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Anne Mallory Quotes 310939

You just threatened them with a gun. I think I just threatened them with a gun. We got the money back. They actually returned it.' She took another shaky step. 'I feel so ... vibrant.'
His eyes were cynical. 'Delayed emotion. Don't do anything stupid because of it. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 151819

Never frightening her with anything but her own feelings for him. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1094848

And you did all of this before I awakened?'
'Not all of us can afford to be layabouts ... You upper class types are all the same. Sleep until noon and then fritter your nights away.'
She narrowed her eyes. 'I do not fritter my nights away.'
'Really? And what do you do at night?'
'I go to social events. Parties or galas. Sometimes a musicale. Or a charity event,' she tacked on with satisfaction.
'Well, I must retract my frittering comment in that case.'
'It's not frittering. It's surviving. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 752562

She leaned down, a fraction closer, and for some
reason unknown to man, he lifted his head the tiniest
bit. Enough so she could brush his cheek with her
lips. Good night, Mr. Merrick. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1404339

It is my hope that in the end, we are evenly matched.' ... Being the one in power was desirable in order to put one's pieces in place. To test an opponent. But uneven power grew unendingly boring. And it was why most of his liaisons were short-lived. He wanted someone who waited and plotted, then struck back and made him move and think. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 2182346

He had told Downing that they would let the lady decide. That perhaps it was in Charlotte's best interest to accept and show her father what his actions wrought ... But she had cut the conversation short, said adieu, turned from all of them. Strode directly to her fate without another word.
Not just from pride or anger though.
He looked at her, at the delicate skin of her flawless neck, and smiled. No, her pulse didn't jump like that as a result of pride or anger or fear. Her voice didn't hitch [due to] chagrin at an unfortunate turn of events. That jump, that hitch ... what the telltale signs meant ... that was why she was doomed. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1985950

He slowly smiled. 'Good. We'll start with the basics.'
Her mind went blank. 'Basics?'
'Of kissing. Most people aren't good at kissing right from the start.' He looked her over. 'Unless you are a natural.'
She blinked stupidly.
His hand reached up and touched her cheek, gently tilting her head. 'It's like connecting puzzle pieces when you kiss. Or when you do anything else of a sexual nature.' The parts of her brain not already blank blessedly went dark. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 540845

Trant's deep need to climb ever upward, crushing anyone in his path, the qualities, while making Trant an interesting associate at times, at others made him decidedly predictable and boring. After all, a ladder contained a single directional path. Someone like Trant rarely tried the twisting vines, tree branches, and handholds to the side. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 481636

Sometimes one appears to have more freedom than one actually possesses. It is easy to see what one wishes to see. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 866069

Some people get dealt all the aces in life. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1307276

Change was Fate' the Romans said. well, Andreas loathed Fate, That Bitch. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 468690

He had little respect for anyone who was not willing to put in the effort required to survive and thrive. Not everyone needed the same driving ambition that had fueled him. That had led him to being possibly the richest man in London without a title in his lineage
all earned in under a decade. That had given him the power to change lives. But a person needed to have the drive to change his own life. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 743257

Will you oblige me then?' His voice was low and smooth, nearly whispered ...
Everything froze for a moment. Even the flickering lamps seemed to pause, flames surging upward and waiting ...
'No. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 125058

There was a small woven basket waiting on his desk
the next day, still smelling like warmed-from-the-oven
sin. A note was attached written with the words
"Have a good day!" A drawing of a tiny dog chasing
a butterfly completed the absurdity.
He stood in front of his desk, just staring at it and
the basket for a full minute. Asps didn't smell like
baked items, but the latter were no less dangerous.
He tented the edge of the cloth cover with his
smallest finger. Three fruit tarts lay inside.
Poisoned most likely. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1393781

You read a lot?" Galina finally asked.
"Yes. It's an escape into another world." She tried to keep her words light instead of sad, thoughts of her family in her head. "Sometimes that is the best part of a hard day. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 491960

