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They each had scars to deal with. Scars of a different kind, but scars nonetheless. If he could say something--anything--to make a difference, he'd do it, but there simply wasn't anything left to say. The reality of that made him downright sad. — Emily March

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Love can hurt, but if you'll let it, love also can heal. It is truly miraculous medicine. — Emily March

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She needs to think about her marriage like she does Mexican food." "Mexican food?" Ali asked. "We love Mexican food," Nic explained. "And Nic deserves the whole enchilada. — Emily March

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She had always experienced big, intense emotions here at Lover's Leap. Under this huge sky, surrounded by infinite beauty, she had grieved to the depths of her soul. Here, she had loved freely and completely with every fiber of her being. On this little piece of the planet, she had embraced her inner turmoil, suffered through her unbound grief, and surrendered to soul-shattering heartache. — Emily March

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places, and incidents — Emily March

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Celeste sighed heavily and shook her head. "I do believe that men can be the dumbest of God's creatures." Sage — Emily March

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Look, he's curled up in his bed sound asleep. You must have been dreaming." "That dog shouldn't be sleeping in here anyway. He snores." "Well, yes, but so do you." With that, Nic threw off the bedcovers and padded into the master bathroom. Gabe scowled down at the dog. He had plenty of places to sleep - Nic had dog beds scattered in almost every room in the house. "It's about time I assert myself as the alpha dog in the pack," Gabe declared. From now on, the boxer would be banished from the bedroom. As — Emily March

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publication can be reproduced or transmitted — Emily March

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Allow yourself to love him, Nicole. That's one of the greatest gifts a mother can give to her child, you know. To love her child's father. I firmly believe that once Gabe's heart heals, he'll discover that you and your child already have a place there. — Emily March

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Would you like to dance?" She smiled at him. "Look at the gym floor, Gabe. This is a father-daughter dance." "Yeah. Well, so what? Consider this my first dance with my daughter." At that, Nic went all gooey and some of her lingering doubts eased. Gabe Callahan was a good man. She tilted her head at him and asked, "What if she's a he?" "Well, I grew up going to dance halls in Texas, and believe me, it's never too early for a guy to learn to two-step." Gabe — Emily March

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She was a stay-at-home mom who'd completed her job. Lost her job. A thundercloud of self-pity built in her emotional sky, but she fled from it, tried to outrun it, by lecturing herself aloud. "You haven't lost your family. They just don't live with you anymore. In lots of ways, that's a good thing. — Emily March

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How are you feeling, dear?" "I'm fine." At the older woman's chastising look, she conceded, "I still have a bit of a headache. I'm achy and sore." "And grumpy," Gabe called from the hallway, where he was hanging up coats. Celeste — Emily March

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wouldn't have been — Emily March

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Peace is a process, not a shot clock with seconds ticking away and a buzzer at the finish. It's the result of many decisions, not just one. Don't expect otherwise, and don't fail to recognize how far you've risen from the depths of your despair. — Emily March

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We have to keep looking and never give up believing that someday, we will find what we seek. Keep looking. Don't settle. Don't accept. Believe. — Emily March

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If he's shutting people out, what makes you think I'll be able to reach him?" "Because he loves you! It's obvious." Nic — Emily March

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The Caddo Bayou Marina. — Emily March

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Yee-ouch!" she cried as the pan clattered back onto the stovetop. She was shaking her left hand and staring at the venison, grateful she hadn't dropped their dinner on the floor, when Callahan appeared in the doorway to her kitchen. "What's wrong?" "I'm an idiot. I almost dropped the roast." "You burned yourself," he surmised as his gaze shifted from her to the pot on the stove. Crossing to the kitchen sink, he twisted the cold water faucet. "C'mere." When she moved close, he took her arm by the wrist and studied her hand as he guided it beneath the running water. "You grabbed your pan without a pad? You don't strike me as the careless sort." "I have my moments of ditziness," she replied. Ditziness — Emily March

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Copyright 2014 by Emily — Emily March

