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Ash is out of surgery. He has a shit-ton of recovery to do, but he's going to live to roar another day." Cael threw his arms around Dex and squeezed him tight. Dex chuckled and hugged him back. "Okay, Chirpy. Let's go." His brother pulled back and wiped a tear away. "I'm — Charlie Cochet

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He'd never admit it, but he counted Dex among his family. Sort of like the annoying brother-in-law. You're happy he's making your bro happy, but damn, sometimes you just wanted to punch him in his stupid smiley face. Who the hell smiled that much, anyway? A crazy person, that's who. — Charlie Cochet

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Ash went over to the closet, and Sloane maintained his stoic expression. There was no way Dex would be hiding in the closet. It was too obvious. Ash opened the door, looking unimpressed. "There's a fuckwit naked in your closet."
Dex looked up at Ash with wide eyes. "This isn't what it looks like. I dropped some change, it rolled under the closet door, and when I went to pick it up, my clothes fell off. True story. — Charlie Cochet

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Wherever his team went, Dex seemed to pick up a fan following. Something about the guy fascinated Humans and Therians alike. Sloane was still trying to work out what it was. Especially since the guy was...well, kinda weird. Then again, crazy had a way of attracting crazy. — Charlie Cochet

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Try using your inside voice. Less awkward. — Charlie Cochet

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Ash opened the door, stopping the males before they could go in, "Learn some manners."
Letty gave them a salute before walking in, rifle in hand.
"That's rather chauvinistic," one of the males huffed.
Ash let out an amused laugh. "I didn't let her in first because she's female, you jackass. I let her in first because she likes to shoot things, and I'm very considerate that way. — Charlie Cochet

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If Sloane's quiet words hadn't been enough to get Dex squirming in his towel, Sloane's quick kiss to his lips sealed the deal. Oh God, he was about to get a hard-on at work, and the bastard that was the cause of it was loving every moment of it.
Think unsexy thoughts. Think unsexy thoughts.
Ash's growl echoed through the showers. "What are you two gay boys doing in there?"
Aaand done.
--Dex — Charlie Cochet

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Come on, big guy. Let's hit the showers."

Cael patted Ash's chest and walked off. Ash followed, but not before shoving Dex. He grinned when Dex fell into Taylor, his cheese snacks soaring through the air and hitting the carpet.

"My Cheesy Doodles!" Dex dropped to his hands and knees. "Noooooo! They were so young. So delicious. — Charlie Cochet

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For the first time in his life, he was a hot mess over a guy. Then again, Sloane Brodie wasn't just any guy. He was rolling thunder and a sweet summer breeze. Passionate, complex, and intense. Mysterious and brooding. He made Dex laugh, beg, and want to scream. With one look he could crush Dex's heart, with one whisper have him on his knees. — Charlie Cochet

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You probably know why I'm here. If you could hear me, talk to me, you'd probably ask me what the hell took me so long. Then you'd tell me what's been in my heart for months now. I know you'd want me to be happy, and I am. When you left, I thought you'd taken everything I had with you. Dex helped me see how wrong I was. You left everything there for me to give to someone else crazy enough to love me. I'll never forget you, Gabe." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a long chain, the small dog tags clinking together. Sloane didn't bother to hide the tears in his eyes. He smiled and let out a shaky breath before placing the dog tags on the tombstone. He put his fingers to his lips for a kiss before moving them to the black marble. "Good bye, sweetheart. Thank you for everything." Sloane — Charlie Cochet

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He lifted his face and gave his brother a pout. Where did these two learn to do that pouty-lipped thing? It was devious and highly effective. — Charlie Cochet

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I'm not being a drama queen here. I am about to shit a brick. — Charlie Cochet

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On instinct, Sloane smacked his hand away, and Dex let out a painful yelp. "Shit, I'm so sorry!" Sloane crouched down beside him. He attempted to take hold of Dex's arm, but his partner shrank away from him, his arm cradled against his chest. Dex's whole face had gone red and Sloane cringed. "What the fuck, man? You're a horrible nurse! — Charlie Cochet

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If you stop referring to my penis as a love truncheon." "Love dart?" "No." "Portable pocket rocket?" Sloane smiled. "Absolutely." The smile vanished. "Not." "How about moisture missile? Peacemaker? Heat seeking missile? — Charlie Cochet

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You play tough guy, making jokes to hide the anger you feel in your heart because they were taken from you, the men responsible never found. — Charlie Cochet

