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Today ... major actors and actresses develop their own projects or, at the very least, cherry-pick their roles carefully to suit not only their tastes but also whatever image they have cultivated to present to their public. Most major stars have their own production companies through which such projects are developed and even financed. While the biggest male stars of that time did in fact have their own production companies
Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Douglas, John Wayne, and Burt Lancaster, to name a few
and thus exerted creative and financial control over their careers, that was not the case with female stars. But Marilyn Monroe was about to change that. — J. Randy Taraborrelli

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He understands that he sees things differently from the way everyone else does, but he can't put his finger on why. He's not like other people. No one understands him. So he goes through his whole life with this, uh ... " he paused, "confusion." Michael looked off into the distance, now seeming lost in his thought process. "Everybody thinks he's very special, but, really, he's very sad. He's so, so sad. — J. Randy Taraborrelli

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What's to rationalize? You mean you shouldn't pray if you haven't got your s
t together? This is another fairly common misconception of faith, which is that people who go to church, or people who pray, or people who talk about their religion must be, somehow more pious or ethically rigorous or have more morally cleansed lifestyle. The high correlation is supposed to be between faith and your search, the depth of your search, your willingness to try, your willingness to admit error, your hope and belief in the ultimate meaning and value of that search.' - Timothy Shriver — J. Randy Taraborrelli

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Her makeup artist, Allan Snyder, recalled applying her makeup in the morning while she was still flat on her back in bed. "There was no other way," he said. "It would take her so long to get up in the morning, we had to start with the makeup before she was out of bed. — J. Randy Taraborrelli

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She had told Kazan that she was bored with the roles she was playing because so many of them had been basically the same kind of empty-headed characterization. She wanted nothing ore than to challenge herself with more complex parts
and also wanted others to think of her as being more than a caricature.
Anytime she had an opportunity to broaden her mind, she wanted to take advantage of it. — J. Randy Taraborrelli

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He is not my focus," Diana told writer Rodney Tyler of Arne. "He's my husband, my companion, my lover, my confidant. But not my focus. I wasn't lost, then found by Arne. I was single and met a wonderful man and we enjoyed each other's company and enjoyed our times together. So it was not lost and found. That's crap. I have never been lost. — J. Randy Taraborrelli