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Famous Quotes By Gunnar Ardelius

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Tonight we're going to listen to this." She skips ahead to "Mute Witness" and hits repeat.
"What we do tonight will be stored in this song. Every time I put it on from now on I'll feel exactly like now. So if you die, I can still have you — Gunnar Ardelius

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It frightens me that I can't do anything sensible about it."
"Are you scared that you'll wind up with a boring job where you have to see the same people every day and drink instant coffee?"
"I'm more scared that I'll forget the feeling I have now."
"Kind of like how you forgot how it feels to be three years old."
"That surely I'll wind up thinking I was so young, I didn't really understand everything. It bothers me that I know I will be wrong. — Gunnar Ardelius

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I don't think every person is unique. If every person is unique, then unique is a completely unneccessary word."
"Don't you think that every person has something specific that makes them special?"
"Maybe, but if that's the case, then people are 99 percent boring."
"And you, are you one of the few people who isn't boring?"
"I don't think I'm any more remarkable than anyone else. THe difference is that I've discovered that I don't need to go around pretending I have a personality. — Gunnar Ardelius

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In the beginning, being alone is always a choice. Then it's not a choice anymore. When did it stop being a choice? What is it in me that stopped choosing you, that moved into you instead so that I have to be with you in order to be with myself? — Gunnar Ardelius

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How do you know when it's over?"
"Maybe when you feel more in love with your memories than with the person standing in front of you. — Gunnar Ardelius