Marietta is good for you, Gabriel. I quite like her. Don't be a fool and let her go."
"I can do nothing but let her go, John. Sometimes love can only be given by setting someone free. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1985250

I have little talent with the pen, I assure you." He gazed at his son, then back to where the man at the entrance had stood. "But I admire those who do." He smiled again. "And I can't help but be enraptured by story. And desirous to stick my untalented pen in places where it doesn't belong to make a tale dance to my bidding. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 631319

I would destroy the city if something happened to you. I can't even bear the thought of it. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 885773

Gabriel didn't need to look back. To see. He trusted his friend. He smiled grimly. And wasn't that the crux? — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1909168

But it had always been that smile. Not her position
as Henry Wilcox's possible wife nor the possibility
that he could take his enemies down by manipulating
her family. Those hadn't been the things that had
driven him when it came to his feelings for her.
It had been that smile. Through the shadows of the
theater that first night. When their eyes had met. She
had smiled. Simply. Warmly. Looking directly at him,
unaware that she should be afraid. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 121352

Most people would not trust a drunken prostitute like Daise. Would you have two weeks ago?'
She blinked at him. 'I don't know.' She hadn't even thought about prostitutes, drunken or not, two weeks ago. 'That could be me on the corner were things different.' She swallowed. 'Or if they go differently, it still could. I would want someone to believe me. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 198085

Rumors often reflect the wishes of others. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 224618

Emotions are lovely. Even if they fall to the negative for a time. The sun will rise again another day. The sadness perhaps never forgotten, but a new day enjoyed in another way. A way that could not have been but for the sadness's existence. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 238013

Tell me what has happened in this week that you've been absent from my window. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 264867

No one knocked on his door the next day. Nor the
day after. Nor the one after that. But that didn't mean
he was unaware of what was happening. Someone
had carried a plate of those fucking biscuits past his
room, and even the oak door had provided no
barrier for the smell. Not for anything of hers. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 371588

The duke's eyes were dark, but there was a glaze there. Pride in his dark son. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 449908

Beauty is something that is hard to debate. Every man thinks his ideal the best. But the wittiest woman rise to the top of this structure, conventional beauty often taking a back seat to a woman possessed of a clever tongue. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 479976

Yes, I think I like all of those images. I can see your head thrown back and that long, smooth neck exposed to me in all of them.' His finger trailed down the side of her throat. 'Your eyes are becoming even more smoky and sensual, Marietta. From the inside out now, rather than the outside in. Shall we see what happens when the knowledge blooming there becomes a large, petaled rose? — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 482908

Now,' [her father] barked.
She stiffly followed, still fully dressed in the elaborate navy-and-white gown she had worn all evening. It was hard not to feel as if the bare walls and surfaces she passed had been bled, leeched, into the cloth encasing her. Stripped paint and sacrificed heirlooms clinging to her, demanding she make everything right once more. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 496718

How do you define difficult?"
"By your presence."
She grinned fully, delighted to feel the tension
dissipate. "Now you are just flattering me for no
He grunted.
"On the contrary," she said, as if his grunt had
been a worded response. "It was most flattering."
He stared at her.
"What? Did you think I wouldn't figure out how to
interpret your grunts? — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 527161

I'm going to possess you, Charlotte,"
His free hand caressed the flesh of her throat, then threaded into the hair at her nape, pulling the strands there, tipping her head back. Not harshly, but not gently either. "I;m going to take you and claim you and make you beg."
His lips were breaths from hers. Breaths she couldn't count or take.
"The question is, will you passively accept such, or will you possess me right back," he whispered, nearly against her lips. "Take me, claim me? Make me beg? Push from my mind any though that isn't you? — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 531622

