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So when the only domestic social policy is tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthiest Americans, we say, 'Where is faith being put into action here?' — Jim Wallis

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Our calling is not only to pull people out of the river, but to go upstream to find out what or who is pushing them in. — Jim Wallis

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But here is the heart of the moral issue for many of us. Simply put, those around the world who have contributed least to global warming and climate change will be the most and first to be impacted by the consequences of it all. Sadly, it's an old story. We, the affluent, create the problem, and the poor pay the price for our sins. It is wrong, and it is a sin-ours. — Jim Wallis

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Last summer we had eight people in the [Christian] congregation who danced four different sun dances. Of course the missionaries have said all along that those ceremonies are pagan and we can't do that. Our people insist that they are free in the gospel, free in Christ Jesus, to participate in Indian religious forms and ceremonies. - George Tinker — Jim Wallis

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Some people believe the alternative to bad religion is secularism, but that's wrong ... The answer to bad religion is better religion
prophetic rather than partisan, broad and deep instead of narrow, and based on values as opposed to ideology. — Jim Wallis

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Martin Luther King Jr. really understood the role of the churches when he said, 'The church is not meant to be the master of the state.' We don't sort of take power and grab the levers of government and impose our agenda down people's throats. — Jim Wallis

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At times I think the truest image of God today is a black inner-city grandmother in the United States or a mother of the disappeared in Argentina or the women who wake up early to make tortillas in refugee camps. They all weep for their children, and in their compassionate tears arises the political action that changes the world. The mothers show us that it is the experience of touching the pain of others that is the key to change. — Jim Wallis

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If you are asking the wrong question, it doesn't matter how good the answer is, you aren't going to get where you want to go. — Jim Wallis

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I met the president when he was president-elect at a meeting in Austin. He spoke of his faith. He spoke of his desire for a compassionate conservatism, for a faith-based initiative that would do something for poor people. — Jim Wallis

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We can find common ground only by moving to higher ground. — Jim Wallis

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Our choice is between cynicism and hope. — Jim Wallis

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The world will not change until we do — Jim Wallis

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Once you open that door to a values conversation, it's going to undercut a right-wing economic agenda, which values wealth over work and favors the rich over the poor, or resorts to war as the first resort and not the last. — Jim Wallis

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Hope is believing in spite of the evidence, and then watching the evidence change. — Jim Wallis

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How do we nurture both families and communities, promote a civil discourse, and approach problems with solutions and hope instead of fear and blame? — Jim Wallis

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This year - today - I am repenting of my dependence on fossil fuels. — Jim Wallis

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When religion is manipulated for political gain, faith loses its prophetic stance. — Jim Wallis

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Hope unbelieved is always considered nonsense. But hope believed is history in the process of being changed.
Jim Wallis

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The great thing about social movements is everybody gets to be a part of them. — Jim Wallis

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More than just a moral issue, hope is a spiritual and even religious choice. Hope is not a feeling; it is a decision. And the decision for hope is based on what you believe at the deepest levels - what your most basic convictions are about the world and what the future holds - all based on your faith. You choose hope, not as a naive wish, but as a choice, with your eyes wide open to the reality of the world - just like the cynics who have not made the decision for hope. — Jim Wallis

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Healthcare should be a human right and not a commodity for sale. — Jim Wallis

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I believe in the separation of church and state, absolutely. But I don't believe in the separation of public life from our values, our basic values, and for many of us, our religious values. — Jim Wallis

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It just doesn't make spiritual sense to suggest that the evil all lies "out there" with our adversaries and enemies, and none of it is "in here" with us - embedded in our own attitudes, behaviors, and policies. — Jim Wallis

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We have got some mountains to move. Three billion people - half of God's children - are living on less than $2 a day. — Jim Wallis

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The failure of political leaders to help uplift the poor will be judged a moral failure. — Jim Wallis

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Last year, Americans spent $450 billion on Christmas. Clean water for the whole world, including every poor person on the planet would cost about $20 billion. Let's just call that what it is: A material blasphemy of the Christmas season. — Jim Wallis

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The principle of always seeking an alternative applies to nonviolence as well. It is this: If nonviolence is to be credible, it must answer the questions that violence purports to answer, but in a better way. — Jim Wallis

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But when we place God on our side of things, that we are now ridding the world of evil - that's very dangerous, that one nation has this role to rid the world of evil. What about the evil we have committed, that we are complicit in? — Jim Wallis

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A billion dollars every week for Iraq, $87 billion for Iraq. We can't get $5 billion for childcare over five years in welfare reform. — Jim Wallis

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The disciplines of prayer, silence, and contemplation as practiced by the monastics and mystics are precisely that - stopping the noise, slowing down, and becoming still so that God can break through all our activity and noise to speak to us. Prayer serves to put all parts of our lives in God's presence, reminding us how holy our humanity really is. — Jim Wallis

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We are prophetic interrogators. Why are so many people hungry? Why are so many people and families in our shelters? Why do we have one of six of our children poor, and one of three of these are children of color? 'Why?' is the prophetic question. — Jim Wallis

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Jesus proclaimed, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.. He is saying that a whole new order is about to enter history, and if you want to be a part of it, you will need a change so fundamental that the Gospel of John would later refer to it as a "new birth". Being born again was not meant to be a private religious experience that is hard to communicate.. but rather the prerequisite for joining a new and very public movement - the Jesus and kingdom of God movement. — Jim Wallis

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Faith reminds us that change is always possible. — Jim Wallis

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What is my calling? What am I supposed to do? I think running for office, public office, can be a divine calling. I mean, I've wrestled with that very question myself. — Jim Wallis

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If the president is going to use so much language of theology and the Bible, then let's use that language for a serious discussion about the war in Iraq. And that was never done. — Jim Wallis

