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She'll tell you this house is haunted, but I believe the truth of the matter is that people get haunted. Not places.' - Will Laughlin — Brandy Heineman

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Keep your friends close and your beneficiaries closer...Poor words to live by. Even worse to die by. — Brandy Heineman

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The past never quite disappeared, did it? Folks usually thought time moved forward, starting on the left and riding a right-pointing arrow into the future. Ruby didn't believe that. The future twisted uncertain, a shapeless dream, but the past - the past was set. It cast evidence behind it, photos and letters and bones, piling up in hidden places, waiting for the chance to spill out. An avalanche. A burial. The past consumed the future, always. — Brandy Heineman

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Death peeked around corners; it winked at her in the mirror then vanished; it hummed along with the radio and then faded away. It wheedled into her mind and her words, leaving a humid vapor around her heart and a thick fuzzy taste on her tongue. — Brandy Heineman

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Don't look at how it is. Imagine how it was... -Suzanne Blanchard-Wells — Brandy Heineman

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When a Southern woman offers you a homecooked meal, you're only rude if you refuse. That goes for seconds and thirds too, by the way." -Ruby Watts — Brandy Heineman

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I didn't realize. I wasn't trying to rewrite history.

You couldn't if you wanted to. It already happened. It don't matter if anyone remembers it or not. He paused. Abbs, you're tryin' to find hope in the past, but the world and its lusts are passing away. Hope belongs to the future. -Abby Wells and Will Laughlin — Brandy Heineman