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Leave it to you to find a legal way to do something illegal — Diana Palmer

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How silly of her not to realize that strongest friends make the best enemies; they always know where the weaknesses are hidden. — Diana Palmer

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I guess I wouldn't want to be rich. you'd never be sure if people liked you for what you were or what you had.
Tellie — Diana Palmer

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Inevitably Tate phoned her at her office when she'd returned. "Leta said you and Colby left suddenly," he said softly. "What did you find out?"
"This isn't a secure line," she told him without expression in her voice. It hurt to hear him talking to her in that almost intimate tone after what Audrey had told her. "Stop talking like a secret agent," he teased.
"You start thinking like one again," she told him. "I'll meet you for coffee in the usual place."
"What usual place?"
"Where you and Audrey go, of course."
That hadn't been a teasing tone in her voice. "I only took her there once, Cecily, the day you ran into us ... "
"Ten minutes." She hung up, got her jacket and went out, telling her secretary that she had a meeting and would be back in an hour. She dreaded seeing him again. But if she could just keep her head, perhaps she could bluff her way through. She felt betrayed. — Diana Palmer

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He cuddled her back into his arms and sighed, closing his eyes as the flames in the gas logs danced like sugar-plums. Gracie watched them across his broad chest, feeling the happiness like a flame inside her heart. Somewhere she heard Christmas carols being sung and a dog barking in the distance. Closer, she heard the strong, regular beat of Jason's heart under her ear. Christmas wasn't only in her heart. It was in her arms. — Diana Palmer

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It's better to keep one's mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubts. — Diana Palmer

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In this convoluted world where sex has become a party favor rather than a solemn, beautiful part of love between two people, I think virginity is sexy. I don't like promiscuity. Oddly, at the turn of the 20th century, even men were expected to wait until marriage to indulge. I think that's sexy, too. Okay, I'm a dinosaur, I admit it. I don't belong in the modern world. — Diana Palmer

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Women won't have total equality until men can get pregnant. — Diana Palmer

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He seemed to be an eternal on-sale item in the matrimonial market that everybody bypassed for the fancier merchandise. — Diana Palmer

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I never knew how empty the world could be, how colorless, until I tried to live in it without you — Diana Palmer

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More often than not, a woman marries for money and a man marries for sex. What difference does a sheet of paper with signatures make?"
"If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand the answer," she said simply. — Diana Palmer

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Jason looked down at her with smoldering eyes in a taciturn face. "You'll have to do something about Mumbles before we come back for Thanksgiving, Gracie," he told her quietly. "Kittie's allergic to cats. — Diana Palmer

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He's healing, though," she — Diana Palmer

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for my luggage and then we can go home. — Diana Palmer

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You may not believe it, but standing up to people is the only way to get through life with your mind intact. Nothing was gained by giving in. — Diana Palmer

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I think small towns are the closest to heaven you can get on earth. I'm glad that some other people, my wonderful readers especially, feel the same way I do. — Diana Palmer

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Boy, it sure was some strange Christmas, she told herself as she opened the living room door. And then she stopped dead. Because her present wasn't under the huge lighted Christmas tree. It was sitting on the sofa, looking toward her furiously, with a glass of whiskey in one lean hand. "Merry Christmas," Winthrop said curtly.
Her mouth flew open. He had a bow stuck on the pocket of his gray vested suit, and he looked hung over and pale and a little disheveled. But he was so handsome that her heart skipped wildly, and she looked into his dark eyes with soft dreams in her own.
"You've got a bow on your pocket," she said in a voice that sounded too high-pitched to be her own.
"Of course I've got a bow on my pocket. I'm your damned Christmas present. Didn't you listen to your father? — Diana Palmer

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At least her nice boss was going to come out ahead, she thought. Gerald would marry Sadie and have a perfectly wonderful life while Nicky grew old taking dictation. It didn't bear thinking about.
Maybe she could do what she'd threatened Winthrop with - get married and have children. Sure. Nothing easier. First, she had to find a man. And who could measure up to old stone face? — Diana Palmer

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Revolutionaries can't afford to worry about tomorrow. — Diana Palmer

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I've been noble since they took you to the hospital," he said through his teeth. "I'm tired of it. I don't eat, I don't sleep, I can't even work. I remember your voice moaning in my ear like the cry of the damned while I was having you," he bit off, bending to her mouth. "You couldn't get enough of me. You couldn't get close enough to me. Your face when I fulfilled you ... I ache every time I think about it. — Diana Palmer

