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While I hate to cast aspersions on the humble army cutters, their knowledge tends toward the practical, and their approach is often... blunt. If the problem cannot be removed from the patient with a bone saw, they are often at a loss. — Django Wexler

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And now that she knew, she couldn't do nothing. She couldn't. The anger would build inside he, on and on, forever until it poisoned her — Django Wexler

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When they join up, they know I might have to spend their lives, but they trust that I'll get a good price. — Django Wexler

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You got rid of him?" "For the moment," Winter said. "Nothing confuses an officer like violently agreeing with him. — Django Wexler

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They both offered Winter crisp salutes, but the expression on their faces made her uncomfortable. It was the look of Women meeting a legend. When did I become a legend? — Django Wexler

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It's not courage so much as stubbornness," Alice said frankly. Her lips curled back from her teeth in a grim smile. "I don't like to lose. — Django Wexler

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Your powers of perception are astounding," the cat drawled. "Although I feel obliged to point out, in the interests of ontological exactitude, that I am in fact only half cat. Personally, though, I have always considered it the better half. — Django Wexler

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Never underestimate what can be accomplished by a little bacon at the right moment, — Django Wexler

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Being part of an attack was a strange thing, Marcus had always thought. It was like being a component in a larger organism, something that could live or die, stand or flee, all on its own and independent of the will of the men who made it up. Sometimes it drove you onward, into the face of what seemed like certain death, in spite of every instinct screaming for flight. Other times, you could feel it falling apart, turning at bay like a whipped dog, hunkering down or turning tail to run. — Django Wexler

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To follow the analogy, as a Reader, you're not part of the story, you just insert yourself into it for a while. — Django Wexler

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Marcus, whose appreciation of wine began and ended with what color it was, nodded uncertainly. — Django Wexler

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Books age, they yellow, the pages dry and crackle and tear. Who can tell what tiny defect will change simple paper and ink into true meaning? — Django Wexler

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It was always good to know that things in the field really were the way the officers had said they'd be, if only because this so rarely turned out to be the case. — Django Wexler

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Three men can keep a secret only once two of them are at the bottom of the river. — Django Wexler

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But there was never any arguing with Janus, least of all from the other end of a flik-flik line. — Django Wexler

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He expects me turn up for the inspection, glance through all of this, and then scurry back to Ohnlei to get on with my life. Marcus gave a rueful smile. More fool him. He doesn't know I haven't got a life. — Django Wexler

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Is that what love is supposed to look like? Wanting the best for another person, regardless of what it means for yourself? — Django Wexler

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Why do you continue your... charade? Your current position would seem to be a good one for revealing the truth'.
'A few people know, sir. Bobby, Jane, some of the Leatherbacks. For the rest... it just seems easier to keep things as they are.' Winter thought of Novus and his tirade. 'It would be one thing if I had just joined up, but it's been so long. People might be upset that they'd been fooled. And...'
Janus raised an eyebrow. Winter hesitated.
'It's all right for the Girl's Own,' she said. 'They joined up because Vordan needs them, and when the war's over they'll go home. I... I haven't anywhere to go.' She tugged the collar of her uniform. 'This is who I am now, for better or worse. This is my home. After the war, maybe it will be all right for a woman to keep this on, but... maybe not.'
Winter found her throat getting thick. She'd never put it that way before, never even thought it so bluntly. This is my home. — Django Wexler

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Raesinia wondered if Maurisk, in the barricaded offices of the Hotel Ancerre, repeated it to himself. Janus is coming. — Django Wexler

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You missed your place as a knight-errant three hundred years ago. Always defend a lady, always stand by a friend, and never betray your lord. — Django Wexler

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But since the Obsidian Order - perennial of cheap dramas and bogeymen of children's stories - had — Django Wexler

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Much later, Alice would wonder what might have happened if she had gone to bed when she was supposed to. — Django Wexler

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Have you never picked up a book you've read before, and found it speaks to you in a new way? — Django Wexler

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Besides it's not as though the prisoner can truly die, any more than a character in a novel can. You can always flip back to the first page, can't you? — Django Wexler

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You can't eat goat," Buck said. "It ain't natural. If God had wanted us to eat goat, he wouldn't've made it taste like shit. — Django Wexler

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If this works, it' going to be one of those things that get written down in the history books. He wondered, briefly, what he should say. Oh well. I can always think of something clever later to tell the historians.
"Come on!" He chopped downward, toward the enemy. "Let's get the bastards! — Django Wexler

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I think the general's job is harder than the painter's; canvas doesn't fight back, after all. — Django Wexler

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I'm on it," Cyte said. "I'll have our supplies waiting at the gate in the morning. That just leaves - " Winter sighed. "Jane. I know." "We could leave them behind." Cyte smiled, to show it was a joke, and Winter forced a faint smile in return. "Abby would never forgive me." I would never forgive myself. "I'll go and talk to her now. Maybe they haven't had time to get drunk yet." I — Django Wexler

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The name meant "Angel of Victory," which Jaffa supposed was appropriate enough. The Divine Hand himself had started the fashion for taking the names of angels when he'd called himself Vale-dan-Rahksa, the Angel of Vengeance. At the rate the Council was expanding, there would soon be a serious shortage of angels. Jaffa wondered what would happen when they ran out of manly, intimidating names and were reduced to naming themselves after the Angel of Sisterly Affection or the Angel of Small Crafts. — Django Wexler

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But you...I felt that you would not be used. Would not allow yourself to be used. You deserve the opportunity to make your own choices, to walk your own path. Indeed, I believe you will do so, regardless of what Ending, Geryon, or anyone else intends. You must do what you believe to be right. — Django Wexler

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He'd sometimes thought that the War College was really a thinly disguised royal subsidy to the local tavern industry. — Django Wexler