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Famous Quotes By Ari Berk

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Most people give little enough real thought to their own mortality. Oh yes, they gabble on about heaven and the bosom of Abraham, but really, they are weary of life almost from the time they're born, and are only waiting for it all to end. They live their days quietly, obscurely, and underneath their daily toils, they long for oblivion. — Ari Berk

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Amos surely left it behind for a reason, and more and more Mrs. Bowe felt she was following a path trod out for her by another. For the time being, she was willing to play the part allotted to her. But she would keep an eye on the boy in her way. — Ari Berk

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Silas knew words could have power behind them. Usually it was just a sort of bad luck. He also knew, very early on, that you could never tell when that bad luck would jump up to claim its due, so it was best to be careful. Quiet was safer. He wished his parents had been quieter when they were together. Who knew what might happen when you said something awful to someone else? It was hard to take some words back. Some words stuck and you couldn't shake them off. Silence was better than those kinds of words. Silas had learned that lesson the hard way. — Ari Berk

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Here, in this house, her recollections glowed like embers on the hearth, and each night, in their warmth, she'd take a memory or two down from the shelf and dance with them for a while. — Ari Berk

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To love you is her nature. But hers is a love from which no good may come. And your desire for her will lead only to cold, dark places. — Ari Berk

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Like him, Uncle had eccentric tastes and liked old things. The difference, Silas was beginning to see, was that Uncle saw such objects as extensions of himself, of his body, essential, required, uniquely his. This thought made Silas uneasy. — Ari Berk

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Why? I mean, how could you know? I don't understand."

"Nothing to understand. There is no great mystery in friendship. You brought yourself here, just as I brought myself here to wait for you. I don't even mind that you've kept me waiting. — Ari Berk

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At first Silas liked the subjects simply because of their strangeness, but slowly he began to believe in the possibilities of what he was reading, in a world filled with secrets and magic. When he was younger, he'd suspected his father believed in many of these things too, so that made it easy for them to talk. As he grew older, Silas began to see the glimmers of hieroglyphic logic behind the occult. There was a reason for these oddities to exist, perhaps as strange connections between the mind and the things people feared or desired. Magic was a conversation. Ghosts were real, and they were watching because something had happened that necessitated their presence. — Ari Berk

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Sense is the song you sing out into the world, and the song the world sings back to you. — Ari Berk

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Honest error may play prologue to wonders. — Ari Berk

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It was a stalemate Silas was willing to live with, and apparently, so was his mother. They both knew it wasn't about the hem on a pair of pants. One of them was mourning, the other was not, and their individual reactions to Amos's disappearance created a powerful tension. The air in the house was charged with it. — Ari Berk

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That heaven might be no further afield than the hearts of those people who remember us with love. — Ari Berk

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Besides, love flourishes best in ignorance ... or in absence. — Ari Berk

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Little things like time and generations don't matter very much with good friends who are fond of each other's company. — Ari Berk

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She could feel the common blood song inside the place, the chorus of ancestors moving about in familiar constellations. — Ari Berk

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Silas deliberately ignored that question, which he knew was as much for him as it was for Uncle. It was going to be one of those nights where she'd sink her teeth into a topic and keep chewing and chewing at it. — Ari Berk

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All storytelling is a form of travel. All of the things you know you should do when traveling this world apple in Elfland as well. The Charms will open the doors to strange and wondrous lands, so some travel tips and runic etiquette may be in order: Be polite. Don't take anything without asking. Laugh at their jokes. Remember, humor is sacred: so is hospitality. Beware of the dark woods at night. Do not trust the wolf in winter. Take notes. Sing for your supper. Pack extra sandwiches. Bring fine gifts. Always tell a story when asked. Listen as if your life depended on it. Start early. Walk the land. Keep your eyes open. Travel wisely and well. Come back safe and sound. — Ari Berk

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He could feel his father's history like ruts worn deep in the road. — Ari Berk

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He'd never called her. Wanted to. A hundred times. But every time he thought about it, his mind boiled up with every reason not to do it, every doubt he'd ever had about himself. — Ari Berk

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The past is a chatty companion, I can tell you. — Ari Berk

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Stories wander around, go from one land to another, sometimes parts change. — Ari Berk

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To get ahead, sometimes you had to retrace your steps. — Ari Berk

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The hours must be endured and those who cannot do so in life will most surely do so in death. You say you cannot face them? Life's joys and pains both? You shall find them waiting for you, a world of ignored moments there to be explored. Then shall you know how long an hour can be, shall feel the awful depth and restlessness of even a single day, and all the days you fled from life while you were alive. — Ari Berk

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When we change the shape of the Land, we alter the contents and contexts of our collective, familial, and personal memories. Yet, stories can preserve both mythic and familiar elements of geography even when the physical features are forgotten, buried, or obliterated. And more than this: the stories can bring these elements back. If the Land can be preserved long enough for its stories to be told, and retold, perhaps we all - as custodians of both place and memory - stand a chance at real preservation. — Ari Berk

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For didn't everyone have secret parts and shadows? — Ari Berk

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He passed his hands over some of the fine embossed bindings as he thought, I am a book also, words and thoughts and stories held together by flesh. We open and close ourselves to the world. We are read by others or put away by them. We wait to be seen, sitting quietly on shelves for someone to bother having a look inside us. — Ari Berk

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Love is fragile and rare and cannot live long in open air. — Ari Berk

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Worry can pull a person's face into a mask of anxious lines, and he could tell she'd had some of that, but even worried folks could laugh. — Ari Berk

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She thought he cared too much. Sometimes Dolores could see that her son felt what other people were feeling. He was sympathetic, she knew that. But Silas managed to make his feelings about others into another kind of absence. You'd laugh, Silas would laugh. You'd cry, he'd start crying. It was like he was tuning in to a radio station. It took a moment for the distant signal to lock in, but once it did, he'd be right in sync with you. Only when he got angry, or hurt, did the signal fail and he'd become very present indeed, and very annoyed to have his calm broken. Then it was nothing but static. — Ari Berk

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In life, a person will come and go from many homes. We may leave a house, a town, a room, but that does not mean those places leave us. Once entered, we never entirely depart the homes we make for ourselves in the world. They follow us, like shadows, until we come upon them again, waiting for us in the mist. — Ari Berk

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Each of them had been looking for a way out of their own black midnights, and each of them still had a long way to go until they found some kind of dawn. — Ari Berk

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Or maybe a ghost was only a thing that endures, like the furnishings of this room, like the chairs or table; a little worse for wear, but still here because someone cherished it, or because it was made of such hardy stuff that time couldn't wear it down fast enough. — Ari Berk

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Dolores liked that story. Men were wolves and practical women took the knife to them, and those wolves, those sharp-toothed men, they didn't come back after that. — Ari Berk

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And somewhere, buried away deep inside him, a hidden chamber of his heart opened. — Ari Berk

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Uncle seemed to take pleasure from knowing things other people didn't. Silas did not like thinking this about the man who'd given them a place to live, but there was a sort of smirk hidden inside his uncle's words that made Silas feel like he was being laughed at. He knew that tone. He'd heard it often enough from kids at school, from the ones who'd look at you like you weren't worth talking to, from the ones who looked at your unfashionable clothes, or the shape of your face, and told everyone else that you were a freak. Silas was scared of those kids, because usually, those were the ones who didn't think that normal rules applied to them, the ones who thought they could get away with anything. — Ari Berk

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For when we read, don't we summon the past into the present? Hold out our hand and invite an author to sit with us for a time? — Ari Berk