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Enjoy the top 13 famous quotes, sayings and quotations by Jackson Galaxy.

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Famous Quotes By Jackson Galaxy

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He screamed like a thirteen-year-old girl with Bieber Fever, — Jackson Galaxy

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Being obligate carnivores, cats have a short, straight digestive tract perfectly suited for eating raw meat. Besides, you never see a cat in a field roasting a mouse over a spit, right? — Jackson Galaxy

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We need a country literally full of cat guys and cat girls, bikers, politicians, clergy, and everyone in between, in order to keep millions from dying without homes. — Jackson Galaxy

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When all great movements are in their infancy, they are nourished basically on the mother's milk of righteous indignation. It is a time of red-faced screaming and finger pointing. That's a good thing - we need to be angry to move toward any systemic change. But ultimately the fingers have to stop pointing and the hand has got to get down to work - and the work is always messy. — Jackson Galaxy

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As an addict I take everything as a sign from God. It was pouring on about eight million people but I was the only one getting wet. — Jackson Galaxy

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[Y]ou are at the top of the energy food chain in your home. Your stress becomes manifested in your animal companions, as surely as it is manifested in your significant other, in your children. If you choose to share your life with others, you have a responsibility to check your shit at the door or others will suffer. — Jackson Galaxy

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This is what differentiates sympathy from empathy. No matter how much I care for you, it's not until I recognize me in you and you in me that the veil of gauze is lifted on the world. — Jackson Galaxy

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The first thing was not to panic, because all panic does is escalate the problem. (This is the first mistake that people make in situations like this: the cats lose their pee and the humans lose their shit.) — Jackson Galaxy

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When the picture your girlfriend conjures up in your head is of a cartoon skunk, reconsider the relationship. — Jackson Galaxy

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If you want to love them, learn to love like they do - firmly in the now. — Jackson Galaxy

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Let me explain before another word is written: I have never once asked a cat, "So tell me what's up, Charlie?" and Charlie says, "Jeez Jackson, thanks for asking. A little annoyed by the fluorescent lights, and will you please check out this tiny piece-of-junk pan I have to crap in but, hey, I still got my legs, you know? Can't complain, pal. — Jackson Galaxy

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The funny thing about decisions based on signs or gut or visions is that they're usually nothing but noble outs. Just another way to sabotage yourself and keep your bigger life at bay. — Jackson Galaxy

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If you've ever rubbed shoulders with insanity, he is a sweaty, foul-breathed cab driver who locks the door and takes you wherever he wants. The more you squirm to get out, the happier he seems to get. Insanity loves- no, needs-company. — Jackson Galaxy