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Famous Quotes By Heather Cardin

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I do not pray for anything. I am not nearly strong enough to do that. I pray for strength, patience, understanding, the ability to love God, detachment from the physical world and other qualities. I will pray for the healing or benefit of other people. However I have noticed that some healing prayers have lines like 'Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.' So it seems to me we are not praying for healing, we are praying for the correct outcome. — Heather Cardin

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If I were detached about the outcome of a problem, if I turned it over to God, then He could and would work on it. If I thought I had the answer and pushed for it, either mentally or physically, then the flow was blocked by my action and I sometimes got what I pushed for and sometimes did not, but the situation was never resolved. Most things I pushed for turned out to be a mess. — Heather Cardin

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Many years ago I developed a theory of mutual exclusivity. I had observed in my own life that either God solved a problem or I solved the problem but both God and I did not work on the same problem at the same time. If I decided to solve it then God had better things to do than to help me. If I decided to turn the problem over to God then God would resolve the issue. When I refer to my solving the problem, I am referring to taking wilful action and deciding what the correct resolution is. If my family needs food, go out and work to earn money and feed them. There is a great difference between detachment and doing nothing. — Heather Cardin