Three out of the four are good choices.'
'Three out of-' Her voice strangled. 'And the fourth?'
He waved a hand. 'An outside chance. Besides' - his eyes stayed on the ledger - 'whoever the winner, the prize will be immense enough that he will become a prize himself, whatever his previous faults or station. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 605484

She smiled, a warm smile that held no trace of
aberrant humor.
It bothered him on a level he couldn't comprehend.
It bothered him on a level he couldn't comprehend.
He experienced an overwhelming urge to grab that
smile and hide it solely for himself to gaze upon. A
Da Vinci masterpiece he intended to jealously
guard. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 630007

Her pride had once been a mile wide. So fierce and strong that she'd thought she could survive on the trait alone. The constant ache in her belly, the desperation, Kenny's fate ... all had shown her otherwise. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 728724

His quick eyes seemed to miss nothing, and she couldn't hide the
motion of her fingers squeezing the fabric of her skirts. His gaze rose back to her face, lingering on her
lips, then meeting her eyes. Even giving away her nerves with the telltale sign of her pinched fingers, she
refused to look away.
"Andreas, I think I've fallen in love."
"Roman." There was a wealth of unspoken meaning in that one word, so darkly uttered. But Roman's
too-beautiful mouth crooked, head cocked, eyes watching. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 746527

Better to leave dreams behind and go forward with purpose. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 780594

Sometimes the measure of a person can only be gleaned through his interactions with others. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 848238

I wish to pay my debt. To give you the night I owe' ...
'Oh, Charlotte. You play with fire.'
'Do I?'
Roman looked at the woman in front of him, calm and collected, but there was heat there, such precious heat that was straining. Offering.
It took only one second for the words to form and emerge. 'Consider the debt of the night wiped free.'
He saw her blink. Stunned.
Watched the disappointment form. He felt nearly giddy as her disappointment form.
'What, but-'
'But what?' He smiled, loving the look on her face, even the desire that was slowly shuttering - for he would obliterate those shutters with his next words. 'You think I am freeing you? ... I am a selfish man.'
'A selfish man takes what is offered to him.' Was that doubt in her voice, doubt of her charms?
'No, a selfish man destroys what is offered to him and demands more. He demands everything. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 874836

Books allow readers to determine what they wish. People often aren't quite as forgiving if you don't read or see exactly what they wish you to. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 888541

He reached out a hand, and when she didnt move he curved fingers around her forearm slowly, as if afraid she'd dart away. He drew her toward him and his eyes slid shut as he inhaled. "Cinnamon and wild spice" One hand reached up and curled into her hair. "There was a woman last night, at the game." She froze in his arms. "Blonde hair, lithe, willing." Eyes caressed her face. "But the eyes were wrong, the color, the shape. Her scent." "Did you -" She swallowed. "Did you kiss her?" She couldnt ask if he'd done more. "No, I couldnt." His thumb ran over her bottom lip. "Her lips were completely wrong. How could I?" Her breath caught as his eyes held hers. "Oh." And something inside her, some devil, prompted her to add, "And mine?" "Perfect." He pulled her the rest of the way toward him and her lips met his. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 920126

I suppose I will just have to make sure that I marry someone I look forward to curling around every morning. Whom I can't be without before breakfast. Or in the noon. Whom I need to race home to see after each appointment. Determined to lock her in my rooms, not because I need to hide anything but because I'd just as soon have her all to myself. To look upon her beloved face and hear her lips whisper in my ear. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 920537

No one is fine on his own. People just say they are. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 934039

Go somewhere else. Somewhere safer.
Anywhere else. God, please. Or he was likely to do something horribly awful, like surrender his sanity and kiss her. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 970866

You are the least sane person I've had the
misfortune to meet."
The corners of her eyes pinched a little, just for the
barest second, then cleared. "Well, there are plenty
more people for you to meet, Mr. Merrick, so do not
give up hope yet." But the tone of her voice was far
too cheerful.
He watched her for a moment. Watched as her
face cleared of anything remotely hurt or upset. "Do
you object to being called insane or my saying that I
had the misfortune of meeting you?"
"Neither, of course."
He drummed his finger on the desk, irritated and,
God, how did people live feeling guilty about things?
"You are just fine as you are," he said gruffly.
Her expression froze for a moment, then bloomed
into a smile that would slay demons. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 971937

