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Bjork Quotes 717097

I get obsessed by little nerdy things in my corner that no one else is interested in. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 108192

I thrive best hermit style.
with a beard and a pipe. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1584456

If nothing else, I have money. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1093982

What probably confuses people is they know a lot about me, but it quite pleases me that there's more they don't know. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1592001

I've been traveling in Guatemala in the rainforest, and here all these houses are made of sticks. It seems so easy to make one. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1859534

People from the rock and roll world have felt for years that electronic music had no soul, but now electronic music can not only have soul but have all the shapes in the world. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1560521

I'm not that keen on fierce dictatorship. I think that sort of the point of working with somebody is them coming up with stuff and feeling free to do that. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 631618

I think every year brings unknowns that you have to deal with and handle, confront and embrace. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1434789

The English can be a very critical, unforgiving people, but criticism can be good. And this is a country that loves comedy. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2064484

I am half child, half ancient. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1864356

I definitely can feel the third or fourth feminist wave in the air, so maybe this is a good time to open that Pandora's box a little bit and air it out. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1566343

I never really understood the word 'loneliness'. As far as I was concerned, I was in an orgy with the sky and the ocean, and with nature. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 479325

Living in a capital in Europe but still surrounded by mountains and ocean, my relationship to music was strongest walking to school and back. I would sing to myself and very quickly started mapping out my melodies to landscapes - at the time I just thought it was very matter of fact, a common thing to do. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1093827

The good thing about Pro Tools is you can actually hear what you're working on, so it doesn't just become this intellectual idea. But Pro Tools can be dangerous, too. It can make things sterile. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 759045

All is full of love — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 78864

Compared to America or Europe, God isn't a big part of our lives here. I don't know anyone here who goes to church when he's had a rough divorce or is going through depression. We go out into nature instead. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 863748

People ask me questions like, "Oh, you look so theatrical in your photographs. Is that what you're like when you walk down the street?" It's like, "Of course not." It's such a silly question - it's like being theatrical is a crime. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2175073

Who would have known
That a boy like him
Would have entered me lightly
Restoring my blisses
Who would have known
That a boy like him
After sharing my core
Would stay going nowhere — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1845079

I think connecting natural elements and musicology is probably pretty idiosyncratic of me, so it is hard to imagine anyone else going down that route. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 118723

If you wake up / And the day feels broken / Just lean into the crack — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1376800

If I had a philosophy, it's that I support the beautiful side of anarchy. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1492398

I'm not going to talk like I know about politics, because I'm a total amateur, but maybe I can be a spokesperson for people who aren't normally interested in politics. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 843678

Seventy per cent humidity is ideal for vocal cords. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 631461

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to figure out how to make a bass line that was a pendulum - like, gravity would control it, and then you could make it play different notes. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 208966

I bought a laptop in 1999, and it was quite liberating, because I could make a lot of my own decisions. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 290370

You can't say no to hope,
Can't say no to happiness! — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 766788

I mostly write on my own, walking, outside. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1134712

It's funny how the hippies and the punks tried to get rid of the conservatives, but they always seem to get the upper hand in the end. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 132025

There's no map to human behaviour. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1799952

I'm a whisper in water. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 112533

Formats are just illusions, and it's about the relationship between the person that makes music and the person that listens to music. Every time there's a new format, the iron is hot, and you can mold it. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 868236

Singing is like a celebration of oxygen. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1136247

I'm just like anybody. I have my ups and downs. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2112027

Nature hasn't gone anywhere. It is all around us, all the planets, galaxies and so on. We are nothing in comparison. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1221267

Part of me is probably more conservative than people realise. I like my old string quartets, I don't like music that's trippy for trippy's sake. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 440457

I find it very difficult to draw a line between what's sex and what isn't. It can be very, very sexy to drive a car, and completely unsexy to flirt with someone at a bar. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1982891

I don't expect people to get me. That would be quite arrogant. I think there are a lot of people out there in the world that nobody gets. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 358880

Solar power, wind power, the way forward is to collaborate with nature - it's the only way we are going to get to the other end of the 21st century. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1833731

Feminists bore me to death. I follow my instinct and if that supports young girls in any way, great. But I'd rather they saw it more as a lesson about following their own instincts rather than imitating somebody. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2265502

I do love one-upmanship sometimes, like when you see kids breakdancing and who can do the best tricks. It's common, it's in our nature as animals, like the birds of paradise who've got the best feathers and that sort of stuff. But it's fun when it's impulsive and it's about fun. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 75716

While you're setting something up that's educational for yourself, you have an opportunity to teach others at the same time. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 104864

[As a kid] I felt it was really weird that music schools behaved like a conveyor belt to make performers for those symphony orchestras. If you were really good and practiced your violin for a few hours a day for ten years you might be invited to this VIP elite club. For me music was not about that. It is about freedom and expression and individuality and impulsiveness and spontaneity. It wasn't so Apollonian; it was more Dionysian. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 154875

I just feel like making things solar-powered and wind-powered should be as easy as using an iPad. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 162291

It's invisible, what women do. It's not rewarded as much. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 212353

I feel the 21st century is another new age. Not only can we collaborate again with nature, but we have to. It's an emergency. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 235152

I don't like records that are the same from beginning to end, that are too styled and slick. Everything is so designed and airbrushed and Botoxed, it makes us think, 'Oh, everybody's perfect except me. Everything's smooth except me.' But nothing is smooth. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 273964

I was very aware when I went to the Academy Awards that it would probably be my first and last time. So I thought my input should really be about fertility, and I thought I'd bring some eggs. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 287846

I find it so amazing when people tell me that electronic music has no soul. You can't blame the computer. If there's no soul in the music, it's because nobody put it there. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 304562

