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Famous Quotes By Geoffrey Wheatcroft

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Technically it was a victory for the British, who attacked the patriot fortifications but a Pyrrhic victory if ever there was: out of 2,200 British soldiers 1,034 were killed or wounded, including one in nine of all the officers the British lost in the whole war. — Geoffrey Wheatcroft

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The great twin political problems of the age are the brutality of the right, and the dishonesty of the left. — Geoffrey Wheatcroft

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The story of the past generation has been that the right has won politically and the left has won culturally. — Geoffrey Wheatcroft

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For educated Americans like Joseph Ellis, Vietnam is a special hang-up. I am an Englishman of exactly the Vietnam generation, a couple of years younger than Ellis; indeed, for reasons too complicated to explain here, I was nearly drafted into the US army in 1965. I know many Americans of my own age and, as much to the point, my own class - journalists, publishers, lawyers. And I don't think I know one who served in Vietnam. — Geoffrey Wheatcroft