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Eric Sennevoight Quotes & Sayings

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Famous Quotes By Eric Sennevoight

Eric Sennevoight Quotes 1805135

And then that happened, the quartet striding through a cheering city that parted as they passed. Dorothy's hair blowing on the breeze, Toto cradled in her arm like a small bomb made of poor choices. The lion fixed many with his yellow cat eyes and the faces of incredulous Ozians were reflected in the chest of the tin man, slipping off like mercury as he went by. The scarecrow pointed his mitten hands at a few ladies, blowing small bits of straw in their general direction.
'Another One Bites the Dust' played loud and hard.
It was fucking sweet. — Eric Sennevoight

Eric Sennevoight Quotes 1258807

I cried out at the sudden visitation of pain, everyone in a silent church standing in a rustle of suits and dresses to bend back their longest fingernail. — Eric Sennevoight

Eric Sennevoight Quotes 500369

You don't stockpile guns because 'you never know'. You stockpile guns because you do know. And while you may be wrong, your shitload of guns says you no longer welcome debate on the subject. — Eric Sennevoight

Eric Sennevoight Quotes 1886225

After we're feasted down to white sticks and it's all covered in lions and trees and whatever the monkeys become prod the ground with a toe, staring down with glittering eyes at the guts of a wristwatch. After the bonfires and sun worship and they grow brains and can x-ray the ground. They can figure all this out, file it away. List my name with an asterisk after it, a footnote at the bottom phrasing my presence here in short, dull terminology. — Eric Sennevoight

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It's hard being pissed with a nice car and a good job. Fed up on filet medallions and swimming in chilled martinis. We know what we think and our life here is our reward for thinking it. — Eric Sennevoight