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Tate opened another beer. He was glad he had several. He held up the beer to his image in the mirror. "To bastards everywhere!" he said sarcastically, and chugged it down. — Diana Palmer

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Not really. I'm tired and I'd like to go to bed."
"At last, we agree on something." He moved toward her.
"Oh, no, you don't. I'm saving myself for my future husband."
"Thank you."
"It won't be you," she told him doggedly. "I'm not crazy enough to think that. You aren't a marrying man, remember? You don't want commitment."
"I don't know what I want anymore," he muttered.
"Well, I do," she said. "I want to go home."
"To a lonely apartment in Chicago?"
"It won't be lonely long," she assured him. "I'm going to start my very own lonely hearts chapter."
"Over my dead body."
"Nobody would want to meet over your old dead body. — Diana Palmer

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get a good price for — Diana Palmer

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steps that construction required. He answered her questions and satisfied her curiosity. And she was reluctant to see their excursion end. It had been unexpectedly pleasant. His grandmother was waiting in the living room when they got back. "So there you are." She glared at Wentworth from the sofa, where she was lounging in a — Diana Palmer

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College was an experience I'll always cherish. Now I fund a scholarship at my alma mater in my late father's name - he'd laugh to know that it's a science scholarship, when I can barely do math! I also fund a nursing scholarship at the Oglala Lakota College in Kyle, South Dakota, in the name of my mother, who was a nurse. — Diana Palmer

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He groaned her name as he bent, his mouth so tender, so exquisitely gentle with hers that tears ran hotly down her cheeks. He was the world, and everything in it. She loved him so. — Diana Palmer

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Love is immortal, and it goes beyond satisfying some fleeting physical hunger. In other words, sweetheart," her mother explained, "sex won't make up for the lack of love, no matter how good it is — Diana Palmer

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So the bloodline wasn't pure."
He shook his head. "It was an excuse, like all the other excuses. I liked my life as it was. I didn't want ties, especially the sort I'd have had with you." He looked at her with pure raging desire. "I knew if we were ever intimate, there'd be no going back. I was right. I eat, breathe, sleep and dream you, especially now, with my baby growing in your belly. — Diana Palmer

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But you'll get used to it. Life has to be lived. You can't sit by the road and watch it pass. — Diana Palmer

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Get him in leg irons and transport him to the hospital," Grier told him curtly.
"I need a doctor," Clark raged. "I'm shot. My hand's
Grier stared at him. "If you make a move I don't like,
you'll need a mortician," he said with pure malice, and
abruptly spun the Colt with a professional skill that made
Clark back up a step. — Diana Palmer

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his brother, except that he had — Diana Palmer

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But it won't last,"
"Yes," he replied. "Yes it will. You're all I see, hear, or need in all the world. — Diana Palmer

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We come from seed," he told his son, smiling. "We grow up, blossom, and produce fruit. Then the fruit dries and goes into the ground to make the next crop. The old plant doesn't die so much as it gives itself to the soil to nurture the new plant. Since energy is neither created nor destroyed, only altered, dying is the other face on the coin of life. Nothing to be afraid of, really. After all, my boy, we all pass from this plane into another. It's inevitable, like the rainbow after the storm. — Diana Palmer

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The first sign on a declining civilization is a decline in the arts. — Diana Palmer

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Matt was deeply touched that his estranged son would come to him for advice. He wasn't going to let it show, of course. A man had his pride. — Diana Palmer

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Just doing my job," he replied, and grinned again. Why should Tank suddenly think of a play, with one of the characters complaining that another character "smiled too much"? Curious, he watched the man climb into a nice, late-model car and drive off. Why wasn't he in a company truck, like most technicians drove? — Diana Palmer

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Well so am I." She stared at the coverlet. "What I said ... earlier," she faltered, glancing at him and then away. "I was overwrought and tired, and I guess I kind of got carried away."
"You mistook a chill for true love? — Diana Palmer

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Is the world really a better place now that nothing is considered bad? People just do what they want, with anyone. How is that different from what animals do in the wild? — Diana Palmer

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Think about what life will be like without me because I've already considered that question. And I've decided that no life at all would be better than living without you. — Diana Palmer

