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Top Facebook User Quotes

Facebook User Quotes By Larry Ellison

We'll continue to expand our footprint ... Oracle's Fusion cloud applications for HCM, CRM and ERP all have a new simplified user interface and an integrated social network that makes our enterprise applications as easy-to-use and familiar as Facebook, while enabling better collaboration and teamwork among your employees and your customers. — Larry Ellison

Facebook User Quotes By Kurt Eichenwald

At any time of day, hundreds of different versions of Facebook are running on the Internet - with a changed color here, a moved button there - and the user response to each variation is measured. And the same is done with advertising. — Kurt Eichenwald

Facebook User Quotes By Fred Wilson

Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are all 'User First, Brands Second' services. The brands are all over these services now. But for the most part, these services didn't do much to bring them. The engaged users did. — Fred Wilson

Facebook User Quotes By Markus Persson

Facebook is not a company of grass-roots tech enthusiasts. Facebook is not a game tech company. Facebook has a history of caring about building user numbers, and nothing but building user numbers. — Markus Persson

Facebook User Quotes By Shawn Amos

Google+ will never have a user base to rival Facebook's. It just won't. Not even if you include the 'users' who create accounts so that they can use other Google services. — Shawn Amos

Facebook User Quotes By Richard Stallman

Facebook collects a lot of data from people and admits it. And it also collects data which isn't admitted. And Google does too. As for Microsoft, I don't know. But I do know that Windows has features that send data about the user. — Richard Stallman

Facebook User Quotes By Eric S. Raymond

As a Facebook user, do I have control of the data Facebook keeps about me? Concretely: can I examine and modify that data using tools of my choosing which are built for my needs? — Eric S. Raymond

Facebook User Quotes By John Battelle

I have done a pretty good job of partitioning my life digitally, posting utterances and stories that I'm happy to share with anyone on Twitter, leaving a few sparse comments and 'Likes' on Facebook (I'm not a huge user of the service, I'll be honest), and sending any number of photos to thousands of 'followers' on Instagram and Tumblr. — John Battelle

Facebook User Quotes By David Einhorn

Microsoft could help Facebook with one of the biggest challenges, namely monetizing its traffic without reducing the user's experience. It's obvious that Microsoft needs traffic and Facebook needs search. — David Einhorn

Facebook User Quotes By Richard Stallman

If there is a Like button in a page, Facebook knows who visited that page. And it can get IP address of the computer visiting the page even if the person is not a Facebook user. — Richard Stallman

Facebook User Quotes By Bruce Schneier

Google controls two-thirds of the US search market. Almost three-quarters of all Internet users have Facebook accounts. Amazon controls about 30% of the US book market, and 70% of the e-book market. Comcast owns about 25% of the US broadband market. These companies have enormous power and control over us simply because of their economic position. They all collect and use our data to increase their market dominance and profitability. When eBay first started, it was easy for buyers and sellers to communicate outside of the eBay system because people's e-mail addresses were largely public. In 2001, eBay started hiding e-mail addresses; in 2011, it banned e-mail addresses and links in listings; and in 2012, it banned them from user-to-user communications. All of these moves served to position eBay as a powerful intermediary by making it harder for buyers and sellers to take a relationship established inside of eBay and move it outside of eBay. — Bruce Schneier

Facebook User Quotes By Peter Guber

Tribalism isn't a bad thing. If you're a Facebook user, or Twitter user or Foursquare user or LinkedIn user, those are all tribes ... and they may even have sub-tribes. It's not pejorative, it's declarative. — Peter Guber

Facebook User Quotes By Robert O. Becker

Show us 14 photos of yourself and we can identify who you are. You think you don't have 14 photos of yourself on the internet? You've got Facebook photos. People will find it's very useful to have devices that remember what you want to do, because you forgot ... But society isn't ready for questions that will be raised as a result of user-generated content. — Robert O. Becker

Facebook User Quotes By Michael Bennet

Facebook is by far the largest of these social networking sites, and starting with its ill-fated Beacon service, privacy concerns have more than once been raised about how the ubiquitous social networking site handles its user data. — Michael Bennet

Facebook User Quotes By Didier Sornette

Economic theory dictates that the value of a company is basically the present value of its future profits. To estimate Facebook's value through its future profits, we need to have a view on its user growth and how this will evolve in the next 10 to 50 years. — Didier Sornette

Facebook User Quotes By Brian Acton

WhatsApp will bring Facebook another billion users. We will be a billion-user product. Whether there is a direct valuation or an indirect valuation, there is value, and Facebook understands that well. — Brian Acton

Facebook User Quotes By Al Franken

Armed with nothing more than a Facebook user's phone number and home address, anyone with an Internet connection and a few dollars can obtain personal information they should never have access to, including a user's date of birth, e-mail address, or estimated income. — Al Franken

Facebook User Quotes By Jason Kilar

I think challenge for Facebook is to develop a culture that has the advertiser and the ad service be as strong a part of their culture as the user obsession is. — Jason Kilar

Facebook User Quotes By Conan O'Brien

Today Facebook went public, just as Myspace's last user went private. — Conan O'Brien