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Why?' is the prophetic question. — Jim Wallis

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No, we are not the master of the state, said King. We are not the servant of the state. We are the conscience of the state. The churches or the religious community should be, I think, the conscience of the state. We're not just service providers. — Jim Wallis

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I don't think we should discriminate against an organization or congregation because they're religious, if they're doing good work. But government can't subsidize proselytizing or worship or religious activity. It can't. — Jim Wallis

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The Christian doctrine is one that is both about individual spirituality and a parallel commitment to social justice. — Jim Wallis

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It's time for white Christians to be more Christian than white. — Jim Wallis

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You change society by changing the wind. Change the wind, transform the debate, recast the discussion, alter the context in which political discussions are being made, and you will change the outcomes ... You will be surprised at how fast the politicians adjust to the change in the wind. — Jim Wallis

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The people who have more money and goods than any people in the history of the world spend most of their time worrying about not having enough. — Jim Wallis

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Religion is often used as a sword to divide, rather than as a balm to heal. — Jim Wallis

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Two of the greatest hungers in our world today are the hunger for spirituality and the hunger for social change. The connection between the two is the one the world is waiting for, especially the new generation. And the first hunger will empower the second. — Jim Wallis

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When evangelical leaders can persuade the president to be concerned about what's happening in Sudan, or sex trafficking around the world, or HIV-AIDS, that's a very good thing. I am completely supportive of that. — Jim Wallis

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You can't be evangelical and associate yourself with Jesus and what he says about the poor and just have no other domestic concerns than tax cuts for wealthy people. — Jim Wallis

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Faith can cut in so many ways. If you're penitent and not triumphal, it can move us to repentance and accountability and help us reach for something higher than ourselves. That can be a powerful thing, a thing that moves us beyond politics as usual, like Martin Luther King did. But when it's designed to certify our righteousness - that can be a dangerous thing. Then it pushes self criticism aside. There's no reflection. — Jim Wallis

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A modern American prophet, like Micah, once said, "A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is a nation approaching spiritual death."3 He was Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., and he also made the connection between war and poverty. — Jim Wallis

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I think it's a good thing for a president or political leaders to want to put their values or their faith into action. Desmond Tutu did that in South Africa. Martin Luther King Jr. did that here. This is a good thing. — Jim Wallis

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Pat Robertson is an embarrassment to the church and a danger to American politics, .. It's time for Christian leaders of all stripes to call on Robertson not just to apologize but to retire. — Jim Wallis

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The best response to bad religion is better religion, not secularism. — Jim Wallis

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But when one believes that you've been appointed by God for a particular mission in history, you have to be very careful about that, how you speak about that. Where is the self-reflection in that? Where is the humility in that? — Jim Wallis

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But what does it mean to be on God's side? I believe it starts with focusing on the common good - not just in politics, but in all the decisions we make in our personal, family, vocational, financial, communal, and, public lives. That old but always new ethic simply says we must care for more than just ourselves or our own group. We must care for our neighbor as well, and for the health of the life we share with one another. It echoes a very basic tenet of Christianity and other faiths - love your neighbor as yourself - still the most transformational ethic in history. — Jim Wallis

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things change when hearts and minds across the country change. things change when social movements begin, when peoples understandings change, when families rethink their values, when congregations examine their faith, when communities get mobilized, and when nations are moved by moral contradictions and imperatives — Jim Wallis

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The left and right are not religious categories. They're often not even value categories. — Jim Wallis

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The lack of vision in public life and the emptying out of values that visionless leadership creates lead to a politics of complaint. — Jim Wallis

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To dig our heels in and say no to a present madness is a good thing, but to walk a new path and say yes is a better thing. — Jim Wallis

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Fuzzy and ideological definitions of terrorism just make it easier to kill people. When you know your actions will kill innocent noncombatants, that's terrorism. And it must be clearly named as unacceptable - no matter who does it (individuals, groups, or states), whatever the weapons, the expressed intentions, or political justifications. — Jim Wallis

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The British Airways steward announced that the in-flight movie would be Chariots of Fire. 'Is that the only one?' I asked. 'We are also showing Gandhi,' he replied. 'Where do I have to sit to see it? I responded. 'I'm sorry, sir, but Gandhi is only showing in first class.' The irony seemed to escape him. — Jim Wallis

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The media seems to think only abortion and gay marriage are religious issues. Poverty is a moral issue, it's a faith issue, it's a religious issue. — Jim Wallis

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The kingdom of God, which Jesus came to inaugurate, is meant to create an alternate reality in this world, and ultimately to transform the kingdoms of this world. — Jim Wallis

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Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster. — Jim Wallis

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It's hope as a decision that makes change possible. — Jim Wallis

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Significant numbers of American evangelicals reject the way some have distorted biblical passages as their rationale for uncritical support for every policy and action of the Israeli government instead of judging all actions - of both Israelis and Palestinians - on the basis of biblical standards of justice. — Jim Wallis

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Spirituality becomes a commodity to be bought and sold. So spirituality has to be disciplined by social justice. — Jim Wallis

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He doesn't agree with the conventional wisdom that says, "The world changed on September 11." Hauerwas says, "No, the world changed in 33 A.D. The question is how to narrate what happened on September 11 in light of what happened in 33 A.D. — Jim Wallis

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I'm often asked what I think about the faith of the President George W. Bush. I think it is sincere. I think it's very real. I think it's deeply held. — Jim Wallis

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Trade is now clearly designed to favor the wealthiest and most powerful corporations at the expense of the rest of us. The three wealthiest people on earth now control more assets than the combined incomes of 600 million people in the world's 48 poorest countries. — Jim Wallis