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I don't like humans. Sure, they're good for an occasional fuck, but they aren't like reindeer. They may look like us when we're shifted, but that's the extent of it. If that makes me human-phobic, so be it. Some I've hooked up with wanted more than I was willing to give them. When I take off to the states for a holiday, it damn sure isn't to find someone to develop feelings for. — Candi Kay

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Did he ever look at Lance Scott the way he looks at me? Did he ever just hold him and call him beautiful when he thought Lance was asleep and couldn't hear him? Did he whisper in Lance's ear how much he loved waking up each morning in his arms? Or falling asleep next to him each night? — Candi Kay

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Ooh!" Willy pipes up. "Maybe he'll write a story about Santa and Mrs. Claus getting caught with their pants down with other people. If we get lucky, maybe he'll kill-"

"Don't finish that sentence, elf."

"Randy, you're such a spoilsport. You can't say you haven't conjured up that scenario in your big head a time or a dozen. Continue. Maybe I'll write that story."

"No, you won't. Your idea of a good story is nothing but sex, sex, and more sex. You'd never make it through writing a chapter because you'd have to stop and jerk off a half dozen times."

"Ew! Not about Santa and Mrs. Claus. Yuck," Willy comes back at him with a sour look on his face. "That's not even funny, Randy. — Candi Kay

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Tristan?" he asked softly.

"What, hon?"

"Tell me what you did every night thinking of me," he said in a husky voice. — Candi Kay

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Fuck me," I moan, "right here, right now."
He dives in for another kiss as he lowers the zipper over my hard dick. When he reaches inside my underwear I lean into his hand.
"So hard and so ready," he whispers in my mouth.
"Always for you, Rick. — Candi Kay

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Lance?" I hear him whisper in the darkness.
"Yeah, babe, I'm here."
"Come to bed."
I undress and crawl under the covers with him. His arms go around me and hold me tight.
"I love you, Rick."
"I know, baby. I'm sorry."
"Me too. — Candi Kay

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It's just sex, Blake. Isn't that what you said to me the last time? No emotions. Just sex."

"I'll only end up hurting you," I say to the wall. "Worse than I did before."

He moves from the back of the sofa and comes to stand directly in front of me. His dick is mere inches from my mouth. I have to swallow several times to keep from using my tongue on it. I close my eyes.

"I can't, Seth. If I take you now I'll be rough and I'll end up hurting you in other ways."

"Being rough wasn't a concern of yours before."

"I'm not the same person I was before. — Candi Kay

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I've fucked more women in my almost forty years than I could count, but I have always preferred men when it comes to sex. I like to fuck and I occasionally like to be fucked. — Candi Kay

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... sometimes when I close my eyes as I'm being taken, I can pretend that I'm someone special to these men. In my head I can be someone, someone worthy of love, not that white trash kid who left home on foot five years prior. — Candi Kay

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Nate and Jared were watching me as they undressed. Clothed, they were sexy as hell. Naked, I wanted to lick every inch of their bodies. Nick, still standing in front of me, removed his shirt and tossed it on the floor next to the chair. Next came his jeans and underwear. Any anger I felt over being tied to the chair disappeared. — Candi Kay

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I want you to make love to me, Eros," he whispers in the darkness of the bedroom. "Now. Tomorrow. Always."

I kiss the tip of my finger and place it over his lips to stop him from saying more. I can't listen to him use words like always, or even tomorrow. As bad as I ache at the thought of watching him walk away from me, I know there is no tomorrow for the two of us, regardless of what happens with him and Kathleen.

"Ssh. Let's just enjoy tonight, okay? — Candi Kay

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I have been lusting after my wife's son since the day I met him. Tall and thin, the boy has yet to grow into his long arms and legs. Jet black hair like his biological father, it falls just to below his collar. His eyes are so blue I could see myself in them if I allowed myself to get close enough. I haven't done that. Yet. — Candi Kay

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... he leans down and kisses me again. It's only a brush of his lips against mine, but it's the sweetest kiss I've ever received in my life. — Candi Kay

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You're thinking that if the North Pole has little elves and shape-shifting reindeer that maybe werewolves aren't quite so farfetched. Am I right? Well, you're wrong. There's no such thing as werewolves. That would just be crazy. — Candi Kay

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How you felt?" he asks, still looking like he's trying to hide a smirk.

"Oh, shut up. I'm going now. I'm sorry I bothered you, your Highness of Reindeerness," I say, with more than a little sarcasm. "I promise not to ever disturb you again. — Candi Kay

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But, why? You punished me, okay? You've forbidden me to," I shudder, "cum when you know my little body can only take so much of holding it in. I have a nine-inch dick, Randy. That stuff needs to come out. — Candi Kay

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I didn't pay much attention to Jared until he blocked my view of the couple by standing in front of me. I almost protested, but then he turned his body and bent over. What I saw when he did was enough to make me start begging for him to undo the restraints holding me in the chair. — Candi Kay

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Dear God, I love you, Lance," he whispers when he pulls out of the kiss. "Don't ever leave me."
I look into his eyes, ignoring the water that's starting to turn cool. I take his face in my hands and kiss him softly on his wet lips before responding. His eyes are troubled and it hurts me to see all the doubts and fears looking back at me.
"Rick, I'm not going anywhere. I'm yours. Always. — Candi Kay

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You fucked the groom fifteen minutes before he was to say his vows."
"Ah, yeah." I adjust my erection again.
"Then you took the father-in-law."
"Well, I was already naked and you know I recover quickly-"
"Eros! — Candi Kay

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No one will ever hurt you again, Travis. I promise you that. — Candi Kay

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I moved to roll over on my hands and knees but he stopped me.

"No. I want to see your face while I'm making love to you. — Candi Kay