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Walls work both ways.
They keep people out ... but they keep people in, too. — Diana Palmer

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live long enough to — Diana Palmer

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He needs shaking up, I tell you, he's going to die an old maid. He gets all funny and red when unmarried ladies talk to him at church, and just look at how grumpy he's been since you've been around. We've got to save him, Amanda, he said solemnly. — Diana Palmer

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You took his guns away from him, didn't you?"
Maude asked Cash when Cash pulled up in front of the
He nodded. "They're locked up in my office." His expression was somber. "But there's still a pistol and a
shotgun in the house somewhere. Crissy told me. You'd
better get all the ammunition and lock it up somewhere."
"The minute I get inside," Maude promised.
Tippy glanced from one of them to the other. "You
aren't serious," she remarked.
Cash met her eyes. "If she were my wife, that's what
Maude would be doing for me," he said flatly. "And yes,
I'm serious. Maybe Judd hasn't realized it yet, but he
won't have a life left if Christabel dies. It isn't logical, but
it's what some men do when they're out of their minds
with grief. We don't need another tragedy. — Diana Palmer

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Love, for some people is undying, even if one lost the partner. — Diana Palmer

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After the pain, the pleasure. — Diana Palmer

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There are in life a few moments so beautiful,that even words are a sort of profanity. — Diana Palmer

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Pity Matt didn't help him through a window instead of over a sofa," she grumbled. "He needs an attitude adjustment. — Diana Palmer

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Way for new, winter taking away the remnants of the old to clear room for the young growth. Life, in other words, in all its fierce beauty and stark routine. All things went to the soil eventually. It was the way of life. — Diana Palmer

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Well, that should do it," the man replied. "Oh, and I did put a small camera in your office, just to square things up. It's hidden, so you won't have to worry about somebody spotting it. — Diana Palmer

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Rebellious dark eyes in her faintly freckled face. — Diana Palmer

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Come on, forget your troubles and enjoy yourself. Tonight, there is no tomorrow. Eat, drink and be merry. — Diana Palmer

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We all go through periods of anguish, times when we think we can't face what lies ahead. But the only way to get past it is to go through it, straight through it. No detours, no camouflage, no running. You have to meet problems head-on, despite the pain. — Diana Palmer

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He laughed. He had a similar appliance in his truck, a Lo-Jack, and where it was installed nobody knew. "I get it." "Good man. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call us, right?" "Right. — Diana Palmer

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I'll stay with her," Maude interrupted, just before
Grier could say the same thing.
"You can't. Not in intensive care. You can see her three
times a day, for no more than ten minutes each time," he
added firmly. "It's too serious. She has to be kept quiet.
No upsets."
Judd looked as if he'd die trying not to snap at the surgeon. But he finally just nodded defeatedly.
Coltrain put a rough hand on his shoulder. "Don't borrow trouble. Take it one hour at a time. You'll get through this."
"Think so?" Judd asked heavily.
"I know so. I'll keep a close watch on her. Try not to
worry." He nodded to the others and went back down the
Judd looked at the other three people with him. "I'm
glad you're all here. But if anybody gets into that room,
even for a minute, it's going to be me," he said shortly.
Cash looked inclined to argue, but the expression on
Judd's face made him back down. — Diana Palmer

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It was so fast. So fast. One minute she was reaching, reaching, almost touching the center of ecstasy itself. The next she was convulsing with something so hot with throbbing pleasure that it was almost pain. An inhuman cry tore out of her throat as she went up like a Chinese rocket and exploded into a million flaming pieces of pure joy. — Diana Palmer

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Women are the cradles of life. What sort of man tries to break a cradle (Marc) — Diana Palmer

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You're a worse punishment than even he deserves, lady," she bit off as she turned away from the phone. "I wouldn't wish you on my worst enemy!"
The phone rang again and she picked it up, ready to give Audrey a fierce piece of her mind. But it was a journalist wanting to know if the story in the tabloids was true, about Tate and Cecily being lovers when she was still in school.
"It most certainly is not," she said curtly. "But I'll tell you what is. Tate Winthrop is marrying Washington socialite Miss Audrey Gannon at Christmas. You can print that, with my blessing!" And she hung up again. — Diana Palmer

