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We're not going anywhere with you," Gabriel said. "But I am a police officer-" "Yes, sir. I know," Gabriel said with put-on politeness. "But I happen to be scared shitless of the police. — Elisa Nader

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What is the matter with you?"
"You want an alphabetical list? — Elisa Nader

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Now how do we know you're really from Edenton?" he said.
"And the point of lying would be?" Gabriel asked. "So we could have a complete stranger chauffeur us to another complete stranger's house for proper English tea at," he looked at a clock on the bookshelf, "two in the morning? Mia, he's discovered our nefarious plan."
Edgar rubbed his black shorn hair and squinted at Gabriel "Smartass teenagers. My favorite. — Elisa Nader

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We're hiding in a tree with people chasing us. Do you really think this is an appropriate time to make suggestive comments? — Elisa Nader

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I believed what he told me in that note, that if I cared for someone, I'd be responsible for the bag things that happened to that person. — Elisa Nader