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If an alien visitor were to hover a few hundred yards above the planet, it could be forgiven for thinking that cars were the dominant life form, and that human beings were a kind of ambulatory fuel cell: injected when the car wished to move off, and ejected when they were spent. — Heathcote Williams

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A friend of mine, Warren Lemming, has this theory: if you're famous, it's as if you've got a golden monkey on your shoulder. When people come up to talk to you, they just see the monkey. — Heathcote Williams

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Industrialists, who turn the Amazonian jungle into useless tundra or cement over half the planet, are not, for some reason, machine-gunned en masse, nor captured and exhibited, nor do they have their teeth extracted and carved into little men. — Heathcote Williams

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You come out of a woman and you spend the rest of your life trying to get back inside. — Heathcote Williams

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Reason is emotion for the sexless. — Heathcote Williams