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Famous Quotes By Elijah Noble El

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That night, when the creature sleeps, when he sleeps, the mother escapes into her daughters' room. She tells her daughter that the creature's afraid of her having too much love, too much heart. She takes a tube of lipstick and drags it across her finger like a knife, marking it across her daughter's cheeks, red, blood, war paint. — Elijah Noble El

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I carry my heart like a crucifix, but I remember once you told me that sorrow can be a blessing too. You told me that what is coming is better than what is gone. You've carried my heavy heart to light with ease. I believe in lovely souls ever since burrowing inside of yours. So many storms have ravaged me at sea, but I know those eyes. I know lighthouses guide the rootless home. Maybe you can find light in me as well, and from there find a fire to sleep by. We are here, and we are alive, and that is hope. — Elijah Noble El

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Sometimes I struggle. Sometimes I falter. Sometimes I live in gray. But always I remember the yarrow you've grown in the spaces of my rib cage. I now love with roses from my heart, with lilacs from my mouth. — Elijah Noble El

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Was I the first boy that you had ever found in the darkness? I hurt everywhere and maybe you just didn't know how to hold me. The sincerest thing I ever said to you was that I was sorry for being. You said back to me, 'Don't be sorry for how unforgiving your life has been.' That was before the water turned to rime and the earth began to die. It happened so quickly, like a ship being lost to the sea, like a butterfly being lost to the rain. It was the ship that was meant to carry us home. It was the ship that would never make it there. — Elijah Noble El

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I moonlight as the greatest actor. I smile. I choose the comedy mask every time. I tell those who worry that I am fine, that I always will be. There is nothing to gain from these lies. I win no awards, yet I bow. On that stage I tell my life story with the lightest of words, the heaviest of hearts. I bleed for the people who stay and watch. Behold: the comedy, the tragedy. They smile and cheer. They clap for this. And I bow, and I bow, and I bow. — Elijah Noble El

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She's all the blood I've ever shed. She's every time I've ever thought of death. She's every time I've ever looked at happiness and thought, 'That's not meant for me. — Elijah Noble El