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Famous Quotes By J.C. Wickhart

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The world doesn't want us. Who can blame them? We are fat, lazy, ignorant, and conceited, for all the wrong reasons. — J.C. Wickhart

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Death. I've taunted it for years with confidence and courage. It has taken years for me to realize that it wasn't courage at all, it was the complete opposite; weakness. Bad habits and vulgar sensibilities are my disease. The only cure is dignity and shame, how tragic that I seem lack both. — J.C. Wickhart

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Most Tea Party members are old pride-filled morons who have no good reasoning to concern themselves with politics, just tired old self-righteous and self-proclaimed patriots wanting to start some type of Nazi-like revolution, mainly because they hate Obama and they have a dumb sense that their lives and generation is quickly coming to a halt and none of them like it. They claim they don't want their rights stripped away from them, so they will do anything in their power to stop that, including stripping away the rights of others. — J.C. Wickhart

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I investigated her topnotch features and allusive intentions. She was the typical glitter-headed scene-bitch that one expects to see in a place that is much more happening than a randown bar on the end of town. The type that lives the in-scene and bleeds vodka and cranberries. Fun now, fun for everyone around her, but in ten years, maybe less, she will be a lonely dental assistant or cocktail waitress wondering what happened, where did she go wrong? — J.C. Wickhart

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I'm only guilty of having good hygiene and making bad decisions. — J.C. Wickhart

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Whose asshole do I have to tongue punch to get a fucking drink around here? — J.C. Wickhart

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I always seek tranquility, but what would I do if I happened to acquire such composure? I suppose that the boredom from lack of the absurd would expand to such a great weight, I would have to run amuck and shatter it, for my own twisted freedom. Why step out of the ordinary? People have been known to go insane when faced with unfamiliar conditions for extended periods of time. So who is to say it can't go vice versa? Release the madness, release the demons. Chin high, spine erect, fists clinched, feet firm, balls out. Claim the moment, but disregard the aftermath. — J.C. Wickhart

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No need for grudges or resentment. I wanted this, I wanted a new life. I was tired of everything, tired of me. It was due time to unknot the major ties that held me to this misery. Recreate myself, learn to deal with the harsh and unforgiving realities. It has taken me quite some time to come to terms with this new mentality. For the last few months I have been stuck in a moral quarrel with myself, eventually my integrity surrendered to the modesty of not giving a fuck. — J.C. Wickhart

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I'm too big of a fan of sin and debauchery to be a Christian. — J.C. Wickhart

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Humans all have the instinct to determine right from wrong and wrong from right. Religion plays no factor in morals and ethical motive. Did your instinct never tell you that you were doing something wrong when you did? Did your heart never feel the warmth of a good deed? Instinct gave you morals. You gave yourself morals. The whole argument that religion helps us distinguish the difference between right and wrong is buncombe. — J.C. Wickhart

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Salvage what you can so you don't end up like me; bitter and hateful but disguising it with a smile, and then hide it away under the cover of wild nights and very early mornings. — J.C. Wickhart

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In life, I always thought that an Atheist values life much more than any follower of any religion. I believe in that now more than ever. Hell has strengthened that opinion. — J.C. Wickhart

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Now I stand on the edge of a new world, a new life; pondering what type of fortunes and catastrophes await me. Bring it on, I've handled a generous amount of profound and weird shit in my lifetime that the universe could sling at me and I have always walked away more seasoned. Through blunder and mishap I've grown wise and callused, and I've risen from the aftermath as a warrior, a grandmaster, a champion of bad virtues and noble intentions. — J.C. Wickhart

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No. This was a crude and adolescent way of talking to the fairer gender, it rarely works. When it does work, the woman that falls for it isn't even suitable for a satisfying sexual encounter. A good way to weed out the poor decisions and unacceptable mistakes though, and a better way to catch a horrible case of the dick rot. Trial and error. A few hit points missing is better for skill gain anyway. — J.C. Wickhart

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Perhaps when I was a child. Then my brain fully developed and I started thinking about the logic. The Christian life is no life for this man. I have a potent predilection for the whiskey, weed and women. I like to defile all three of them, sometimes simultaneously. But yeah, it isn't the fairytale within the bible that makes me such an infidel, I just couldn't suffer waking up early on Sundays to praise a magical being that lacks significant proof. — J.C. Wickhart

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I have a pragmatic suspicion that bashing someone's head in with a golf club is frowned upon in this establishment... — J.C. Wickhart

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Typically in a world that has shunned goodness and morals, the villain is the hero. — J.C. Wickhart

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I don't understand people's constant
need to pretend that as a species we are good on a primary level, when in fact we've had prisons and punishments for thousands of years and people still do whatever the fuck they want, that should clue us in that we are all wired with evil and malevolent intent. Then I realize as long as you don't get caught in your iniquities, it really doesn't matter to anyone. — J.C. Wickhart