When I was a teenager in Iceland people would throw rocks and shout abuse at me because they thought I was weird. I never got that in London no matter what I wore. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 338219

For a person as obsessed with music as I am, I always hear a song in the back of my head, all the time, and that usually is my own tune. I've done that all my life. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 364945

Love is a two way dream. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 387880

You shouldn't let poets lie to you. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 396969

I would like to teach music. It's weird the way they teach music in schools like Julliard these days. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 421375

There are certain emotions in your body that not even your best friend can sympathize with, but you will find the right film or the right book, and it will understand you. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 426424

Maybe it's just a personal thing, but I get so much grounding from Iceland because I know it's always going to be there. I have a very happy, healthy relationship with the country, so it's really easy to go everywhere because I always have Iceland to go back to. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 437697

I think choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream. You'd be daft not to try both when there are so many different flavors. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 480562

The reason I do photographs is to help people understand my music, so it's very important that I am the same, emotionally, in the photographs as in the music. Most people's eyes are much better developed than their ears. If they see a certain emotion in the photograph, then they'll understand the music. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 484012

Declare independence, don't let them do that to you! — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 518577

In '96, I was in a very specific place with my own music - I was only listening to beats. You would come to my house, and I would just play beats all day. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 562933

We didn't really have television when I was a kid. Around 30, I discovered films and started systematically catching up. I collect interesting documentaries and films, and watch a few nights a week. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 566397

I've always appreciated working with people I have chemistry with, who are friends, and where you feel that the work is growing while you are getting to know each other better. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 576700

Sometimes when I write lyrics there are images in them, usually on a quite simplistic level, like colors. But most often music comes first and then later I sit down with visual people and we chat about what we want to do. I don't look at myself as a visual artist. I make music. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 579147

Come on, I'm from Iceland; I don't do hip-hop. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 634695

I went through an anti-Establishment phase and thought we should get everything for free. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 663272

I never want to know the range of my voice. It has to be impulsive, and I don't want to kill the mystery. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 668280

Being a musician is very easy. My house is full of musical instruments. There's a lot of music, always. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 674511

Our times seem to be so much about redefining where we are physical and where we're not. For me, it is really exciting to take the cutting edge technology and take it as far as it can get virtually, use it to describe/control the musicology or the behavior of raw natural elements, and then plug it with a sound source which is the most acoustic one there is - like gamelan and pipe organ. So you get the extremes: very virtual and very physical. In that way you shift the physicality. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 704290

With my projects, I really like the extreme high-tech stuff, but I also like the other end, the acoustic things. So it seems like those meet on an iPad, where you make shapes but the sounds coming out of it are really acoustic. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 809557

Maybe I'll be a feminist in my old age. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 816848

I have always had a certain song in my head, a certain chemistry of sounds. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 841147

It takes a long time to fully become who you are. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 867569

When I was a punk teenager, I rebelled because lots of people in Iceland think that foreigners are evil and that if you don't wear woolen hats and eat sheep, you're betraying your heritage. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 878396

I'd done three solo albums in a row, and that's quite narcissistic. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 916811

Nature is our chapel. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 944614

It's a sign that you have a good work relationship if you don't have to analyze. That's usually a good sign within creative work. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 945136

I think religion is a mistake - I'm exhausted by its self-righteousness. I think atheists should start screaming for attention like religious folks do. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1009323

You're a coward if you don't stand up. Not for you, but for women. Say something. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1041357

Now that rock is turning 50, it's become classical itself. It's interesting to see that development. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1047612

I have written most of my melodies walking and I feel it is definitely one of the most helpful ways of sewing all of the different things in your life together and seeing the whole picture. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1101520

With a small town mentality, you make a decision very early on as to whether you are going to do everything by the book or just go your own way and not care. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1129851

I love England. It's no coincidence it's the first place I moved to for a more cosmopolitan life, which is the only thing Iceland lacks. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1272287

I thought I could organise freedom/How Scandinavian of me ... — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1341683

I do try and wear stuff by unknown designers, and I make sure I pay because if nothing else I have money. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1381072

Coincidence makes sense only with you. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1449115

Today has never happened and it doesn't frighten me. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1610562

The reason I do interviews is because I'm protecting my songs. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1708911

When I was 18, science, physics, and math were my favorite. I was a bit of a nerd - the only girl with a lot of boys at chess championships. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1750962

I am a grateful ... grapefruit. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1775721

Emotions weren't created to just lie around. You should experience things to the full. I've got a sense of the clock ticking. We have to feel all those things to the maximum. Like, I don't eat a lot but I really love eating. And I like being precise and particular. There is a certain respect in that. If you can do your day depending on how you feel, and enjoy things as well. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1805785

Create a paradise anywhere you go. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1812415

I guess I'm quite used to not being understood rather than being understood. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1939626

Pedaling through the dark currents, I find an accurate copy. A blue print of the pleasure in me. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 1959177

It's incredible how nature sets females up to take care of people, and yet it is tricky for them to take care of themselves. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2001262

In order to actually have a touchscreen in front of me and somehow still be connected to nature, I needed to be able to incorporate natural elements into the song structures. Because that's always been my song-writing accompaniment: nature. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2004049

Nature has always been important to me. It has always been in my music. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2069543

Football is a fertility festival. Eleven sperm trying to get into the egg. I feel sorry for the goalkeeper. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2101957

The funeral business is so manipulative emotionally. I would want to be thrown into the sea or burned - something that's not a big hassle. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2127864

There is this stereotype of Icelanders all believing in spirits, and I've played up to that a bit in interviews. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2196112

How could I be so immature to think you could replace the missing elements in me. How extremely lazy of me. — Bjork

Bjork Quotes 2219976

If you can make nature and technology friends, then you can make everyone friends; you can make everyone intact. That's what women do a lot - they're the glue between a lot of things. — Bjork