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Famous Quotes By John Burley

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The worst kind of loneliness, I think, is to be in the presence of those you love and have them treat you like you aren't there. — John Burley

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The past is what imprisons us. There are some things in this world that can never be undone. But they can be faced. They can be forgiven. And if we hold on to that, then there is a chance for us. A chance that someday. . .we will be free. — John Burley

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He is perhaps fifteen - not truly a young man yet, but certainly well on his way - and he walks with the energy and indifference of one who possesses the luxury of youth but not yet the experience to appreciate its value or evanescence. — John Burley

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eyes cannot see what the mind does not know. — John Burley

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HarperCollins Publishers Inc. — John Burley

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leg in an amputee. Over the centuries, medical treatment had become quite adept at fixing parts of the body that were broken: a shattered bone, or even a shattered mind; — John Burley

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People live their whole lives for someday down-the-road, and eventually there is no down-the-road left. — John Burley

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Every day there are countless reasons why it's not a good day to write. Ignore those reasons and write anyway. Inspiration seldom visits a quiet keyboard. — John Burley

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The next morning, the earth was strewn with debris from the windstorm the night before. An audience of trees looked down on severed limbs cast about the ground, their hunched and beaten postures reminding me of a congregation of amputees gathered in the wake of a war. — John Burley

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[...] the reason we do not trust one another is because we do not trust ourselves. We know all too well what we are capable of. — John Burley

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She kept her other hand tucked into the front pocket of her hoodie, self-conscious of the two prosthetic fingers, despite the meticulous attention the plastic surgeon had paid to their aesthetic appearance. — John Burley