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She didn't say anything - at least, not with her mouth. Her eyes told me a different story. The only problem was that they each had a thousand tongues talking, each in a language I didn't speak. — J.X. Burros

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That boy is still here ... He's just waiting for that girl to come back — J.X. Burros

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That boy made me realize, for a while at least, that my parents were wrong, and I didn't have to be like them. — J.X. Burros

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I never left because a part of me will always be in that house ... — J.X. Burros

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Love makes you stupid. Love makes you weak. Love will kill you all one day, and it's going to kill you today. — J.X. Burros

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How you, a weak boy caught in the middle of a storm, both in reality and metaphorically, would risk your life to save some girl - some girl who tortured you, ignored you, destroyed you. — J.X. Burros

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Love gives you the strength to face an army, vampire or human ... Love gives you a reason to press on through the storm. Love helps you think clearly and follow the clues ahead, if you know where they lead. — J.X. Burros

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Part of making a good decision is just making a decision. You can't always sit and weigh the pros and cons. There just isn't time for that. Making a good decision means sticking with your choice and dealing with what comes with it. Being able to deal with the consequences - that's making a good decision. — J.X. Burros

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I'm going to enjoy this."
"What?" I asked. "Hell? — J.X. Burros