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Sure. I don't want him to kick her out of his heart; I want him to make room there for me. I think that his ability to talk about his life with her makes that easier. — Emily March

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When darkness threatens your world, friends can be beams of sunshine if only you'll let them. — Emily March

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She had blue eyes, but his were BLUE. Not just one shade of blue, either, but a swirl of shades that reminded her of the stretch of ocean between Bella Vita Isle and Nassau where the turquoise waters fell into a deep, fathomless blue. — Emily March

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the pain from lies scars a soul, especially those lies told to oneself. — Emily March

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He was a professional athlete and coach, a Ferrari who lived his life in the fast lane. She was a girl-next-door kind of girl, closer to a golf cart than a sports car. — Emily March

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All you need do is forgive. Resentment is an anchor holding you back from that which you desire most. Find the angel within you; cut the anchor line and beat your wings. The winds of forgiveness will stir a hurricane of healing and call up a tide of love that can carry you home. — Emily March

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Approaching the marina entrance, — Emily March

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What fewer people know but many suspect is that it hasn't been the happiest of circumstances. Very few people in town know that Gabe is a fairly recent widower, and he's had a difficult time dealing with his grief. The pregnancy happened before he was ready. However, I am happy to say that he has made great strides toward moving on in the past few weeks." "By striding right into your bed?" Nic grinned. "That's part of it. — Emily March

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never forget that a mother's hug lasts a lifetime, long after she lets you go. — Emily March

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This man was hurt, damaged in some fundamental way. She saw it not in those scars upon his body but in the haunted expression in his eyes. — Emily March

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What is it with men? Are they totally incapable of faithfulness?" "Depends. It's a character issue more than a sexual one." Nic closed her eyes in embarrassment and swallowed a groan. She'd forgotten about her visitor. Lovely. Just lovely. — Emily March

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with people dressed in swim — Emily March

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Forget the past. Decide who you are today. Discover who you will be tomorrow. — Emily March

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Life is not meant to be an interstate highway. It's a winding mountain road with hills and dips, stop signs and school zones. Let friends and family be the data for your GPS satellite feed, and never forget that sometimes an unexpected detour leads to a hidden miracle. — Emily March

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is really remarkable. You will feel so much better about yourself. — Emily March

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to attend?" With that, he lost patience. "Give it up, Ali. You're not taking a job in podunk Eternity Springs. You're not leaving." Her eyes went to ice. She removed her sunglasses from her shoulder bag, then slipped them on. In a voice as cold as January, she declared, "Just watch me, your honor. Just fucking watch me. — Emily March

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What do you know about him, Celeste?" "I know what I see when I look into his eyes. He's haunted, Nicole. You've seen it, too, haven't you?" She recalled the horrible scars on his back and chest and spoke quietly. "Yes. — Emily March

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You might not recognize it, but your trials have made you stronger. You are not a walking disaster, and you will triumph over your demons. Nothing defeats a valiant heart. — Emily March

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Look deep inside yourself and find your inner angel. Your inner angel will show you how to drop the anchor of emotional burden and fly. Your inner angel knows where to find light to chase away the darkness. Your inner angels helps you balance when the world pushes and pulls. And, most important of all, your inner angel has a wingspan that is broad enough to lift the hearts of those in pain. — Emily March

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Friends are like kisses, blown to us by angels. — Emily March

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sputtered and then — Emily March

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For the past two years, life had been dark and ugly and empty of anything good. He'd come to Bella Vita seeking light, and while he'd made some progress on his own, it had taken Gabi bursting through his hedge and into his world for him to believe in possibilities again. — Emily March

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Now, any other man in Cedar Dell would catch hell for wearing a pink shirt. Not Nicholas Sutherland. He'd still ooze masculinity if he wore pink sneakers and socks with purple pom-poms. — Emily March

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You have it within your power to simplify your situation. Just be sure that every decision you make, every choice you make, is motivated by love. If you do that, what is meant to be will be. — Emily March

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shifting into park, she — Emily March

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Any resemblance to actual — Emily March