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Famous Quotes By Jez Morrow

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I don't hate you, Cyndi. You're blood. I have to love you. You just annoy the hell out of me. He put one
arm around her thin shoulders. — Jez Morrow

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From the first moment I saw you in your gilded box the young tyrant who sent me to die you have ruled all my thoughts. I hated that you were so beautiful. I had no idea you were the incredible being you are. Give me all the beats of your heart and I will spend all my days trying to make up for what I've done to you and all my nights worshipping you. Xan — Jez Morrow

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Confused and fearful as he was, this one thing Tom knew for certain. No man ever took another man's balls in his mouth to mock him. — Jez Morrow

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Kay, I'm sleeping with a gun-toting man I banged in an ally, hopped up on cocaine, who wants to know how to tamper with identification records without the Feds finding out. Oh yeah, and he turns into a wolf. And he's got me wrapped around his cock. — Jez Morrow

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Are you going to be nice to me now?"
"I'm always nice to you." Sure. Law ground his chin into Tom's groin, making
Tom jump.
"Why would I suddenly start being nice to you?" Law said. "You put out for an asshole. That guy is still here. — Jez Morrow

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Tom leaned in and spoke in a low, confidential voice, "Sir. You have a little something ... " He lifted his forefinger surreptitiously to his own upper lip.
Harrison brought his hand to his mustache to brush something off it, his eyes questioning. "What is it?"
"Carpet remnant?" Tom suggested. — Jez Morrow

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When expression returned, it was outrage. "Oh, that - " Wells couldn't think of anything bad enough to call
"Rat bastard is the word you're looking for," Tom filled in for him.
Wells turned and stalked back up the dock.
A gull alighted on the boards at Tom's feet. It cocked a beady eye up at him. Tom gestured with his beer
bottle as he commented to the bird, "You're right. Rat bastard is two words, isn't it. — Jez Morrow

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Look, Lawrence, I know you never cared for me-"
Law cut him off.
"Cared for you? Cared for you? What am I? The gardener?"
"Okay, you always hated me-"
"Better," Law said. "You're wrong of course, but you said what you meant this time. — Jez Morrow

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Xan spoke low. "I would die for you."
"Don't do that," said Devon. "Live for me. — Jez Morrow

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He bet Law swatted flies by dropping buildings on them. — Jez Morrow

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She sniffled. "Does he know?"
"Not a clue," Law said. "There are concrete bricks less dense than my beloved. — Jez Morrow

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Law looked dumbstruck, almost angry. He breathed, "Son of a bitch." And to Tom's surprise, Law got down on one knee and took his hand. "Tom, you beloved bastard, I love you. I need you in my life forever. I cannot imagine existence without you. Will you-God please say yes-grant me the honor and the privilege and save my life and marry me? — Jez Morrow

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You're Catholic."
"And you're not. No problem. We're not going to fight about how to raise the kids. Stay on the road here, Tom. — Jez Morrow