578946

You don't need fashion designers when you are young. Have faith in your own bad taste. Buy the cheapest thing in your local thrift shop - the clothes that are freshly out of style with even the hippest people a few years older than you. Get on the fashion nerves of your peers, not your parents - that is the key to fashion leadership. Ill-fitting is always stylish. But be more creative - wear your clothes inside out, backward, upside down. Throw bleach in a load of colored laundry. Follow the exact opposite of the dry cleaning instructions inside the clothes that cost the most in your thrift shop. Don't wear jewelry - stick Band-Aids on your wrists or make a necklace out of them. Wear Scotch tape on the side of your face like a bad face-lift attempt. Mismatch your shoes. Best yet, do as Mink Stole used to do: go to the thrift store the day after Halloween, when the children's trick-or-treat costumes are on sale, buy one, and wear it as your uniform of defiance. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1925499

I think middle America has changed very, very much. I think people are way more open-minded. I think - I think it's because the Internet. I think they're exposed to so much. All the men talked about how much they love their wife, which I don't hear all the time in art communities. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1851446

I never thought I'd be 52 years old. I don't think that anybody at 16 thinks like that. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1849240

I think the best article was the article about radical feminists being against transgender women. I found that the most fascinating article and I absolutely loved it. I love battles within the gay community or feminist community. I love radical theorists. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1836961

Going to a sensational murder trial is the only way I can relax. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1318806

I have to talk about my movies. I have to give interviews to promote what I'm doing. But no one really knows my personal life. And if you don't have a personal life I feel bad for you. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1742616

My favorite characters are people who think they're normal but they're not. I live in Baltimore, and it's full of people like that. I've also lived in New York, which is full of people who think they're crazy, but they're completely normal. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1689326

I look out through the eyeholes and feel exactly the way Michael Jackson's son Blanket must have felt — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1640288

If you're a parent, I tell you how to get through Christmas. I think that if you've ever had a bad feeling about Christmas coming, I'll tell you how to deal with it. So, I think in a way it's like going to a sane psychiatrist that actually gives you some good advice, I hope! — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1590762

When they throw the water on the witch, she says, "Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness". That line inspired my life. I sometimes say it to myself before I go to sleep, like a prayer. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 367378

To understand bad taste one must have very good taste. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 692435

I'm an old person because I still buy DVDs. I have every one of my albums and 45s - I even have a couple of 33s and I do have a turntable. But I must admit, I don't listen to vinyl today. But I listen to all types of music. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 658159

The only way I've learned to change anyone's mind politically is to make them laugh. My whole career has been about that. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 654682

God knows if you could start a new sex act that's more important than making a good movie. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 640014

Which she makes no move to clean up, I'm not sure what — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 608225

Catholics have more extreme sex lives because they're taught that pleasure is bad for you. Who thinks it's normal to kneel down to a naked man who's nailed to a cross? It's like a bad leather bar. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 514224

There are little things that get on my nerves, like people who have reading material in their powder room. When you go in someone's house, and next to the toilet they have a huge basket of magazines, I find that repellent. I recommend against straining while reading. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 481605

Shutting down governments on your computer is just as much as fun as going to a riot at Yale. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 442057

When I started my goal was to make a successful underground movie. I started making movies in the mid-60s. Underground cinema then only lasted about two or three years. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 405504

I'm certainly not going to tell other people what they should do with their own personal lives. I think it's certainly easier for a director to be out. The public is not going to see a movie because the director is gay or straight. It's maybe a little harder for an actor or actress because of, you know, the love roles and stuff. But gay people have been impersonating heteros in the movies for years. So, hopefully, that is becoming less of an issue. I think it would have been really great if a gay person had played a gay person. That's brave! — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 733941

Maybe I'll just write books. I'd like to make another movie, but I don't want to go back and [do] what they want you to do, to make it for a million dollars. I did that. I don't need a lot, but I need what I used to get, and they don't give you that anymore. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 331185

Nobody likes a bore on a soapbox. Humor is always the best defense and weapon. If you can make an idiot laugh, they'll at least pause and listen before they do something stupid . . . to you. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 276405

People still come to Baltimore and say, "I didn't realize you made documentaries." — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 209485

I'll have pot in my home for guests - I'm polite! - but I don't sit around and smoke by myself, ever. Not like I did when I was young. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 174889