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Too easy. Fuck Sloane, marry Dex, kill Ash," Letty said. Sloane's — Charlie Cochet

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Keeler, you have so many issues, you can put the fucking New York Times out of business. — Charlie Cochet

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What's it like having a blond partner? Do you have to remind him which end of the gun the bullets come out of? — Charlie Cochet

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Do you need me to take your temperature?" "What?" What the hell was he talking about? "What are you - " The words died on his lips, and his jaw dropped when Dex stepped into the doorway. "I said, do you need me to check your temperature, Mr. Brodie?" "Sweet Jesus." It took some effort for Sloane to close his mouth, but eventually he managed it. Dex strutted into the room dressed in nurse's scrubs made of white latex so tight it was all but painted on his body. The V-neck top exposed his collarbone and emphasized the curve of every muscle, from his lean sculpted torso, to his muscular legs, and the prominent outline of his hard dick. The white was a stark contrast against his tanned skin. Holy hell, his partner looked like something out of a porn magazine. Wait. — Charlie Cochet

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Being different doesn't make you broken. Look at me, I'm the smallest elf in all of the AAD. My father was a toy soldier, yet I have no discernible skills whatsoever. I might feel a little lost at times, but I'm not broken — Charlie Cochet

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There was a sudden loud commotion outside, and Calvin's eyes widened. "Oh hell. It's them."
"Who?" Sounded like a damn war had broken out. Dex was sure he heard a chair clattering somewhere. He edged away from the door.
"Rafe and Seb...Hobbs's big brothers."
Dex arched an eyebrow at him. "Like, big as in older, right?"
"Big as in older and big."
"How much bigger can they get? Hobbs is already the size of the fuckin' Chrysler building. — Charlie Cochet

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Stay." Dex felt a lump in his throat. "I'm not going anywhere," he promised. Sloane hummed before nodding again. "Good. Need you." His features softened as he drifted off, but not before he said one more word. "Always. — Charlie Cochet

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You're one of those annoying glass half-full guys, aren't you?"
"I'm more of a full glass kind of guy. Who wants half of anything? — Charlie Cochet

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Sloane handed the driver some money, told him to keep the change, and ran up the front steps where Dex stood at the top, opening the door. Sloane hauled him inside, slammed the door behind them, and pounced. He kissed Dex ravenously while divesting him of his clothes. Buttons popped, clothes were torn, but Sloane couldn't care less. All he could think about was being inside Dex, of claiming his mate. His. "You're — Charlie Cochet

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I think you need to undress me, get me in the shower, and show me how much you appreciate my making you breakfast. — Charlie Cochet

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Sloane was crouched down in front of Gabe's tombstone, a hand to his mouth as he cried. There were several more like it. An intimate moment that should have been respected, had been violated by a man who took pleasure in another's despair. A — Charlie Cochet

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As of this afternoon, you are a Defense Agent for the THIRDS." The man grew quiet and Dex couldn't help but wait for him to throw his arms out and shout "Ta-da!" with a show of jazz hands. — Charlie Cochet

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Cael, come on. Stop licking the dude. That's gross."

Letty let out a snort. "Please, like you don't lick dudes."

"That's different," Dex explained with a grimace. "None of those dudes were Ash. Besides, last time I checked, Ash was allergic to nuts. — Charlie Cochet

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Danny worried his bottom lip. "I'm conflicted." "I have a gun," Quinn said, arching an eyebrow at him. Danny put a finger up. "I'm no longer conflicted. — Charlie Cochet

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And you managed to pick up on all that while being hung upside down by a fellow agent, getting yourself beat to shit by your new Team Leader and tormenting your baby brother in the showers?"
"Yes. I would have had more, but you know, I was momentarily distracted by all the soapy six-packs. — Charlie Cochet

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The two went at it like nobody was watching. Except someone was watching. Dex was watching. Should he remind them he was still here? Should he have brought some popcorn? Should he turn away? — Charlie Cochet

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Dex narrowed his eyes. "The force is strong with this one." Sloane laughed. "All right there, Yoda." "Please," Dex scoffed. "We both know I'd be Han. You can be Luke." "Okay, Han." "Ash would be Vader. Ew, Ash would be your dad." Dex chortled at his own joke then sucked in another sharp breath. "Ow. — Charlie Cochet

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For tonight, let's leave the crazy outside. Just you and me in here."

