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Famous Quotes By Harper Fox

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The mug was so warm, and my hands so cold, that it didn't feel as if we belonged in the same universe. — Harper Fox

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Maybe that's as good as it gets." "Shit. I wish it had been better." "Maybe it will be. We just live our lives, good ones. Pay that way." He leaned into me and sobbed. "Nic, I love you. You saved my fucking soul. — Harper Fox

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Maybe I was being stupid, but an old faith was stirring inside me, a willingness to lean on the tides of the universe instead of swimming desperately against them. — Harper Fox

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I don't know if it's a forever deal, a sheep farm in the middle of nowhere. But I want to try, for Harry's sake. And I love it all when you're here. It's like you made it new for me. You--you are my forever deal."
There it was again, that dangerous, beautiful word. In Gaelic, wilder and lovelier still. "A-chaoidh."
"Yes, forever, Nic. A-chaoidh. — Harper Fox

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He was the heart of my world, my gravity, my sun. My life before him was a dream from which I'd joyously awoken. He turned this dusty cell into a prince's chamber, hung it with satin and silks. I loved him. — Harper Fox

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He folded into my arms. I buried my face in his hair, and I listened to the sounds of midsummer on my island. Gorse pods were crackling in the sun. When the wind shifted, I could hear the voice of the sea, woven through always with birdsong and mermaids. — Harper Fox

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There was life after Joe. There had to be, hadn't there? I just wished that instead of my constantly having to muster every scrap of my strength in order to feel normal, it would happen of its own accord. I didn't want happy. Normal would have done. — Harper Fox

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Maybe we walked past each other in the crowd." "No." "Why not?" "Because I wouldn't have walked past you. — Harper Fox

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My brow found the hollow of his collarbone, the place where we fitted together. — Harper Fox