Dreamland Studios then was my bedroom at my parents' house, mostly [starring] people who were in my high school. They look straight at the camera; they're uncomfortable doing it. So, are [early movies] good? No. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 163999

I've bought the same used car from the same man since I was 16 - a Buick every time. They always work, I don't care what color it is. I don't want people to recognize my car in case I want to commit a crime. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 141082

I think [parents] became very proud, even though they were mortified by the early films because no one liked them. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 133728

I would describe myself as a writer that hopes to take you into my world and help you feel a little safer. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 98227

Always be prepared if someone asks you what you want for Christmas. Give brand names, the store that sells the merchandise, and, if possible, exact model numbers so they can't go wrong. Be the type who's impossible to buy for, so they have to get what you want. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 94130

Collect books, even if you don't plan on reading them right away. Nothing is more important than an unread library. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1178972

I'd like to praise the drivers who picked me up. If I ever hear another elitist jerk use the term flyover people, I'll punch him in the mouth. My riders were brave and open-minded, and their down-to-earth kindness gave me new faith in how decent Americans can be. They are the only heroes in this book. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1405099

I actually think that my films are intellectual. I think almost everything I do is intellectual, but I would never say that, because that's a compliment. That's up to others to say about me. The same way, I would never say I do art. I think art is up to history. It's up to other people to utter that word. So I try to be humble. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1395386

My hobby is extreme Catholic behavior
BEFORE the Reformation. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1389908

I love to read about anger. A "feel bad" book always makes me feel good. And no other novel in the history of literature is more depressing than Christina Stead's The Man Who Loved Children. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1374040

Technique is nothing more than failed style. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1367156

Do we secretly idolize our imagined opposites, yearning to become the role models for others we know we could never be for ourselves? — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1335353

Just make sure your children hate authority and they'll do fine. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 91280

Hairspray is the only movie I made that's subversive, because they're doing it in every high school in America. A man's playing a woman, and two men sing a love song to each other. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1315736

The first real thing was Divine as Jackie Kennedy [in Eat Your Makeup]. His mother found the bloody Jackie Kennedy outfit in the boot of his car and said, 'What is this?" and Divine said, "I am Jackie Kennedy!" His mother just changed the subject; she didn't know what to say. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1235700

I always wanted to be a juvenile delinquent but my parents wouldn't let me. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1407790

I don't mind exercise but it's a private activity. Joggers should run in a wheel - like hamsters - because I don't want to look at them. And I really hate people who go on an airplane in jogging outfits. That's a major offense today, even bigger than Spandex bicycle pants. You see eighty-year-old women coming on the plane in jogging outfits for comfort. Well my comfort - my mental comfort - is completely ruined when I see them coming. You're on an airplane, not in your bedroom, so please! And I really hate walkathons: blocking traffic, people patting themselves on the back. The whole attitude offends me. They have this smug look on their faces as they hold you up in traffic so that they can give two cents to some charity. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 1058634

You have to remember the police used to raid and arrest the audience for seeing Scorpio Rising (1964), or Jack Smith movies. Wouldn't that be exciting today, if you see went to the movie and everyone at the IFC was arrested in a paddy wagon and taken away? — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 964847

Fantasies are like extra cash. They need to be banked for later use. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 907656

"Family" this and "family" that. If I had a family I'd be furious that moral busybodies are taking the perfectly good word family and using it as a code for censorship the same way "states' rights" was used to disguise racism in the mid-sixties. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 905979

Contemporary art hates you. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 901296

I think that nobody gets mad at me anymore, no matter what I say, because I don't think I'm mean. I am interested in what's next. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 893358

And I seek people who break rules with happiness - and not bringing pain to themselves. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 849075

At the premiere of Hairspray on Broadway, Harvey Fierstein's mom said to my mom, "Didn't we raise great sons?" and my mother just started sobbing, because I'm sure they'd both been through other nights when people didn't say that. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 816914

I built a career on negative reviews. I didn't get a good review ever until Fran Lebowitz gave me a good review in Interview. That was the first good review I got in 10 years. — John Waters

John Waters Quotes 777527

With Hairspray, we had a great experience. I always think of the last time I saw Divine: He was in the last booth in the back of the Odeon. Now every time I go in there, I look at that table. It was a wonderful night.Hairspray had been out a week; it was a hit. If I had to pick a night that was going to be the last night. — John Waters