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Jocelyn Adams Quotes & Sayings

Enjoy the top 7 famous quotes, sayings and quotations by Jocelyn Adams.

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Liam recoiled as if I'd hoofed him in the danglies. — Jocelyn Adams

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You might be able to send some girls screaming and crying with that 'I'm a happy little sadist' act but I'm not some girls Rourke. I hope your King finds you with your hands all over me. I hope he pulls his fee-fi-fo-fum trick of his and melts your bones too. — Jocelyn Adams

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I tilted my face forward, unable to speak the lie that would make him go away, or the truth that would make him stay. - Shadowborn — Jocelyn Adams

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You snuck across my yard like a trained mercenary. Dressed in a black getup without so much as a pebble misplaced under your shoe or a crinkled leaf to make a sound. Had the lay of the land within seconds too I bet. Took down a man who outweighs you by fifty pounds as if you done it before. You hardly flinched when I set my gun on you. Now you're sittin' there all hunched around yourself like a rabbit in the grass. Definitely runnin' I just hope it's not from the law. — Jocelyn Adams

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Does he train you all to be creepy sociopaths or is that a prerequisite before he hires you — Jocelyn Adams

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You keep saying that and I keep suggesting a psychiatrist. Maybe it's time you take my advice. — Jocelyn Adams

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His scent engulfed me - fresh night air and evergreen. I buried my face in the hollow beneath his jaw as he shoved his Light into me- a terrible force of the sort I'd never imagined, hungry for distraction, intoxicating to the point of addiction. — Jocelyn Adams