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Top My Boyfriend Cheated Quotes

My Boyfriend Cheated Quotes By Erin Lynn

He had kissed me. Put his demon tongue in my mouth. I had kissed him back. Yet I had a boyfriend. Adam. Who I believe I've mentioned. More than once.
Boyfriend named Adam, demon named Levi kissing me - that pretty much meant I had cheated on my boyfriend, didn't it?
Didn't mean to do that. Yikes.
I bit my fingernails and knocked on Brandon's door and tried to rationalize my way around it. It hadn't been a premeditated kiss. It hadn't been initiated by me. Did that really make it cheating? Or just a sort of accidental meeting of the mouths?
Shouldn't there be like a five-second rule, anyway? Like dropping food on the floor.
If you retrieve it immediately, you can still eat it. If the kiss lasted less than say, a minute, it didn't count. Right? — Erin Lynn

My Boyfriend Cheated Quotes By Jenny Han

My sister is coming back in a few weeks. And I have a fake boyfriend I just cheated on. — Jenny Han

My Boyfriend Cheated Quotes By Andy Leeks

Let the cakes be the bastard boyfriend. Let the takeaways be the ghastly girlfriend. For me, alcohol and cigarettes were the girlfriends who cheated on me, and I'll never see them in the same light again. You might ask why I haven't succeeded with this same approach when it comes to food, and this is where I'm willing to accept that my magical technique falls a little flat. It was easy for me to accept that cigarettes and alcohol were responsible for shortening my life, but I have trouble accepting that the same applies to cakes. Call me a sucker, but I keep on giving the ghastly girlfriend another chance, even though she's made it clear that she's going to carry on cheating. Perhaps if I were unfortunate enough to suffer from a debilitating illness such as a heart complaint or diabetes, I'd grow a pair and ditch her. — Andy Leeks

My Boyfriend Cheated Quotes By Colleen Hoover

He grins. "I'm so glad her boyfriend cheated on her. Otherwise, I'd be eating leftover toothpaste-filled Oreos for breakfast."

I laugh. "At least you wouldn't have to brush your teeth."

"This was the best decision we've ever made," he says. "Maybe later we can talk her into vacuuming in that dress while we sit on the couch and watch. — Colleen Hoover

My Boyfriend Cheated Quotes By Molly Harper

thought we were supposed to get her drunk and put her panties in the freezer," Jolene said, her pretty face scrunched in confusion. "I think you're mixing up your female-bonding customs," I told her. "That's 'thirteen-year-olds at a sleepover,' not 'vampire boyfriend may or may not have cheated on you, but either way, he's an emotionally unavailable asshat. — Molly Harper