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All the people we loved, who have died, are still alive in the past. The only thing that really separates us is time. It's a matter of perspective. That's what separates optimism and pessimism. — Diana Palmer

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Is that how the song goes? It's the chorus. — Diana Palmer

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The inscription in your wedding band says 'forever,' Callie. And it means forever. I'll love you until I close my eyes for the last time. And even afterward, I'll love you. — Diana Palmer

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A nurse interrupted the conversation by appearing in the doorway to tell a beaming Matt Holden and Leta that they'd just become grandparents. It was a fine, healthy boy, and as soon as they had Mrs. Winthrop in a room, everyone could come and see him in the nursery. She darted a worried glance toward a group of taciturn men in sunglasses and dark suits, facing another group in casual dress but looking at windows as if they might be contemplating a break-out. And one of those men bore a striking resemblance to a mobster ...
She beat a hasty retreat back into the safety of the surgical ward. That baby was going to have some very odd visitors. — Diana Palmer

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His thumb rubbed gently over her bow mouth, liking the way it — Diana Palmer

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Tate practically raised you from what I hear. You love him, don't you?"
Her face closed up. "For all the good it will ever do me, yes," she said softly.
"He won't have the excuse of pure Lakota blood much longer," he advised.
"I'm not holding out for miracles anymore," she vowed. "I'm going to stop wanting what I can never have. From now on, I'll take what I can get from life and be satisfied with it. Tate will have to find his own way."
"That's sour grapes," he observed.
"You bet it is. What do you want me to do to help?"
"It's dangerous," he pointed out, hesitating as he considered her youth. "I don't know ... "
"I'm a card-carrying archeologist," she reminded him. "Haven't you ever watched an Indiana Jones movies? We're all like that," she told him with a wicked grin. "Mild-mannered on the outside and veritable world-tamers inside. I can get a whip and a fedora, too, if you like," she added. — Diana Palmer

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Can we trust him, you think?" he — Diana Palmer

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but he'll die because of me!" she moaned. "I've killed him!" Carson — Diana Palmer

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Money isn't enough. Happiness takes more than a padded bank account. — Diana Palmer

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Breath. "You're welcome," he said tersely. "That man, Sims," she continued, worried. "The day you fired him, John said that he had a mean temper and that he carried a loaded rifle everywhere with him. You ... you be careful, okay?" She heard the soft expulsion of breath. He moved a step closer, his lean hands lifting her oval face to his. She could see the soft glitter of his blue eyes in the faint — Diana Palmer

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I've done some stupid things. I don't like myself very much right now." She shrugged. "Did you see what she did?" she added heavily. "She stepped right in front of the gun. She saw it coming. She didn't even hesitate. She must ... love him very
much," she added, almost choking on the words.
"She does," he agreed, feeling the words and hating them.
She glanced at him curiously. "You're in love with her,
aren't you?"
"If I am, it's nobody's business except my own," he told
her flatly. — Diana Palmer

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He made her think of ruins, of mysterious places in shadow and darkness, of storms and torrents of rain. — Diana Palmer

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And the boys made fun of her skinny legs that were always bruised and cut from her tomboyish antics at the ranch. There was one special boy, Jake Weldon. Maggie pretended not to notice him. He was one of the boys who made fun of her, and it hurt really — Diana Palmer

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Like a white-haired whirlwind, Janet embraced the younger, taller woman with a deep sigh. — Diana Palmer

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I made decaf," he said. "Caffeine isn't good for you."
"Thank you, Mama Lane."
He made a face at her. "Tate and I used to share everything. Let him go off in a snit. I'll share his baby. If he doesn't come back, I'll appropriate it, and you."
"That's one area where all your commando skills will fail, dear man," she said affectionately. "I like you very much, and you can be baby's godfather. But I'm raising this child myself."
"Godfather." He was savoring the word when the toast popped up.
"Bad choice of words," she murmured. "I wouldn't want to give you any bad ideas. I don't want my child outfitted in a fedora and a machine gun."
"Commando godfathers are a different breed."
"Black bags and camo gear aren't much better," she informed him.
"Spoilsport. Where's your sense of adventure?"
"Hanging in the shower trying to dry out. — Diana Palmer

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No revolution succeeds without sacrifice. — Diana Palmer

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She'd marry George who was richer anyway ... lies, all lies! "I want you to do your homework from now on," Powell told the child. "And — Diana Palmer