I think we should speak more of my suggestions, Miss Chatsworth.' He tilted his head and looked at the door, then dismissed it and whoever might be behind it. 'Unless you enjoy the spread of ugly rumors?'
'Blackmail?' She twisted her lips ... 'How bourgeois.'
'Actually, blackmail heartens back to the best of kings. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 994629

Mr. Wiggles seems
taken with you."
"It tried to urinate on me the other day. I prefer not
to be 'taken' by something like that. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1014118

Foolhardy to put your trust where it is easy to create falsehood. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1045895

She thought back to what Roman had said. That the power rested in her lap. The problem was that internalizing that revelation also meant decisions could no longer be pushed aside. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1050162

A pink fluttering bird flew across her mind. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1061408

touched his hand, and he went stock-still. She
leaned over to examine it, the top of her head
brushing beneath his nose. Only his sudden
immobility stopped him from violently pulling away.
"From the candles?" Had she bathed in bloody
honey? — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1079106

You will be my conscience, and I will be your shame. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1162952

Instead of finding her in the shadows, this visit would anchor something between them in rising daylight. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1174079

Yes. She got into a right state when she realized no one could read them, though. She's setting up some sort of literacy curse. Some of the boys want to know
is that like gypsy magic? Can you curse someone to read? — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1250864

For someone with so many books and such desire to obtain new copies, you seem awfully ambivalent about them." "I know their power and impact. It is all about perception, is it not, Miss Chase?" She studied him. "I like to think it is about content, Lord Downing. But perception does lay a gloss on the surface. A finger must but swirl beneath. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1524303

I never realized Death was so fleet of foot.'
'The fleetest. Always dancing in the shadows.'
'Always waiting for his next partner?'
'Dancing through a long list until he finds the perfect one. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1620211

I understand what it is like to rely on beauty and know the shallowness of it ... Yet, it is impossible to say if you would have caught my attention the first time had you been plain and wrapped in brown. Thus remains the endless dilemma of beauty's impressionable curse. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1622136

She waited until Jeremy's footsteps receded. "I didn't know you had a brother."
"Now you do." He continued writing.
"Do you have any other siblings?"
"I didn't crawl out of Hell, if that's what you are asking. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1776822

Sometimes the world is better off if one always defaults to option number two. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1791876

Come, what secret describes this scene?" "Enjoy everything around you, even if you've seen it a thousand times before?" She said it as lightly as she could, as was often the case around him. She never knew whether to treat his attention as lingering amusement or seriousness. His fingers touched her chin, lifting it softly. "Even should I see you a thousand times. Each time would be a new lure. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1826852

[My marriage to Abby] won't even be a blip on the gossip sheets unless we treat it as such.'
'Everything is fodder for the gossip sheets.'
'Not if we don't dignify it with a response and just go along as if this is the way things will be. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1878907

I think you quite extraordinary.' He used the action of pulling off his undershirt to hide his face. Bare to the waist, he didn't feel as naked now that there was more exposed than just his expression. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1883258

Lies from the closest to you are often the most numerous and paralyzing. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 1895280

No." She smiled. "I am exactly where I need to be.
I have no desire to enter negotiations with Lord
Garrett and his heir."
He couldn't keep down his dark pleasure at that. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 2013418

She gifted him with that soft smile. And it did that
strange thing to his insides. He would probably lead
a revolt against the king if she asked him to do it
while wearing that smile. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 2163017

This was what marriage was like, being able to look one's fill. — Anne Mallory

Anne Mallory Quotes 2168817

Every good seduction first begins with a baited hook. — Anne Mallory