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Famous Quotes By Ben Cohen

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Never trust a skinny ice cream man. — Ben Cohen

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Without question, the balance of power on the planet today lies in the hands of business. Corporations rival governments in wealth, influence, and power. Indeed, business all too often pulls the strings of government. Competing institutions-religion, the press, even the military-play subordinate roles in much of the world today. If a values-driven approach to business can begin to redirect this vast power toward more constructive ends than the simple accumulation of wealth, the human race and Planet Earth will have a fighting chance. — Ben Cohen

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Business is the most powerful force in society. It has the highest potential for solving social problems. Once consumers saw examples of prosperous companies integrating social concerns into their business practices, they were emboldened to demand the same of other businesses. Businesses could no longer say it was impossible. — Ben Cohen

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If you're aware of injustice, you can either ignore it, say there is nothing you can do about it, complain about it and not do anything, or put your energies into doing something about it. — Ben Cohen

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The key to growing a business is that you need to be meeting some segment of the consumer's needs. If you've got a small business and a product or service that is not popular, you simply have to change your product or service to be more popular. — Ben Cohen

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We decided to redefine the bottom line at Ben & Jerry's — Ben Cohen

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It's crazy that in a country where schools are falling apart, we're spending $20 billion on nuclear weapons. — Ben Cohen

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If we reduced the amount we spend on maintaining our nuclear weapons by a small fraction, we could reallocate those funds to improve kids' health care and schooling. — Ben Cohen

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There is a spiritual aspect to our lives - when we give, we receive-when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them! — Ben Cohen

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I don't believe that just because one person is born on one side of some imaginary line and another person is born on the other side means that a lot of people should be getting screwed through no fault of their own. — Ben Cohen

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Business has a responsibility to give back to the community. — Ben Cohen

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When business starts using its voice for the benefit of the country as a whole, not just in its narrow self interest, it can really be the force that can make the changes that need to be made. — Ben Cohen

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As we help others, we cannot help but help ourselves. — Ben Cohen

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Having the equivalent of 150,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs at the ready does nothing to protect us from terrorists planning to sneak in a bomb through a cargo container. — Ben Cohen

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We learned that a product doesn't sell just because you're trying to do good in the world. You still have to have a healthy distribution, a good marketing strategy, and price the product properly. — Ben Cohen