Sloane liked the sound of that. "Just you and me. — Charlie Cochet

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You're so hot. I'm hungry." Sloane. Food. Sloane. Food. How was he supposed to decide? Unless... "Can I have both?"
"I think you left the other half of that question in your head. — Charlie Cochet

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Sometimes the amount of stupid in this world confounds me. I swear some of these citizens are evolving backwards. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 183136

I'd like Sloane to wear one of those sexy male nurses' uniforms, the white latex ones with the assless chaps. — Charlie Cochet

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I'll let you in on a secret. I don't drink coffee."

I genuinely gasped in horror. "The devil you say. Java is the nectar of the gods. I don't know if I can be with a man who doesn't drink coffee." I knew there was something sinister about him. I had no idea it would be that bad. — Charlie Cochet

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I am fucking charming!" Dex shouted, his entire face going beet red. "I am the most charming motherfucker you will ever know, so kiss my perfectly perky ass!"

After some consideration, Sloane cocked his head to one side and shrugged. "I've seen better."

"Oh, now you're insulting my ass? — Charlie Cochet

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Where the hell were you two?"

Sloane and Dex produced a candy bar from their front breast pockets in unison, answering simultaneously, "Lunchroom."

Ash looked genuinely horrified. "You two are spending way too much time together. Seriously, that was creepy as fuck." He snatched their candy bars.

"For the psychological trauma you've just inflicted. — Charlie Cochet

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Dex gasped, his back arching at the feel of strong hands kneading his ass cheeks, pushing them apart as the head of his lover's slick cock aligned itself then pushed in slowly, the pressure both painful and exhilarating. God, it had been too long. Dex palmed his erection as he was entered, his lover burying deep inside him inch by inch. Hard muscles pressed up against his back, lowering Dex onto the mattress, his breath coming out ragged as his lover buried himself to the root and started rotating his hips, drawing out then pushing back in painfully slow. Dex moaned, his stomach filled with butterflies, the anticipation building like nothing he'd ever felt before. His whole body was on fire, and he writhed with need beneath the deliciously heavy weight. He couldn't remember Lou feeling like this. Had it always felt this damn good? Dex moaned when lips pressed against his skin beneath his ear. "Easy there, Rookie." Dex's — Charlie Cochet

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You two still here?" Ash waved a hand in dismissal at Calvin. "Why don't you and your toy tiger go play pirates or something? Leave the drinking to the big boys. And Dex. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 504162

I couldn't let them know the truth about you." "And what's that?" Cael asked softly. "That you mean more to me than anything. I couldn't let them use you against me." Cael sucked in a sharp breath. "What you said - " "Was all bullshit to keep you away." Cael nodded. "Good to know. But that's not what I was referring to. I meant I can't believe you took a bullet for me." Ash's next words took Dex aback. "I'd die for you." "I — Charlie Cochet

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Sloane shook his head. He pushed Dex from behind, guiding him into the lobby,"Get in the damn truck before I shoot you."
"You know, you should try yoga. Find a way to channel all that aggression."
Sloane gave Dex another push. "I have found a way. It's called shoving my foot up your ass."
"That doesn't sound very relaxing. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 536369

Question one: are you all screwing each other? Question two: how can I get in on the action? — Charlie Cochet

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Hey, I'm cute, too," Dex protested as they followed Ash and Cael to the bullpen. "Why don't I get a free drink?"
Ash flipped him off, calling out over his shoulder,"You're not cute, Daley."
"Screw you. I'm fucking adorable!"
Sloane leaned into Dex, whispering. "I think you're cute."
Dex smiled at him and batted his lashes. "Do I get a free drink?"
"Damn." Dex craned his neck and waved his arms. "Hey, Rosa! I have to ask you something." He ran off and Sloane chuckled, hearing Dex calling out after her. "Where are you going? I want to ask you if you think I'm cute. You do, right? Rosa? — Charlie Cochet

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You had someone else's scent on you," Sloane hissed in Dex's ear, his hand coming to wrap around Dex's neck. "Someone I know." "Hudson, — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 594093

I'm too tired right now to come up with an appropriate response, so I'm going to pencil you in for later in the week. How's Thursday work for you? I can tell you to fuck off properly then. — Charlie Cochet

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Sloane gave him a questioning look as Dex returned his phone to his pocket before walking over to the window and knocking on it. "What are you doing?" Sloane asked. "I'm wondering if this is bulletproof." "Why?" "Because I want to know if I can shoot my way through it before trying to jump out." He turned to the couch and pointed to it. "Do you think if I dramatically throw myself onto this like one of those old Hollywood starlets it'll have the same effect? I feel like I need to have some kind of bitch fit right now. — Charlie Cochet

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YOU'RE GOING to get us fucking killed!" Dex — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 659970

His dad's gruff voice interrupted his pitiful thoughts.
"Can I be frank?"

"Sure. Can I be beans?" Without even having to look up, Dex knew what his dad was doing. "Stop. You know how I hate when you do that."

"Do what?" Tony grunted.

"Do that puckered ass thing with your lips."

"And you know all about puckered asses."

Dex arched an eyebrow at his dad. "You know, at times I wonder who the grown-up is here."

The elevator pinged and they exited into a long white hall with dark gray flooring. "And I wonder if you've lost more than a few marbles. Like the entire bag. — Charlie Cochet

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He smiled up at Sloane when he stopped beside Dex. Sloane didn't say a word. He just smiled warmly at Dex, little creases forming at the corners of his amber eyes. How was it possible to love one man this much? Dex laced their fingers together before turning back to his mom's grave, his heart filled with pride and adoration. "I found him, Mom. I found him. — Charlie Cochet

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Dex lowered his voice, growling as his fingers moved the puppet's little paws. "Hi, I'm Ash. My hobbies include shooting things, shooting things, and uh, shooting things. Oh and I like fish. — Charlie Cochet

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I apologize. Hi, I'm Agent Sloane Brodie, your Team Leader. I enjoy reading, cozy nights in, and the soothing sounds of classic rock. I also like to browse the Internet for funny cat videos, but deep down, I think I'm more of a dog person. — Charlie Cochet

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With a groan, he let his head fall into his hands. His life was officially a bad eighties movie. Without the parachute pants. — Charlie Cochet

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I know I lose my way sometimes, but if you're here, I'll always find my way back. — Charlie Cochet

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Your pupils are dilated. Does that mean you want to fuck me or eat me? Because I might have a problem with one of those.
-Dex to Sloane — Charlie Cochet

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You're so cute."
Dex let out a laugh. "And you're such a dork."
"Says the guy who owns Star Wars Lightsaber chopsticks."
"Sushi tastes better when you use the Force."
"You're only strenghtening my case. — Charlie Cochet

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Sloane motioned for him to follow and Dex did, happily, his eyes glued to Sloane's ass. Sweet Aunt Jemima, what he wouldn't give to have a piece of that tasty - "You hungry?" "Starved," Dex muttered, clearing his throat and tearing his gaze away. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 994230

Dex arched an eyebrow at him before he winked down at his dick.

"Don't worry, fella. He needs a minute to take in all the awesome. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1049994

Tapping the screen, he waited for his brother-in-law to answer. "Hey, Sleeping Beauty." "Where's my drugs?" Rick laughed. "Now you sound like my patients. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1098127

The force is strong with this one." Sloane laughed. "All right there, Yoda." "Please," Dex scoffed. "We both know I'd be Han. You can be Luke." "Okay, Han." "Ash would be Vader. Ew, Ash would be your dad. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1290261

Fraternizing with your teammates is not permitted." Dex gave him a sly grin. "Who said I wanted to fraternize? I was thinking more along the lines of having hot, sweaty man sex." Tony rolled his eyes. "Same thing." "No. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1332566

He took Calvin's hand, and like every other time in their lives, Calvin followed Ethan blindly and willingly. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1411796

Seriously? Do you ever not think about food?"
"Of course I do," Dex replied with a smirk. "When I'm thinking about sex. Though sometimes I like to think of both at the same time." He wriggled his eyebrows, but his partner remained unimpressed.
"Am I going to have to give you a time-out? — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1516953

Dex came back, handed Sloane a beer, and took a seat next to him. "So what's going on? I take it Ash's pleasantness stems from something besides life in general."

Rosa chuckled, her gaze checking out the waitress in the tight black jeans. "He's pissed because everyone wants to kill him."

"How is that different from any other day?" Dex asked... — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1539918

Unless you take it with me as my husband." Dex's hand stopped in midair. Very slowly, he lowered it to the table. "I'm sorry. For a moment there, I thought you said husband." Sloane's — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1544204

There were a series of thumps from somewhere to the right, and then Sloane came through one of the doorways, Glock drawn. Dex sat up, his eyes wide at the sight of Sloane in nothing but snug black boxer briefs and a loose gray V-neck shirt, his hair sticking up in every direction looking like he was ready to kick some ass despite being in his undies. Fuck. That was hot. Sloane quickly scanned the room until he found Dex on the floor. "What — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1547416

I'll always be here, because with everyday that passes, I find new ways to love you. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1556254

I can get you a framed painting if you like. Or you could suck it. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1560003

Threat Level Fuchsia. Fuchsia! — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1630137

I appreciate it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more moping to do. Tell Taylor I know he's the one who ate my maple donut, and if he does it again, I'm going to shank him with a spork. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1634252

He turned, arching an eyebrow at Dex. "ABBA?"
"What kind of gay man are you?" Dex thrust a finger toward the door. "Out of my house. Your kind isn't welcome here. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1662200

Eli's a good kid, Jasper. Too good for the likes of me. He deserves better."
Jasper shot him a penetrating look. "What he deserves is a nice dame, but seeing as how that ain't in the cards, you're the next best thing." "Wow." Jessie stared in disbelief. "No one's ever insulted me with a compliment before. That's some talent you got there, Jasper. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1668925

Sometimes you find that one person, and you just know. And even if you don't love them right away, you know you will. It's just a matter of time. Because no one you've ever known has come close to making you feel the way they do. It keeps you up at night and drives you fucking crazy, but you pray to God the feeling never goes away no matter how much it's killing you." Sloane stared at him. "Wow." "Shut up," Ash mumbled, looking embarrassed. Like he hadn't realized what he'd said until then. "I've never heard you talk like this." He thought he knew everything there was to know about his best friend. Apparently he was wrong. Ash shrugged. "Yeah, well, almost dying makes you think." "About Cael?" Sloane asked quietly. Ash let out a weary sigh, his gaze falling to his hands. "Like I don't think about him every other day." "What are you going to do about him?" "I don't know. I really thought he'd give me some time, but he's going out for drinks with Seb this Friday." "And? — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1811244

I need you to be okay, Sloane. Please. I don't know if you can hear me. You probably can't, but I'll say it anyway. I love you. I love you, and you can't leave me. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1857981

Even if there was the slightest probability Cael was right, Ash was so deep in the closet, he was taking Aslan's place in Narnia. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1896905

Well did you?" "No," Sloane replied through his teeth. "I did not fuck my partner." "But you wanted to." It was more a statement and less a question, which Sloane didn't appreciate. Mostly because Ash was right, and they both knew it. Sloane — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 1989445

Dex threw his head back and laughed. After rinsing himself off, he shut off the shower and gave Sloane a big grin. "I think I'm gonna like it here." God help them all. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 2125762

No, you know what? If there's no sexy times for me and Sloane, then none of you are getting any either." Dex jumped on the couch and addressed the room, pointing to everyone one by one, starting with Ethan. "No sexy times for you." Then Calvin. "None for you." He pointed to Ash. "None for you." He pointed at Cael. "Definitely none for you." He ignored Cael rolling his eyes and moved to Sloane. "Sorry, babe, none for you either. We're all chaste until moving is over."
Ash let out a laugh. "You and Sloane, chaste? That's the funniest shit I've heard all year! — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 2135250

Jesus Christ, MTV would make a mint with a reality TV show about their unit. The relationship drama alone would carry the ratings, forget the actual fieldwork. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 2143808

This situation was a heart attack waiting to happen. He just knew it. The stress of the job, now this. Yep, he was going to keel over. He could see the writing on his tombstone now: Sloane Brodie departed this world at age 37 due to massive coronary trauma as a result of idiot partner Dexter J. Daley.
--Sloane — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 2157500

Yogi was fast on his heels as Dex sped through the lounge, down the busy corridor, and past the training bays. "Excuse me! Coming through!" Shit, shit, shit! Who'd have thought Yogi would like Cheesy Doodles as much as he did?

"Give them here!" Yogi growled.

"Go find your own pic-a-nic basket!" The deep feral growl he received in response was most likely a "no. — Charlie Cochet

Charlie Cochet Quotes 2259439

He could do with some lunch. Especially since that bastard Sloane gave his Cheesy Doodles away. What kind of guy does that? A bastard, that's who. Did he not respect the male code of honor - thou shalt not steal another dude's snacks?
--Dex — Charlie Cochet